Astra Helps Zenduty Identify All Outstanding Security Issues

Vulnerabilities Found
8 Audits Done
Ankur Rawal
Co-founder & CTO, Zenduty

Astra keeps Zenduty safe as they help others with incident response and critical downtime management.

About Zenduty

Zenduty started in 2019 to help modern SRE, DevOps, Infra and Support Teams with end-to-end incident alerting and response orchestration. They have built “a single pane of glass view on production health” removing all the friction we usually associate with incident response. The platform also eases up post incident management and stakeholder communications. 

With 24x7 operational coverage for major incidents through on-call rotation, Zenduty reduces the lag between incident and response by 90%. By suppressing noisy alerts they ensure focus on the alerts that matter. 100+ integrations allow them to create an institutionalized, frictionless response and resolution experience. 

Zenduty simplifies ownership and distribution of roles. It helps an organization become super resilient and able to take smooth, effective action when something goes wrong, keeping confusion, anxiety, and indecisiveness at bay.


The Challenge 

Zenduty works closely with engineering teams looking deep into production data. They monitor every movement in the production cycle - that means access to a lot of sensitive data. A security breach on Zenduty’s part can have severe consequences for both the company and the clients. 

They are responsible for preventing any exposures of client data and also for keeping their own systems and data completely secure. Since companies like Zenduty cater to numerous large organizations simultaneously, they become attractive prey for hackers - an attack on Zenduty can potentially compromise multiple entities. Moreover, the kind of efficiency the Zenduty products bring to clients usually comes with complex access controls. They need to keep the data flowing while also ensuring security. Let’s just say, it’s a complicated scenario security-wise. 

It was imperative for them to standardize security practices like regular vulnerability assessment for data security as well as for compliance with SOC2 and ISO. They found Astra 2 years ago and haven't looked elsewhere since.

Astra Secures Zenduty

"Astra has been a key part of our delivery pipeline. They helped us comprehensively identify all outstanding security issues."

Vulnerabilities prevented: 13

Potential loss avoided: $34,200

  • Continuous vulnerability scanning with Astra’s Pentest platform combined with frequent penetration testing performed by Astra’s security team for Zenduty has resulted in the identification and resolution of 103 potential vulnerabilities. Astra has helped Zenduty avoid losses worth $34,200 so far.
  • Astra helped Zenduty achieve SOC2 compliance by performing regular vulnerability scans and annual penetration testing. This increased customer trust and demonstrated adherence to industry standards.
  • With Astra's vulnerability scanner integrated into their CI/CD pipeline, Zenduty moved from DevOps to DevSecOps, proactively scanning for new emerging threats. 
  • Astra's vulnerability management capabilities have taken the hassle out of pentests. Overall, we’ve contributed to building a culture of proactive security - Zenduty's engineers think security first.

According to Laurent:
"As Astra is included in all Themecloud plans It has become a reason for potential customers to choose Themecloud over it's competitors as Themecloud offers security protection out of the box."
Key Highlights
Aid in Achieving SOC 2 Compliance
Regular Vulnerability Assessments
Expert Remediation Assistance
Clear Reporting Style
Favorite Features
Continuous Vulnerability Scanning
Quick Vulnerability Detection
Annual Penetration Testing
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