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Trusted by Thousands of Security Conscious Companies

What are Assessment Services in Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity assessment services refer to a method of evaluating a firm's IT infrastructure and systems by identifying existing vulnerabilities and threats. They help you understand the gaps in your security, hence, empowering you to make educated decisions on enhancing your overall cybersecurity stance.

Why is Cybersecurity Assessment Important?

1. Identify Risks:

Using security assessment services, you can identify cybersecurity risks to their information, networks, and systems. This enables you to mitigate and protect your sensitive data and critical assets effectively.

2. Improve Cybersecurity Posture:

Cybersecurity risk assessment services can enhance your cybersecurity posture by pinpointing areas that require improvement and prioritizing them. They offer crucial insights into the effectiveness of your security controls, and policies thus, empowering you to make informed decisions to minimize risks.

3. Data Breaches:

Cybersecurity assessment services bolster your security by identifying weaknesses in your controls and evaluating current measures. You can then proactively improve system and network security, safeguarding against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

4. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks:

DDoS attacks target your organization by flooding your network with excessive traffic, making it inaccessible to users. This disrupts medical services, causing care delays, and jeopardizing patient safety.

Benefits of our Cyber Security Assessment Services

1. Enhance Risk Mitigation:

Understanding and managing risks is essential for any organization, and cybersecurity assessment services play a vital role in this process. These services help uncover potential security vulnerabilities, giving you the knowledge to effectively handle and minimize risks.

2. Facilitate Compliance:

Regular cyber vulnerability assessments help you comply with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2, and other legal and industrial regulations. Staying compliant helps you can not only avoid potential fines and penalties but also safeguard your reputation and maintain the trust of your customers and stakeholders

3. Improved Security Program:

Addressing the vulnerabilities found by a cybersecurity risk assessment & management services provider not only helps protect your valuable data but also ensures that your business runs smoothly and fosters trust among your customers and stakeholders. It helps foster a safe and secure environment.

4. Emerging Threats:

The reports from such cybersecurity assessments are a helpful tool for making thoughtful decisions about where to invest your limited resources. They help you reallocate your resources in a way that they are not spread too thin across the entire infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Assessment Services That Solves All Issues

Continuous Penetration Testing

Carry our regular, continuous, scheduled penetration tests of assets. Spot vulnerabilities at any phase of development. Make a seamless transition from DevOps to DevSecOps.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment

Scan your assets with Astra's automated scanner continuously. Test your app before every build. Never miss a loophole or ship vulnerable code.

Compliance Specific Scans

Comply with major industry standards like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and more using Astra’s targeted compliance scans for assets.

Malware Scanner

Astra’s malware scanners with scheduled, unlimited scans. The solution to any malware that could be plaguing your assets and their cybersecurity.

Scan Behind Logins

Share your credentials smoothly and safely with Astra’s chrome plugin for scanning behind the login. Find hidden issues with access controls with just a click.

Vetted Scans

Astra’s vetted scans are the perfect solution to help you with perfect reports with assured zero false positives.

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Continuous testing of your assets for misconfigurations.

Astra’s expert penetration testing detects payment manipulation, secures payment gateways, and spot errors that automated scanners miss.
Continuously deploy cybersecurity assessment services to assess the security of your web apps, mobile apps, APIs, networks, and cloud infrastructure.
Completing a pentest with Astra earns you a publicly verifiable certificate that showcases one’s security-conscious behavior.

NIST and OWASP-based scans. Leave no corner unturned.

Conduct more than 3000 tests to find vulnerabilities.
Identify vulnerabilities from an evolving database of known CVEs, vulnerabilities based on intel, OWASP Top 10, and SANS 25.
Expert remediation assistance through POC videos, one on one with expert pentesters through the comment feature in the dashboard.
Intelligent vulnerability risk scoring based on contextual data and CVSS scores helps prioritize the fixes required.

Astra’s actionable reports make remediation an easy goal for you.

Astra’s detail-oriented reports have vulnerabilities listed based on actionable risk scores (based on CVSS scores and contextual data) that aids with efficient remediation prioritization.

“Astra’s Pentest Suite provides exactly the features we need to maximize the security of the service we provide to our clients. We are impressed by their commitment to continuous rather than sporadic testing and the way in which their technology blends with ours.”

— Wayne Garb, CEO, Ooona
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I am very satisfied with the result and the recommendations of the audit report. It was an eye opener. We were able to optimize the security of the app to meet the expectations of our customers."

Olivier Trupiano, Founder & CEO (Signalement)
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