Astra Penetration Testing Services

Astra Penetration Testing Services simulates hacker-style attacks on various parts of your IT environment to assess the detection and response capacity, processes, and technologies of your organization to pinpoint the vulnerabilities present.

Trusted by leading security-conscious companies across the world.
Trusted by Thousands of Security Conscious Companies

What is Astra Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is a proactive and controlled process of evaluating the security of your computer system, network, application, and other elements of your organization's infrastructure.

Astra penetration testing provides a complete pentest suite that helps companies find potential security flaws, vulnerabilities & loopholes in their system. Astra Penetration testing services can help you identify and detect vulnerabilities in your digital architecture before hackers or any other malicious actors can exploit them.

Why is Penetesting Important?

Penetration testing is vital for your organization to survive in this digital-first world. It uncovers vulnerabilities, simulates real-world attack scenarios, helps fulfil compliance necessities, and prioritizes risk management. By safeguarding your data, assessing your third-party relationships, and preventing financial losses in penalties as well as lawsuits, a penetration testing company helps you protect your reputation and build better relationships

Types of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing services can be categorized into two broad categories based on the scope and focus of each assessment, namely internal and external.

1. Internal Penetration Testing: An internal penetration testing service tries to find vulnerabilities that may leverage by a malicious insider or privileged user within the organization. Besides the general vulnerabilities that may compromise data, such a pentest also checks for weaknesses that may lead to unauthorized lateral movements or privilege escalation.

2. External Penetration Testing: External penetration testing in cyber security is performed from the view of an outsider or potential attacker. It inherently focuses on evaluating an organization's digital assets and systems that are accessible from the internet and gauges the effectiveness of perimeter defenses like firewalls and intrusion detection systems against external risks.

We've gone the extra mile to bring features that really matter in a Astra penetration (security) testing service

Continuous Pentesting

Integrate security testing with your SDLC. Automate scans for every new build. Stay on top of emerging vulnerabilities. Never ship vulnerable code.

Vetted Vulnerability Scans

Get vulnerability scan results that are vetted by security experts. Optimize resource allocation. Never waste a minute chasing false positives

Intuitive Dashboard

Monitor and manage all vulnerabilities - assign them, update their status, and communicate with security experts - all from one place.


Connect Astra Pentest Platform to a range of CI/CD tools to automate scans. Integrate with Slack and Jira to manage workflow and communications.

Contextual Collaboration

Use the dashboard to connect with security experts and collaborate with them on the remediation effort. Avoid long mail trails. Fix fast.

Publicly Verifiable Pentest Certificate

Fix critical vulnerabilities detected by Astra penetration testing services and get a pentest certificate that’s publicly variable for authenticity.

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Astra Pentest Platform integrates easily with your CI/CD pipeline

Integrate with GitLab, GitHub, Jenkins, and BitBucket.
Automate continuous scans and ship secure code always
Make your move from DevOps to DevSecOps

Scan behind logged-in pages seamlessly

Run authenticated scans without hassle
Use Astra’s login recorder chrome-extension to share credentials one time
Never worry about re-authentication or running out of session
Find and fix every single vulnerability

Get Compliance Ready with Astra's Pentest Compliance Feature

Conduct all necessary tests for SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO27001 compliance. Use the compliance dashboard to prioritize fixes to get compliance ready

“Astra’s Pentest Suite provides exactly the features we need to maximize the security of the service we provide to our clients. We are impressed by their commitment to continuous rather than sporadic testing and the way in which their technology blends with ours.”

— Wayne Garb, CEO, Ooona
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I am very satisfied with the result and the recommendations of the audit report. It was an eye opener. We were able to optimize the security of the app to meet the expectations of our customers."

Olivier Trupiano, Founder & CEO (Signalement)
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