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Vulnerabilities Found
4 Audits Done
Rohit Khanna
Co-founder, Toplyne

Toplyne is an AI-based plug-and-play platform established in 2021 by co-founders Rohit Khanna, Rishen Kapoor, and Ruchin Kulkarni. Based in India, Toplyne aids companies in building their sales teams through self-serve accounts to identify and focus on convertible accounts. 

Product-lead companies often seek methods to get non-paying clients to subscribe and move to higher tiers. Toplyne allows this by automating the identification of promising leads and marketing strategies. Companies like Canva, Graphana, InVideo, and Dive are some of the top clients using Toplyne’s services. 

Serving large companies and dealing with vast amounts of data, its utmost security was of top concern to Toplyne. As part of ensuring their data safety, Toplyne started looking out for pentests and vulnerability assessment solutions compatible with their company’s persona. 

The two criteria Toplyne had set were the product's ease of use and a security team that could help them get compliant quickly. Their search ended with finalizing Astra Security as the ideal solution and partner. Toplyne has now been partnering with Astra for one and a half years to find and manage vulnerabilities within their systems. 

The Challenge

Dealing with major clients with lots of sensitive data, Toplyne had to ensure that their data security measures met international standards. They also wanted the company they chose to aid them in achieving compliance with GDPR, SOC2, and HIPAA with ease. 

Every client dealt with by Toplyne required them to have compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC2. Astra Security helped with this compliance criterion providing the crucial component of vulnerability assessments.

Results and Benefits

The number of vulnerabilities helped patch - 30

Toplyne has found the ideal vulnerability testing solution in Astra with certain features standing out such as automated vulnerability scans, user-friendly dashboards, and deep Slack integrations.

To date, 13 vulnerabilities have been found in Toplyne’s dashboard out of which one is high. While 32 vulnerabilities have been detected in Toplyne’s AWS platform with 7 high vulnerabilities. The team collaborated with the development team to resolve nearly 30 of the total found vulnerabilities. 

The benefits of opting for Astra Security’s services for Toplyne are: 

  • Ease in achieving compliances such as SOC 2, GDPR, and HIPAA. 
  • Winning new clients due to security-conscious nature and upkeep of compliance. 
  • Identification of any gaps in security and their prompt mitigation with the aid of Astra’s security team. 
  • A great support team and hassle-free product that made it easy to use and assess their security. 

According to Laurent:
"As Astra is included in all Themecloud plans It has become a reason for potential customers to choose Themecloud over it's competitors as Themecloud offers security protection out of the box."
Key Highlights
Ideal VAPT solution
Collaboration with Security Experts
Super Responsive Team
Compliance with GDPR, and SOC2
Favorite Features
User-friendly Dashboard
Deep Slack Integration
Automated Vulnerability Scanning
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