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Vulnerabilities Found
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Antonio Romano,
VP, Solutions Engineering of Rebrandly

Established in 2015, Rebrandly provides a holistic link management platform to create substantial touchpoints between brands and their customers. Rebrandly’s link management services help users share, brand, track, and shorten URLs with recognizable links and customized domain names.  

The company does this by converting long indecipherable URLs into short links that feature the brand's own name, increasing content memorability, conversion, and brand awareness, unlike the case with short, generic URLs. 

Rebrandly allows brands to not only shorten links, but to seamlessly manage, edit, analyze, and control the links that they create and share at any time, even after the link has been published. World-renowned companies such as Lamborghini, Versace, Toyota, PayPal, and Zillow are all proud users of Rebrandly. 

With companies creating billions of links every day through social media, email marketing, SMS, and internal communications, having a centralized link management solution like Rebrandly allows for improved collaboration, performance, and safeguarding of a brand’s digital assets. 

Security and compliance are core to Rebrandly’s platform and commitment to customers. The company’s search for a pentesting solution to address its compliance requirements resulted in its choosing Astra Security. 

The Challenge

Being a company that deals with vast amounts of customer data and intellectual property, it was vital for Rebrandly to be compliant with various cybersecurity regulations such as SOC2 and GDPR to mitigate risks and liabilities for their global customers in more than 100 countries globally.

With a growing number of enterprise clients in compliance-aware industries, such as financial services, healthcare, and e-commerce, Rebrandly proactively sought to boost the company’s security and compliance protocols even further.

Rebrandly’s goal was to find a pentesting solution that would aid in the completion of their SOC2 audit by providing them with detailed documentation through initial penetration testing and subsequent performance reporting.

The company also required a tool that would keep their services constantly updated and secured, while simultaneously heading into a rapid stage of growth marked by the ongoing addition of large volumes of customers. 

Rebrandly supports its new and future customers by providing a world-class link management platform while leading the industry with its data privacy and security testing measures.

Swift operation, comprehensive manual and automated testing services, user-friendly dashboard access and visibility, real-time monitoring, and clear documentation styles are a few of the reasons that drew Rebrandly to Astra. 

Beloved Features

Having found the ideal security testing partner in Astra Pentest, features that Rebrandly found particularly beneficial include: 

  1. Expertise: Rebrandly found Astra’s proven track record of delivering high-quality penetration testing services to be best in class. 
  2. Comprehensive Pentesting: Astra’s wide range of test cases, techniques, and methodologies for the assessment of various facets of Rebrandly’s infrastructure was helpful in vulnerability identification and remediation. 
  3. Clear Reporting: Astra’s actionable reports with detailed insights into the identified vulnerabilities, such as their potential impact and recommended mitigation and remediation strategies, assisted Rebrandly with their compliance audit and asset security. 
  4. Prompt Response: Rebrandly found Astra’s response timings to be prompt with additional insights that allowed for the successful resolution and management of the vulnerability findings. 
  5. User-Friendly Dashboard: Astra's user-friendly dashboard made it easy for Rebrandly to follow up on detected vulnerabilities, queries, and real-time alerts thus helping in tackling and mitigating potential issues more efficiently. 

Results and Benefits

Total number of vulnerabilities helped uncover - 37 

A single manual scan accompanied by two rescans was carried out on all assets of Rebrandly. This resulted in the detection and identification of a total of 37 vulnerabilities.

Three vulnerabilities were identified in the API, one in the server, 7 in the web application, and 26 in their AWS infrastructure.


All the detected vulnerabilities were mitigated, resolved, and rescanned prior to Astra’s certification. 

The benefits reaped by Rebrandly through Astra’s pentest are: 

  1. Successful achievement of SOC2 audit’s stringent testing criteria. 
  2. Identification and resolution of pesky, hidden vulnerabilities. 
  3. Further securing company assets and customer data. 
  4. Obtaining a publicly verifiable pentest certificate from Astra Security.  

According to Laurent:
"As Astra is included in all Themecloud plans It has become a reason for potential customers to choose Themecloud over it's competitors as Themecloud offers security protection out of the box."
Key Highlights
Comprehensive penetration testing
User-friendly dashboard
Hacker-style manual scans
Achieved Astra's verifiable security certificate
Favorite Features
Expert Assessment
Clear Reporting Style
Prompt Response
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