Astra’s VAPT Secures Flex Databases

Vulnerabilities Found
1 Audit Done
Astra Security's responsive team and comprehensive testing helped Flex Databases achieve compliance faster than ever. Their wide range of tests uncovered vulnerabilities we might have missed, and their clear communication made remediation a breeze. Now, with Astra's verifiable pentest certificate in hand, we have peace of mind knowing our systems are secure.
Konstantin Ruchiy
Director, Information Technologies

Flex Databases, founded in 2011, is a global life sciences company that develops software for clinical trial management. Its systems comprise modules covering various aspects of clinical trial management, from safety and quality to project and finance management. 

Flex Databases' mission is to make clinical trial management systems flexible, unified, and hassle-free for users. The company is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, and has additional offices in Switzerland, the U.S., and Turkey.

Since 2011, the company has provided clinical trial management solutions to clients worldwide. This includes CRO's and sponsors from pharmaceutical companies, biotech, medical devices, and academic research. 


The Challenge

Flex Databases was looking for a manual and automated testing service to maintain compliance with HIPAA and GDPR. The company sought a solution that could provide information quickly and properly. Another requirement was to attain conformity certification to comply with GDPR and HIPAA. 

This led them to Astra Security, a modern, hassle-free pentesting solution for testing their assets. Ease of communication with the pentesting team, zero false positives, and Ci/CD integrations made Astra Security an immediate favorite with Flex Databases.

Beloved Features

What Flex Databases loved about Astra:

  1. Responsive Communication with the Security Team

Astra Security’s responsive team made it easy for Flex Databases to rely on its VAPT services, clear queries, remediate vulnerabilities, and achieve compliance much faster.

  1. Comprehensive Pentesting Of Assets

Astra’s wide range of test cases and techniques for assessing various Flex Databases assets were helpful in quick vulnerability identification and remediation. 

  1. Astra Penetration Test Certificate

Astra issued a pentest certificate after the vulnerabilities were remediated and rescanned to ensure safety.

Results and Benefits

The number of vulnerabilities helped uncover - 34

Flex Databases carried out a penetration test on four of its assets, which revealed 34 vulnerabilities. Penetration testing and timely detection of these vulnerabilities within Flex Databases assets saved them from a potential loss of nearly $1 million.

Flex Databases got the following benefits from the pentest with Astra Security: 

  1. Detection of 34 vulnerabilities and savings of $1 million in potential loss. 
  2. Hassle-free communication with Astra’s security team.  
  3. Obtaining a publicly verifiable pentest certificate from Astra Security.
According to Laurent:
"As Astra is included in all Themecloud plans It has become a reason for potential customers to choose Themecloud over it's competitors as Themecloud offers security protection out of the box."
Key Highlights
Astra’s Pentest Certificate
Ease Of Communication
Potential loss saved up to $1 million
Wide testing cases
Favorite Features
Vetted Scans
Expert Remediation Assistance
Compliance Scans
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