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What Does Search Engine Blacklist Mean?

Now, with the World Wide Web being a populated place and constantly growing with a rapid rate. It becomes important to keep a check on the websites that are malicious. And, blacklist those which have been hosted to carry out malicious activities over the internet. For this job, a search engine seems the best fit for search engines are where most people get in contact with different websites.

Critical XSS Vulnerability in FB messenger live chat

Owing to the widespread presence of WordPress, hackers, in fact try incessantly to make past every popular WordPress plugin. As a result, vulnerability disclosures in WordPress plugins almost seem like a never ending process. This time its Fb messenger live chat by Zotabox. So, FB messenger live chat by Zotabox has recently been disclosed to have persistent XSS vulnerability.

CyberSecurity in SEO: How Website Security Affects SEO Performances

Everyone knows the saying- "Who owns the information, owns the world". Progress has made companies depend on information systems. Consequently, it made them vulnerable to hacker attacks, computer viruses, human and government errors. Many business owners no longer feet safe. In this article, we will talk about the importance of cybersecurity in SEO and how a good security structure affects your website's online performance.

Shared Hosting Security Risks And Ways To Mitigate Them

As the technological advancements and website blogging flood the digital era, it becomes an expensive task to maintain individual hosting for each and every website. Thus, website owners/bloggers accept Shared Web Hosting as the most economical solution to carry forward their business. But little do they know that this compromise in hosting may lead to some major security concerns and pose a serious threat to their websites.

New License Key Vulnerability Identified in WordPress

The latest attack comes in the form of an exploit of the WordPress License Key portal. WordPress is an immensely popular service with use, figuratively, all across the world. It’s a clean and cost-effective way of managing your website activity, so the implications of a breach of this sort add further fuel to the raging fire of cybercrimes. It will be important for a lot of people to understand what is going on, so let us take a look at the situation.