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Best VAPT Services [Astra Pentest]: Top Rated In India

Published on: August 23, 2022

Best VAPT Services [Astra Pentest]: Top Rated In India

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VAPT services i.e. vulnerability assessments and penetration testing are crucial in maintaining a strong security posture. But how to decide between them? What makes it important? What is the best VAPT services provider for it? This article answers it all!

VAPT Services

VAPT services are the processes undertaken to identify any loopholes within a security system, exploit them and find the extent of damages incurred. There are two main VAPT services, Vulnerability Assessments, and Penetration Tests.   

VAPT service providers generally provide automated vulnerability scans for the identification of vulnerabilities and in the case of a penetration test, this is followed by a thorough exploitation of the vulnerabilities found using manual and automated testing techniques to simulate an actual attack. 


Cybercrimes are seeing an unprecedented increase in the present, thus increasing the need for VAPT services. When choosing a VAPT services provider, you must keep in mind to consider the following factors: 

  • Experience: How well-established is the VAPT provider?
  • Services: Do they offer any additional features? 
  • Comprehensive scanner: Does the provider offer a powerful vulnerability scanner?
  • Compliance: What are the compliances they can help you to achieve?
  • Customer Care: Do they provide 24*7 query clearance and remediation support?

We shall discuss the best VAPT services provider, Astra Pentest, and its features in detail while expanding on the above-mentioned factors in the coming sections.

Best VAPT Service Provider – Astra Pentest

Astra's VAPT Process

Astra Pentest is a holistic VAPT services provider that offers both vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. Here are the features that make Astra Pentest the best VAPT service provider for you: 

1. Regular Penetration Tests

Astra does not limit its penetration tests to a single time. But rather offers it for a continuous period of time to ensure no new vulnerabilities develop after the initial one. Astra Pentest provides both manual and automated pentesting services that carry out more than 3000 tests to find and exploit vulnerabilities. 

The penetration testing is done using different strategies based on the assets that are targeted. Based on this, Astra provides the following penetration testing services

  1. Network Penetration Tests
  2. Web Application Penetration Tests
  3. Mobile Application Penetration Tests 
  4. API Penetration Tests
  5. Cloud Penetration Tests

The vulnerabilities found are exploited in a true hacker-style fashion so that the breach of security and its severity can be analyzed via simulation to implement appropriate patches. 

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2. Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanning

Astra boasts a highly comprehensive powerful scanner capable of detecting a wide range of vulnerabilities which a matched to a vulnerability database for conclusive identification. 

The database consists of known CVEs, OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities, and SANS 25 as well as newer vulnerabilities based on intel.

This scanner is also capable of detecting business logic errors and conducting scans behind logins. The results from the scan are double-checked and vetted to ensure zero false positives. 

3. Gap Analysis

Gap analyses are provided to customers who are in doubt about the type of services they require. It analyzes the security of the specified assets to find any gaps. 

Based on the results, recommendations are made for what type of services they require and the steps that needed to be taken to cover the gaps. 

4. Compliance-Specific Scans

Compliance-specific scans are those conducted based on the compliances selected by you according to your requirements. These scans find any possible areas of non-compliance within your organization and its assets. 

Along with this, it provides remediation measures to achieve compliance. The compliances scanned for by Astra include SOC2, ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. Compliance-specific scans help ensure that compliance is maintained by your organization to avoid hefty fines. 

5. Pocket-Friendly Pricing

Astra Pentest’s VAPT pricing starts at $99 per month to the most extensive yearly package just costing $4500. For the features offered by it, the pricings are extremely affordable. 

The pricing is customizable based on your needs and requirements, however, the pricing for standard web application pentesting goes as such: 

Scanner: $99/ monthly or $1,188/ yearly

Expert: $166/ monthly or $1,999/ yearly

Pentest: $4,500 yearly.

6. Pentesting Certificate

Astra pentest provides a publicly verifiable certificate upon the successful completion of the below steps: 

  1. A holistic penetration test of your asset is its APIs, cloud, networks, or web and mobile applications. 
  2. Remediation of the vulnerabilities found within the tests. 
  3. Rescanning of the system to ensure there are no additional vulnerabilities. 

Once these steps are complete the customer is eligible for the certificate. This can be published on one’s website to increase its reliability and promote its security first nature thus attracting more clients. 

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7. 24*7 Customer Care

Astra provides round-the-clock customer support to its clients for query clearance and remediation measures through emails, calls, POC videos, and chats. This gives the customer the chance to raise questions that will be answered in a timely fashion by experts without any delay.

Astra's Amazing Web App

8. Easy-to-use Dashboard

Astra has a CXO and developer-friendly dashboard that displays the vulnerabilities detected in real-time with their information, severity scores, and measures for patching. The dashboard also has a comment option under each vulnerability to raise any vulnerability-specific query which can be answered by the expert pentesters in the team. 

 The dashboard also allows collaboration between the pentesters and the development team who can be added to the dashboard to work together for the quick and easy fixing of vulnerabilities.

