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Vulnerabilities Found
4 Audits Done
Astra pentest is a game-changer. I was blown away by the user-friendly dashboard and the thoroughness of the assessments done. The system includes a considerable amount of automation specifically designed for AWS infrastructure. What really sets Astra apart is their exceptional support team. They truly go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction
Chief Business Officer, SmartWinnr

SmartWinnr is a mobile-first sales productivity platform that works to drive sales contests, sales learning, and coaching for remote sales teams. The innovative company was established by Shiladitya Mallik and Anindita Banik.

Their main aim with the company is to help remote sales teams achieve their true potential while putting them on the top of the game. Companies that stay ahead of the knowledge curve with SmartWinnr include Johnson & Johnson, Hero FinCorp, ICICI Bank, Canara HSBC, FedEx, and others. 

Dealing with globally renowned companies and enterprises, it was important for SmartWinnr to give due importance to the efficacy of their security systems in place. As such, they started looking out for pentest tools to test the same. 

After carrying out extensive research for the pentest product well suited to their requirements, SmartWinnr found the ideal solution in Astra Security for it aligned with their needs and persona. 

The Challenge 

Having a constant stream of data from clients all around the world, SmartWinnr found it prudent to keep its security systems on point and continuously monitored in order to ensure no vulnerabilities escaped undetected. 

Other motives behind searching for the right penetration testing tool included wanting better security automation, penetration testing for certifications, and checking their systems for vulnerabilities regularly.

Favorite Features

With Astra, they found the ideal platform for proactive threat mitigation. Features of note according to SmartWinnr are: 

  1. Automated Vulnerability Scanning

SmartWinnr found Astra’s regular vulnerability scans and assessments to be thorough, detailed, and time-saving. The automation devoted to AWS infrastructure testing was immensely helpful to the company in terms of saving time and money on manual testing.

  1. Analytics and Dashboard

The team found the dashboard easy to use to follow up on vulnerabilities found, queries, and alerts. They also found the vulnerability analytics provided by Astra’s dashboard to be useful in tackling and mitigating vulnerabilities.   

  1. Support Team

SmartWinnr found Astra’s support team to be quick in response, friendly, and above all, helpful. 

Results And Benefits

The number of vulnerabilities helped uncover- 49 

Astra Security scanned various assets of SmartWinnr finding a total of 49 vulnerabilities in its web, iOS, and Android applications as well as in their AWS infrastructure. The vulnerability scan resulted in the detection of 9 vulnerabilities in the SmartWinnr web application, 2 vulnerabilities in the iOS application, 12 in their Android application and lastly, 26 vulnerabilities in their AWS infrastructure. 17 vulnerabilities have been remediated with the aid of Astra’s vulnerability reports. 

The benefits gained by SmartWinnr through opting for Astra’s security testing services are: 

  1. Seamless automation of security.
  2. A proactive platform that detects, identifies, and helps mitigate vulnerabilities. 
  3. Elimination of the need for time-consuming manual pentesting of AWS infrastructure.
  4. Obtaining pentest certification showcasing their security-conscious approach.
  5. Continuous and thorough monitoring for vulnerabilities in the system. 

According to Laurent:
"As Astra is included in all Themecloud plans It has become a reason for potential customers to choose Themecloud over it's competitors as Themecloud offers security protection out of the box."
Key Highlights
Continuous Monitoring
Responsive Customer Support
Actionable Recommendations
Pentesting Certification
Favorite Features
Thorough Vulnerability Scans
Easy-to-Use Dashboard
Customizable VAPT Reports
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