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Snyk vulnerability scanner is a developer-friendly tool with a great interface and a solid application security product. Like every tool, it has some great features and some gaps. Find out if Astra can fill those gaps as a Snyk alternative.


Suppose you are looking for a truly comprehensive vulnerability assessment and penetration testing platform. In that case, the Rapid7 vulnerability scanner might not be the perfect fit - while it is a good tool, the products are too compartmentalized. Astra's pentest platform fills that gap perfectly.


Astra is a better alternative to Qualys. Compliance checks, vulnerability assessments, and penetration tests, Astra does it better. See why people flock over to Astra for securing their cloud over Qualys.


Tenable is a top-notch solution when it comes to vulnerability scanning your cloud assets. But if you're looking for holistic VAPT services that provide comprehensive continuous pentests in addition to scans, Astra is the best choice!


See why millions of people choose happily Astra over Probely. You can see the objective difference here. Peace of mind? You'll have to experience that first hand.


Want unlimited scans with assured zero false positives and more? Well, here’s a comparison between Astra, Pentera, and other alternatives. See which one suits you the best with its range of features.


From scans behind logins to vetted scans ensuring zero false positives, Astra gives you the best VAPT experience. Our products speak volumes and scores of people choose Astra over Invicti's security scanner to shore up their defense!


Astra and Intruder have a bunch of common features. It is only when you pit them against each other, Astra comes forth as a better alternative with thorough remediation support, publicly verifiable pentest certificate, and assured zero false positives.


Astra is the better alternative to Nessus pentest with expert manual pentesting and unlimited scans. Check out below why this Nessus alternative fares better amongst the crowd with its features!


Want experts to carry out a pentest to find business logic errors and more? Well here’s a comparison table between ImmuniWeb, Astra, and other alternatives to help you go with the better choice!

Burp Suite

With its pocket-friendly pricing, unlimited vulnerability scans, and scalability options Astra is a superior alternative to BurpSuite. Scroll down to see the features of Astra and why it’s your best choice.

Indusface WAS

Check out the comparison between Astra Security and Indusface WAS to see which tool suits your organization best in terms of features offered. From VAPT services to detection of business logic errors and more, make an informed decision today!


You need a complete pentest solution that minimizes developer workload and streamlines continuous security testing. Astra's Pentest Platform is the ideal solution and a better Breachlock alternative for you.


Pentest should be in-depth without you having to worry about credits. Astra Pentest, an alternative to Cobalt's pentest, ensures hacker-style testing by experts. Move from DevOps to DevSecOps with Astra.


Wanting a smooth hassle-free VAPT service but not sure which is the right one? Here’s Astra, an alternative to Acunetix that is better with unlimited scans, zero false positives, and more!

Rapid7 vs. Tenable

If you are looking for a well-rounded vulnerability scanner with the option of expert pentesting, Rapid7 and Tenable are among the obvious choices. How do they fare against each other? Find out in this detailed comparison.

Qualys vs. Tenable

Looking for a holistic VAPT service that caters not just to web applications, but to cloud, networks, APIs and or mobile applications alike? Well, here it is. We have provided a detailed comparison between two providers Qualys and Tenable to help you figure out the best choice for your needs!

Qualys vs. Rapid7

Both Qualys and Rapid7 are web security scanning tools with some common features and unique traits. Qualys is more focused on web application scanning whereas Rapid7 offers holistic vulnerability management with InsightVM. Here's a comparison to help you gain a better understanding of both tools.

Nessus vs. Rapid7

Nessus has one of the most powerful vulnerability scanning engines, Rapid7 has a solid hacker-style security testing program. Here's a detailed comparison between the two to help you find which one suits your security needs better.

Invicti vs. Acunetix

Invicti and Acunetix are both web application vulnerability scanners with features that are common and unique to each. Invicti is a scanning solution more suited for enterprises while Acunetix is preferred by SMEs. Here is a comparison to help you gain a better understanding of both tools.

Qualys vs. Nessus

Qualys and Nessus are two powerful vulnerability scanning tools with some common features and some unique traits. Qualys is more focused on cloud security monitoring while Nessus is a typical web vulnerability assessment tool. Here's a comparison for you to understand how they fare against each other.

Nessus vs. Nexpose

Nessus is a widely used, powerful vulnerability scanning engine. Nexpose is the vulnerability scanner presented by Rapid7. Both have a strong footing in the security testing market and come with some great features. Here's a detailed comparison between the two.

Acunetix vs. Qualys

Acunetix is a dedicated application scanner and Qualys is a multi-purpose vulnerability management tool and cloud platform. They have some similar use cases as well as some stark dissimilarities. Here's a detailed comparison to help you understand the tools better.