Jinson Varghese

Information Security Lead

Jinson is an Information Security Lead at Astra Security. A security and threat intelligence enthusiast, with a penchant for problem-solving, he is dedicated to advancing the cause of digital safety, one software at a time.

Besides, his comprehensive skill set and his commitment to conducting high-quality pentests help strengthen Astra Security’s commitment to excellence and hassle-free cybersecurity.

With 110,000+ monthly reported vulnerabilities, and over $30 Million saved in potential losses, Astra has earned recognition in esteemed publications like the Entrepreneur, Techradar, Splunk, Agari, and even CISA.


  • Red Teaming
  • Web Application Pentesting
  • Mobile App API Pentesting
  • Network Pentesting
  • Cloud Infrastructure Pentesting

Work at Astra

  • Performing hacker-style pentests for customer applications and managing the entire pentest using Astra’s platform
  • Planning and executing VA/PT for web, mobile, Cloud, SaaS, network, and OS projects.
  • Contributing towards building intelligence for the DAST scanner.
  • Interacting and facilitating clients to map out the steps for fixing vulnerabilities.
  • Maintaining Astra’s vulnerability management system.


With an experience of more than 5 years, Jinson possesses a strong background in vulnerability scanning and offensive pentesting. His experience with the OWASP Foundation has also helped him gain a better understanding of the threat landscape.


  • Northumbria University (UK), B.Sc in Computer Science
  • MDIS, Singapore, Advanced Diploma in Information Technology


  • B. Certified Blockchain Security Professional

About Astra

Astra is a leading penetration testing company that blends automated vulnerability scanning capabilities and manual penetration testing. With a combined experience of 50+ years, $30 Million+ saved in potential losses, and 650+ satisfied clients worldwide, we strive to make pentesting simple, effective, and hassle-free.

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Our suite of security products include a vulnerability scanner, firewall, malware scanner and pentests to protect your site from the evil forces on the internet, even when you sleep.

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