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With 3000+ tests, zero false positives, CI/CD integration, and collaborative remediation, Astra is here to provide 24*7 vigilance over your web applications with the finest VAPT services in Bangalore, India.

Trusted by leading security-conscious companies across the world.
Trusted by Thousands of Security Conscious Companies

What Is VAPT Services?

VAPT is a security service that performs vulnerability assessment and penetration testing on web applications, mobile applications, networks, and servers. VAPT services help organizations identify and mitigate security threats and vulnerabilities that could compromise confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data and resources. 

VAPT services also helps organizations to comply with industry standards and regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, etc. Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, classifying, and prioritizing vulnerabilities in a system or application. It can be performed manually or with automated tools. Penetration testing is the process of simulating an attack to identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. 

Popular VAPT services in Bangalore

There are various types of VAPT services depending on the target application and the scope and depth of the testing. Some of the common types are: 

1. Network penetration testing: This tests the security of a network infrastructure including firewalls, routers, switches, and other devices. 

2. Web application penetration testing: This tests the security of web applications that are hosted on the internet or intranet. It can detect vulnerabilities such as XSS, SQL injection, common injection, path traversal, and insecure server configuration. 

3. Mobile application penetration testing: This tests the security of mobile applications that run on Android, iOS, or other platforms. 

4. API penetration testing:  This tests the security of APIs used to communicate between applications. It can identify vulnerabilities in the authentication, authorization, encryption, and data validation. 

5. Cloud penetration testing: This tests the security of cloud-based applications and platforms that are hosted on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or other providers.

Why choose Astra Security for VAPT services?

Astra Security is a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing company that provides round-the-clock security testing services to assess internet-facing assets as quickly and efficiently as possible to detect vulnerabilities. 

Our VAPT offerings help with: 

1. Better security coverage for web and mobile applications, cloud infrastructure, networks, and APIs.  

2. Detection and remediation of vulnerabilities and security gaps of varying criticality. 

3. Maintenance of compliance with regulatory requirements like HIPAA, SOC2, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, and GDPR. 

4. Shifting from DevOps to DevSecOps giving due priority to security testing applications in SDLC.

Get Your Hands on the Best VAPT Services in Banglore, India

Thorough Vulnerability Assessments

Astra Security’s comprehensive vulnerability scanner can locate and identify vulnerabilities based on a massive, up-to-date database of Known CVEs and information

Intuitive Dashboard

Manage, assign, monitor, streamline vulnerabilities, be in touch with developers, check compliance status, and collaborate with security experts with Astra’s easy-to-navigate and highly interactive dashboard

Scan Behind Login

Authenticate Astra’s scanner by using their login recorder chrome extension and forget worrying about running out of session time while scanning behind the login page

Vulnerability Scan Report

Get comprehensive and detailed test summaries. Astra provides accurate risk scores that help you finalize fixes while the guidelines and video PoCs gradually help with the vulnerability fixes.

VAPT Certification

Obtain publicly verifiable VAPT certificates by Astra once you have successful completion of your VAPT journey until rescanning.


Integrate Astra’s VAPT services with your CI/CD pipeline for smooth automatic scans before each build. Integrations with slack & Jira allow a hassle-free workflow.

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Find and fix every loophole with Astra’s intelligent vulnerability scanner

Astra’s vulnerability scanner uses OWSP & NIST procedures to conduct over 3000 tests
Constantly compares vulnerabilities present in a massive database of known CVEs, OWASP Top 10, and SANS 25
Provides full-proof remediation assistance through POC videos

Go to Astra’s CXO-friendly dashboard and be in control of the vulnerability assessment process

Assign vulnerabilities, keep an eye on the analytics, and update their status
In order to cure vulnerabilities, collaborate with security experts
Detect and identify vulnerabilities based on compliance requirements
Look for potential vulnerabilities based on ROI and risk scores

Steer clear of false positives with Astra’s in-depth vetted vulnerability scans

Astra is a provider of comprehensive and extensive vulnerability scanning reports with the assurance of zero false positives by expert pentesters

“Astra’s Pentest Suite provides exactly the features we need to maximize the security of the service we provide to our clients. We are impressed by their commitment to continuous rather than sporadic testing and the way in which their technology blends with ours.”

— Wayne Garb, CEO, Ooona
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I am very satisfied with the result and the recommendations of the audit report. It was an eye opener. We were able to optimize the security of the app to meet the expectations of our customers."

Olivier Trupiano, Founder & CEO (Signalement)
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