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Top 4 Exploited Plugins in WordPress

WordPress releases regular updates to ensure the platform stays secure. However, there are still cases where security leaks cause harm to many of its users. Most attacks come from WordPress plugins. The best way to protect yourself is to stay informed. Here, I’ll be covering some exploitable WordPress plugins that you should be aware of, and offer some advice on how to protect your site.

5 Most Common Cyber Threats to Schools

Cybersecurity is one of the vital concerns of our days. Cyber threats can become a headache for any individual or institution, and schools are no exception. While school safety has always been a number one priority, the issue with cybersecurity is rather new. Of course, cybersecurity threats have been a part of the conversation on school safety for a while. However, there is a lot of misunderstanding and disinformation that still prevail in the discussion regarding Cyber Threats to Schools.

Living in the digital age has a tonne of advantages, from having instant access to seemingly endless amounts of information to being able to connect effortlessly to people on the other side of the world. But with such a high degree of peer-to-peer connectivity, comes the inevitable threats of spam and scams. Thus, spam filters become necessary and unavoidable. Here is the list of the 9 best spam filters for you to stay secure.

A severe XSS vulnerability has been uncovered inside the Rich Reviews plugin. An estimate has it that the plugin Rich Reviews has more than 16,000 active downloads. Even though critical, the discovery of the vulnerability isn't surprising, given the fact that the plugin has not been updated in more than two years. In fact, Rich Reviews has been removed from…

Plugin Name: GiveWP Vulnerability: Authentication Bypass with Information Disclosure Affected Versions: <= 2.5.4 Patched Version: 2.5.5   Just a few weeks ago, a vulnerability was detected in GiveWP, a WordPress plugin installed on more than 70,000 websites.  Considered a high-security issue, this vulnerability is affecting the websites running Give 2.5.4 or below, as such must be updated to version 2.5.5. …

The Critical Role of Endpoint Detection and Response and Best Practices

Endpoints are not just a means of providing access or services to customers and employees. They are also a potential gateway for attackers to infiltrate your system. Since you cannot simply eliminate endpoints to prevent criminal infiltration, you must instead make sure that they are as secure as possible. One step towards achieving this is adopting an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution.

How to Create Safe and Secure Passwords

Maintaining safe & secure passwords sometimes feel like a discomfort. With the spike in our web usage, We have to use passwords all the time. And, it’s so easy to forget that every password must be unique and strong.In this article, we will describe the 10 most effective methods that will help you make your passwords stronger.

Astra's Web Hosting Malware Scanner and Antivirus

Hosting servers are the foothold of a website. Reasonably, it becomes a nightmare for the administrator if the hosting server goes south due to a malware infection. It is nothing less than painful to detect the source & level of infection. Furthermore, the search for the solution in these cases seems endless. But, your pain would have been relieved long back, had you found a good web host malware scanner.

How to Set Prestashop File & Folder Permissions?

Prestashop has been a highly favoured platform for e-commerce firms. It has helped them expand their services and flourish in this highly competitive digital world. Being an open-source platform, it is even more desirable by startups. However, this attribute has also contributed to its exploitation. Many of these exploitations could have been checked if only web owners cared to secure their website with simple security measures like the PrestaShop file permissions.