9. Detailed Report

Astra detailed reports are perfect for remediation and also for documentation purposes like for an audit. It explains the details of the scoping, rules of engagement, and lists out the vulnerabilities found from vulnerability scanning as well as the methods of exploitation used. 

Along with this, the information on each vulnerability with its remediation measures and CVSS scores are clearly mentioned in the report for the benefit of the target organization. 

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10. CI/CD Integrations

The tool can be integrated into your organization’s CI/CD pipeline, thus helping your organization and its projects move from DevOps to the more secure, DevSecOps approach. Integrations are available with Slack, GitHub, GitLab, and more.  

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Factors That Make VAPT Services Important?

Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing VAPT services are deemed important for the following crucial reasons. 

Increased Security

Both vulnerability assessments and penetration tests help with the continued upkeep and further implementation of security measures based on their results. The results help companies implement the measures of remediation that can result in further heightened security.

Find Vulnerabilities

Out of the two VAPT services, vulnerability assessments helps in the scanning of security systems to find vulnerabilities that can be fixed based on their risk prioritization. 

Penetration tests go a step further and are more exhaustive as it also helps understand the extent of damage that can be caused by every vulnerability if they were exploited by a hacker. 

Maintain Compliance

Companies must maintain compliance with the various regulatory standards based on the industry to which they belong. These can be HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and others. If not maintained, they risk heavy penalties or at times even criminal charges. 

Reliability and Trustworthiness

Making use of VAPT services regularly can make your organization more security conscious which will result in better revenues based on the reliability and trustworthiness of the services offered by you. 

The best way to ensure this is by periodically employing VAPT services to ensure that your security systems are completely up to date with all areas of improvement work.    

Cost Effectiveness

Employing a VAPT service provider is much, much more cost and time effective since if this isn’t done it can later cost a fortune if an actual breach occurs and needs to be circumvented. The adage that prevention is better than cure best explains this scenario.  

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How To Choose Between Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Tests?

Vulnerability assessments are the processes where security systems are scanned for vulnerabilities. These are then corrected based on the report generated after the completion of an assessment. 

A penetration test is a process where a vulnerability scan takes place but after this, the found vulnerabilities are exploited thoroughly to learn the extent of damage that can be caused by them if an actual attack occurs. 

Penetration tests are more intrusive, time taking, and comparatively expensive in nature when compared to vulnerability assessments. Therefore you have to consider your needs, is it for a security check-up? Or for security audits? Or to achieve compliance? 

Based on these needs, one can decide between the VAPT services. However, penetration tests are the better option owing to their comprehensiveness. 

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How To Choose The Best VAPT Service Provider?

1. Experience

Consider the experience of the VAPT service provider. Are they long-standing, well-established VAPT service providers or relatively new to the field? 

This helps you understand the reliability and trustworthiness of the services offered by them. You can also obtain information from reviews to understand how other customers found their user experience with this provider to be to arrive at a satisfactory choice. 

2. Services

Does the company only offer vulnerability scanning? Do they provide both the VAPT services? Can the test different assets like networks, cloud, APIs, and web or mobile applications? Do they offer any additional features like business logic error detection? Or scans behind logins?

3. Powerful Scanner

How comprehensive a scanner do they use to detect vulnerabilities within your organization’s asset security? Does it test for all known CVEs, OWASP Top 10, SANS 25, and other vulnerabilities? Does the scanner abide by various frameworks like NIST and or  OWASP? Consider these questions for the vulnerability scanner when narrowing your VAPT options. 

4. Customer Care

Make sure the VAPT provider ensures 24*7 customer support for query clearance as well in case of doubts regarding vulnerability remediation. This is important as it leaves a last good impression with the customer when support is provided immediately and by expert pentesters who can give out reliable information. 

5. Compliance

Ensure that the company can conduct compliance-specific scans to find the status of your organization’s compliance with various regulatory standards like HIPAA, SOC2, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, and GDPR to name a few. 


This article has mentioned the best VAPT services provider, Astra Pentest, and explained all the features that make it the top provider. But, how do you choose between the two VAPT services i.e., vulnerability assessments and penetration tests? Understanding the functions of each process and your needs can help in pinpointing the right solution for you.  

Lastly, a common doubt when it comes to choosing a VAPT service provider is how one can arrive at a decision. Well, this has been made easy for you through a series of factors to look for in a good tool. 

So make the right choice today and obtain your very own VAPT service provider to keep your security safe and sound. 

What are some of the open-source VAPT tools?

The best open source VAPT tools are Burp Suite, OWASP ZAP, and Nmap.

Difference between VA and PT in VAPT?

Vulnerability assessment provides a holistic scan of all the security measures in place where as penetration tests provides an in-depth view into each of the vulnerabilities found. 

What is the last phase in VAPT?

The last phase in VAPT is the remediation of vulnerabilities. This is done based on the report generated at the end of the vulnerability assessments and penetration tests and prioritized based on their CVSS scores. 

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