WireMock Platform Enhances Security With Astra Pentest

Vulnerabilities Found
1 Audit Done
Tom Akehurst
CTO, WireMock

WireMock is an API developer productivity platform that provides developers with the tools and technologies needed to get the job done easily when they depend on APIs in the development process. It allows developers to be productive when they're consuming 3rd party and internal APIs that delay their development or when they prototype and deliver APIs.

The innovative platform was developed by co-founders Uri Maoz (CEO) and Tom Akehurst (CTO). The software allows testers and developers to mock APIs in every stage of their lifecycle, thus reducing dependency on third-party and internal APIs and enabling faster, parallel development, high productivity, improved resiliency, and reduced bug escape rates. 

WireMock is open-source software, and WireMock Cloud is built on top of it. It is used by thousands of companies and more than 2 million developers worldwide.

The Challenge

WireMock deeply values security in every aspect of its development. Having done traditional penetration tests in the past, WireMock wanted a dynamic pentesting solution with zero false positives and no long email threads. 

This led them to choose Astra Security, a modern, hassle-free pentesting solution for testing their assets. Ease of communication with the security team, zero false positives, and Ci/CD integrations made Astra Security an immediate favorite with Wiremock. 

Beloved Features

What Wiremock loved about Astra:

  1. Individual Scans Results

Astra Security’s intuitive dashboard allowed WireMock to navigate through individual scan results and seamlessly access remediation measures for each vulnerability discovered. 

  1. Expert Remediation Assistance

Astra Security’s responsive security team made it easy for WireMock to rely on its VAPT services, clear queries, remediate vulnerabilities, and secure their assets much faster. 

  1. Zero False Positives

Astra’s security testing experts vetted all automated and manual scan results. This ensured no false positives, and WireMock could focus on fixing the critical vulnerabilities. 

Results and Benefits

WireMock conducted a penetration test on two of its assets, revealing a few vulnerabilities. Penetration testing and timely detection of these vulnerabilities enhanced WireMock's overall security posture. 

WireMock received the following benefits from its penetration test with Astra Security: 

  1. Detecting vulnerabilities and being able to fix them quickly
  2. Enhanced security for WireMock assets and customer data. 
  3. Obtaining a publicly verifiable pentest certificate from Astra Security.
According to Laurent:
"As Astra is included in all Themecloud plans It has become a reason for potential customers to choose Themecloud over it's competitors as Themecloud offers security protection out of the box."
Key Highlights
Modern pentesting solution
No lengthy email threads
Zero false positives
Individual scan results in the dashboard
Favorite Features
Vetted Scans
Expert Remediation Assistance
Intuitive Dashboard
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