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Introducing our new Security Scan Platform

Updated on: April 30, 2024

Introducing our new Security Scan Platform

Security audits made simple and hassle-free! 

Today we’ve arrived at another significant achievement at Astra Security. After months of preparation, development, and design, we’ve officially launched our new Security Scan platform. From addition of more security tests to new dashboard design, the new platform will make pentesting a breeze for you.

Our new and simple to utilize UI guarantees that your dev and security groups can rapidly and safely associate with pentest discoveries and resolve them easily.

Detailed Vulnerability Reporting and more Test Cases

Security Scan platform includes a range of performance and analytical improvements for detailed insights on vulnerabilities reporting. The platform is also updated with more security tests by adding 200+ new test cases for applications, making it more user-friendly and security conscious. 

A Shiny Bright Brand New Dashboard with more Information

Astra Security’s new pentest dashboard provides users with more options and information, such as 200+ test cases, downloading the VAPT certificate, better categorization for vulnerability management, and much more. 

The new platform includes:

  • New and improved Subscription page to manage your subscriptions
  • A new graph “Issues Types” to get more organized insights 
  • More intuitive security audit progress-bar so that you always stay on the top 
  • Option to add new team members directly from your main dashboard
  • Generating industry-standard PDF reports right within the dashboard
  • Improved functionality for downloading tax invoices from the “My Account” tab
  • A more secure and easy-to-use payment gateway – Paddle
  • Option to create multiple audits under the same project
  • New “Help” option to talk directly with your assigned security engineer from Astra
  • New and improved Subscription page to manage your Subscriptions
  • Easier collaboration with our security team via one-click actions on the Vulnerabilities page
  • Send vulnerabilities details on email to your team members with one click

Download and Verify VAPT Certificate

After every successful pentest, you can now download the VAPT certificate directly from your main dashboard.

Obtaining a VAPT Certificate can help you achieve certain data privacy compliance and help build customer trust while using your secured applications.

Enhanced “Vulnerabilities” Section

Each user has their preferred method to weigh vulnerability impact based on their organization’s goal. That’s why we give them in-detailed and sorted vulnerability insights in the new “All Issues” section.

In the “All Issues” screen, users can find details of all the vulnerabilities discovered, along with their respective status and severity. You can now mark issues that are solved, request help, and mark ‘won’t fix’ for better vulnerability management.

To get more insights on each discovered vulnerability, users can find some newly added features and details by clicking on the discovered vulnerability (name).

Other features and details include:

  • A new sidebar menu for easy and clear navigation
  • Graphical representation of industry-wide accepted vulnerability classification: CWE, CVSS3.1, and score
  • More details of a vulnerability – Vulnerability details, Impact, Affected Components, POC, Steps to fix, and more
  • Additional reference guides/articles for quick vulnerability fixes 

Ready to Use

This new platform will be replacing the old one, so we request you to safely transition to the new one.

Click here to make transition to new Security Scan platform.

All you need to do is reset your password & authenticate on the new platform with your existing email with us. All your existing data stays intact in the new dashboard.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us at [email protected]


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