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6 Best Mobile App Security Companies in 2024

Updated on: January 16, 2024

6 Best Mobile App Security Companies in 2024

Every time you order food, check social media, or access your bank account via your smartphone, you’re engaging with a mobile app. Mobile apps are the backbone of our modern digital experiences, from healthcare to finance.

As your reliance on these apps deepens, so do the threats. Now, mobile application security isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Mobile application security is the combination of techniques and methods used to safeguard mobile apps from security threats and vulnerabilities. For example, messaging apps like WhatsApp use end-to-end encryption, where only the sender and recipient can read the messages, preventing eavesdropping by third parties.

Mobile app security companies identify vulnerabilities, conduct testing, and implement robust security protocols for user and data safety. 

According to Gartner, application security has the largest worldwide growth rate at 24.7% and estimated spending at $7,503 million. It’s a steady increase of 4% over the last three years.

The rising investment in application security signifies a proactive approach by businesses to strengthen their defenses in the face of growing cyber threats.

6 Best Mobile App Security Companies 

  1. Astra Security
  2. NowSecure
  3. Synopsys
  4. HCL AppScan
  5. Checkmarx
  6. Appknox

Global Mobile Applications Data: Key Insights 

3 Key Principles of Mobile App Security 

1. Confidentiality:

Mobile app security keeps your private information safe. For instance, in banking apps, your account details are encrypted. This means, that even if someone tries to access your data, it appears as jumbled code, ensuring your privacy and stopping unauthorized access.

2. Integrity:

Apps need to keep information correct and safe from changes. For example, healthcare apps use digital signatures to confirm patient records are genuine. 

3. Availability:

Mobile apps need to keep working, even during cyberattacks. Gaming apps use DDoS protection as an example. By having strong defenses, these apps stay available to users even during big cyberattacks.

Why is Astra Vulnerability Scanner the Best Scanner?

  • Runs 8000+ tests with weekly updated scanner rules
  • Scans behind the login page
  • Scan results are vetted by security experts to ensure zero false positives
  • Integrates with your CI/CD tools to help you establish DevSecOps
  • A dynamic vulnerability management dashboard to manage, monitor, assign, and update vulnerabilities from one place.
  • Helps you stay compliant with SOC2, ISO27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc.
  • Integrates with Slack and Jira for better workflow management
  • Trusted by the brands you trust like Agora, Spicejet, Muthoot, Dream11, etc.

7 Essential Factors for Choosing a Mobile App Security Company

1. Expertise and experience:

Check if the company has a good history and knows a lot about the industry. Look at their past projects and see if they’ve worked on different kinds of app security. 

2. Industry recognition:

Look for awards, affiliations, or certifications from respected cybersecurity organizations.

3. Security practices and protocols:

Assess how they test security, like using penetration tests and encryption methods. 

4. Customer support and response time:

Evaluate their availability and how quickly they respond to critical security concerns effectively.

5. Cost and value for money:

Look for clear pricing and the range of security services provided to ensure they offer value within budget limits.

6. Innovation and technology adoption:

Choose the companies that adopt advanced technologies and contribute to the field through innovation and research.

7. Scalability and customization:

Ensure the company’s solutions can adapt to your business’s growth and are customizable to meet your specific security needs.

6 Best Mobile App Security Companies 

1. Astra Security  

Astra - Best Mobile App Security Companies 

Get your mobile app tested for 8000+ different vulnerabilities and hacks with Astra. Simply upload your Android or iOS app and let Astra’s experts perform the right mix of DAST, SAST, and manual scanning. Ensure continued mobile application security with Astra’s Pentests.

Astra is one of the best mobile app security companies that helps,

  • Uncover over 110,000 vulnerabilities per month
  • Save thousands of hours for Developers & CXOs

You can download Astra’s mobile app security audit and penetrating testing checklist and assess how to protect your mobile apps.

Key Features

  • Vulnerability scanning: Astra’s all-inclusive vulnerability scanner detects vulnerabilities based on internal pentests, publicly available bug bounty reports, and vulnerability releases.
  • VAPT certificate: Attest your mobile application’s security readiness with Astra’s publicly verifiable pentest certificate after a successful rescan.
  • Expert support:  Let certified security engineers review each vulnerability and ensure you have clear steps to fix every issue.
  • Seamless collaboration: Connect Astra with your existing tech stack including Slack, Jira, GitLab and others for easier collaboration and tracking.

2. NowSecure

NowSecure - Mobile App Security Companies 

NowSecure offers comprehensive solutions meeting 25+ industry and app security standards. Its app security solution suite includes self-service training, a certification program, and substantial enhancements to its existing solution portfolio.

Key Features

  • Automation and integration: Continuously test mobile apps as you build them to keep pace with software development timelines integrated directly into tools development uses every day.
  • Built by mobile experts: With one unified approach, test the mobile apps you build and use with tools built by the leading mobile experts.
  • Manually test complex mobile apps: NowSecure workstation equips your security team with a toolkit of the most advanced testing solutions for mobile apps.

