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How to Set Prestashop File & Folder Permissions?

Prestashop has been a highly favoured platform for e-commerce firms. It has helped them expand their services and flourish in this highly competitive digital world. Being an open-source platform, it is even more desirable by startups. However, this attribute has also contributed to its exploitation. Many of these exploitations could have been checked if only web owners cared to secure their website with simple security measures like the PrestaShop file permissions.

Joomla is the second most popular CMS  after WordPress &  is regularly targeted by hackers. The below graph shows that XSS is the most common vulnerability exploited by attackers in Joomla like WordPress. Other reasons of Joomla hacked are Code Injection, SQLi,  etc. This guide is useful for your if you are looking for a resource to remove malware from…

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