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Penetration Testing Service

Astra’s penetration testing simulates hacker-style attacks on your cyber assets to identify vulnerabilities and their impact on your asset security for prioritized mitigation using the detailed remediation measures mentioned in the pentest report.

Penetration Testing

Red Teaming

Conduct red team assessments to assess your organization's threat detection and response capabilities & detect vulnerabilities using Astra’s powerful vulnerability scanner with 8000+ test cases. 

VAPT Services

Astra’s VAPT services combine vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to perform a thorough system evaluation to help you find and remediate weaknesses and potential exploits before they can hurt your business assets.

Security Services

Deploy Astra’s security services to conduct manual or automated penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, and compliance scans to identify, and remediate vulnerabilities in applications, API, cloud, & networks.

Vulnerability Management & Assessment

Find, assess, and remediate vulnerabilities in your organization’s digital assets with Astra’s diverse vulnerability scanning and management tools that offer over 8,000+ test cases to help you secure your data and privacy.

Cybersecurity Services

Astra offers exhaustive cybersecurity solutions, from vulnerability assessment & penetration testing to expert guidance, safeguarding your digital assets against threats and allowing you to control everything from one dashboard.