3. Checkmarx

Checkmarx - Top Mobile App Security Companies 

Checkmarx has smart tools and uses the latest technology to protect your apps as they’re being made. This means you can work fast and know your apps are secure, making them a top pick for keeping your mobile apps safe. They help you create great mobile experiences without security concerns.

Key Features

  • App safety: Checkmarx checks your app’s code, looks at the software inside, and even tests special parts like APIs. It keeps your digital stuff safe from all sides.
  • Find and fix problems: They look at your apps, find what’s wrong, and help you fix it fast. This way, your apps stay safe for everyone to use.
  • Simplify app security: Checkmarx gives you one place to see all your security info. It also works well with other tools you use. This saves you time and keeps your apps secure.

4. Synopsys

Synopsys - Best Mobile App Security Companies 

With cutting-edge technology, Synopsys helps you find and fix security flaws quickly, ensuring your apps are safe for users. Their solutions are user-friendly, making it simple to keep your mobile applications secure, allowing you to focus on delivering a seamless and secure user experience.

Key Features

  • Flexibility: Manage your assessments, schedule tests and make modifications as business requirements change and threats evolve.
  • Scalability: They provide scalable delivery through our assessment centers without compromising manual reviews.
  • Comprehensiveness: Their blended manual and tool-based assessment approach includes a thorough analysis of results, detailed reporting, and actionable remediation guidance.

5. HCL AppScan

HCL Appscan - Best Mobile App Security Tool

HCL AppScan is a powerful application security testing tool that safeguards your applications from cyber threats. It scans your apps thoroughly, identifying vulnerabilities and providing actionable insights. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, AppScan enables you to fortify your applications, ensuring a secure environment for both users and data.

Key Features

  • Achieve continuous security: DevOps can automate testing throughout the SDLC with customizable sliders to balance the speed and accuracy of incremental scanning to only look at the new code being added.
  • Focus on the fix: Auto-fix capabilities, machine learning for reduced false positives, and auto-issue correlation help not just find vulnerabilities but prioritize them for remediation.
  • Unparalleled visibility and oversight: Maintain a real-time security picture with centralized dashboards, aggregated scan results, and customizable lenses for risk posture and compliance.

6. Appknox

Appknox - Mobile App Security Tool

Appknox is one of the most powerful plug-and-play security platforms that helps developers, security researchers, and enterprises build a safe and secure mobile ecosystem. They offer a comprehensive suite of security features to protect your mobile apps from threats, including malware, data leaks, and more. 

Key Features

  • Zero false positives: We know that time is a critical factor for our clients. So, we’ve developed our engine to deliver 0 false positives.
  • Easy remediation: Our scan report includes details on detected issues, compliances, and steps to address vulnerabilities.
  • Intuitive dashboard: Take control of securing your apps with our interactive dashboard to run scans and generate reports effortlessly.

Comparison of Best Mobile App Security Companies 

Company nameKey standout featureCustomer supportEasy of use (G2 – out of 10)G2 recognitionG2 rating(out of 5)
Astra SecurityAutomated vulnerability scans24/7  support live chat support9.9High Performer Fall 20234.9
NowSecureIntegrationQuery form submission on the website8High Performer Fall 20234.7
SynopsysCompliance testing 24/7 call and email support8.5Leader Fall 20234.3
HCL AppScanVulnerability scansQuery form submission8.54
CheckmarxSecurity threats remediationCall and query form submission n on the website8.1Leader Fall 20234.2
AppknoxVulnerability ScansEmail and query form submission support9.2High Performer Fall 20234.5

It is one small security loophole v/s your Android & iOS app

Get your mobile app audited & strengthen your defenses!


In our app-driven world, mobile app security is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With rising investments and growing cyber threats, safeguarding mobile apps is crucial.

Top companies like Astra Mobile App Pentest, NowSecure, Checkmarx, Synopsys, HCL AppScan, and Appknox offer innovative solutions to protect your digital assets. Your choice should consider expertise, industry recognition, security practices, customer support, cost, innovation, scalability, and customization.


How does mobile app security work?

Mobile app security involves encryption, secure coding, and testing techniques like SAST and DAST. It safeguards apps from breaches and ensures data integrity, protecting against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

How do I secure my apps?

To secure your apps, employ robust authentication methods, encrypt data in transit and at rest, regularly update and patch software, conduct security assessments, monitor for anomalies, and educate your team on best practices.

What is the difference between mobile security and web security?

Mobile security focuses on safeguarding smartphones and tablets, addressing threats like app vulnerabilities and device theft. Web security, on the other hand, protects websites and online services, mitigating issues such as hacking, data breaches, and web application vulnerabilities.

Jinson Varghese

Jinson Varghese Behanan is an Information Security Analyst at Astra. Passionate about Cybersecurity from a young age, Jinson completed his Bachelor's degree in Computer Security from Northumbria University. When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he spends his time reading InfoSec materials, playing basketball, learning French and traveling. You can follow him on Medium or visit his Website for more stories about the various Security Audits he does and the crazy vulnerabilities he finds.
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