It's one small security loophole v/s your Opencart store.

99.7% websites have atleast one vulnerability. Find your website's weaknesses and patch them up before it hurts your business. Get a security audit with 1250+ tests, right now!
Built by the team that has helped secure:
Phishing & social hacks
Bad Bots
SQL injection
Plugin vulnerabilities

Your Opencart store is not as safe as you think.

Risky third-party integrations, outdated scripts, software vulnerabilities: these are just a few ways in which your Opencart can be hacked and your data stolen.

Get your Opencart tested by a team of qualified experts and uncover weaknesses in your security. Secure your Opencart before it is too late.

Get your Opencart checked & strengthen your defenses

Discover and repair all vulnerabilities on your site through detailed security scan, business logic testing and all-round security assessment

Let an expert team find the gaps in your security

Astra's dedicated engineers and software experts will uncover any and all security issues for you. With over 1250+ tests catering to your special needs, no flaw will be left undetected.

Astra carried out a security audit on our digital application which is a solution that allows companies to manage their whistleblower system. Due to the sensitive nature of the information that is processed in the application, we wanted to identify all possible security loopholes.
I am very satisfied with the result and the recommendations of the audit report. It was an eye opener. We were able to optimize the security of the app to meet the expectations of our customers.

— Olivier Trupiano
Vulnerabilities Found
Olivier's Case Study
Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Right mix of automated scanning by our intelligent engine & manual testing by our security experts to uncover all possible loopholes in your web app. Our hack style pentesting covers all major security standards around the globe including OWASP, SANS, CERT, PCI, ISO27001 etc.

Payment Manipulation Testing

Discover the flaws in your checkout portal and payment gateway to protect your website from credit card hacks, formjacking, price manipulation vulnerabilities and more.

Patch up vulnerabilities

Know what you need to strengthen to make your website 100% hacker-proof. We'll provide a detailed reports with step by step PoC and detailed information on how to fix flaws with code/configuration examples!

Static & dynamic code analysis

With testing based on OWASP Testing Methodologies and the OWASP Testing Framework, we'll perform over 1250+ tests that'll reveal the Achilles heel within your code.

Server Infrastructure Testing & DevOps

Audit existing configurations, ensure encryption & safe data storage, optimize DevOps processes and make sure your data never gets breached.

Keep in the loop with an intuitive dashboard

See vulnerabilities reported live and communicate with our expert team directly through the dashboard. Request a rescan after patch-up and make sure your site is safe.

Automatic Pentest & Scanning Engine

Our ever evolving list of tests ensure that your website is tested against latest vulnerabilities, before hackers come finding for them. Schedule pentests from your Astra dashboard to continuously test your website against latest exploits. We work closely with security community to strengthen our detection engine.

Business Logic Testing

Your website is susceptible to price manipulation and privilege escalation. Hackers could be bypassing security restrictions and accessing unauthorized information. With business logic testing, we probe into all this and more.

Test for known CVEs

Following the VAPT process, we will diagnose any security defect and common vulnerability that hackers can exploit and use to harm your business.

Issues Found

Plug the holes in your code that let hackers in.

You have a great application, written by skilled developers with years of coding experience. But your developers are writing functional code. Not secure code. And this could cost you everything.

Our experts specialise in tightening your code to make it impermeable to malware and hackers. We're the security team you needed but never had.

Build trust among your customers and partners with a security certificate

A secure application calls for some bragging. After our engineers verify you’ve fixed the uncovered vulnerabilities, we issue a safe-to-host certificate. This helps inspire confidence among your customers and partners.


Uncover Vulnerabilities to protect your site

Don't settle for a 'lazy generic pdf report' to uncover vulnerabilities and further conveying it to your developers to patch them up.

Discover how you're going to patch vulnerabilities and amend fixes with our intuitive dashboard & our security testing methodology.

Security that follows top industry standards

Our security suite with all it's offerings complies with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards. Rock-solid security along with proper compliance all under one roof.

We’ve been using Astra for almost a year now & can’t imagine our websites without it. Astra is an absolute must have security tool which not only protects you but helps you keep your website secure by their regular malware scans & security audits. The excellent combination of real-time protection and regular security audits has strengthened our security many fold.

Vinish Vijayan
(IT Manager), Muthooth Finance
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Threats Blocked

Security that comes without a 100 emails, 250 google searches and painstaking PDFs.

You want complete security—but not at the cost of precious team hours over boring procedures.

Astra's VAPT dashboard does everything for you. It puts all your security data in one place!

Get easy, accessible reports that you can interpret at a glance with our simple VAPT dashboard.

Collaborate with developers from within the dashboard.

Get detailed steps on bug fixing tailored to your issues and know exactly how to reproduce vulnerabilities with video PoCs and selenium scripts.

Interact directly with our security engineers from the dashboard and get help whenever you need it.

Here’s how it works

Sign-up in 2 mins
Sign up for a Security Audit from the website or purchase an Audit from the Astra Dashboard.
Map out Scope
Map out the Audit scope and add tailored tests according to application’s technology stack.
We start the assessment
We start performing vulnerability assessment and share access to your audit dashboard.
Fix issues with your developers
We’ll report vulnerabilities in your dashboard. Collaborate with your developer in fixing them.
We’ll do a re-test
After the vulnerabilities are fixed, we’ll do a re-test to ensure everything is 100% secure.
Get your certificate of security
Get a security certification from Astra to build trust with your customers and partners!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VAPT?

Vulnerability Assessment identifies and lists all existing vulnerabilities in your website. On the other hand, Penetration Testing focuses more on how each of these vulnerabilities could be exploited.

For example, consider a thief trying to enter your house to rob you and you want to take security pre-measures so that the thief won’t be able to enter your house.

Here, vulnerability assessment (VA) is similar to making sure you have all your house windows and doors closed. And penetration testing (PT) is similar to checking the strength or any weaknesses of your windows or doors so that even if a thief tries to enter he won’t find any entry points to enter into your house and you can have a worriless sleep.

What does VAPT Include?

- Identify and fix security flaws in your website.
- It gives you a holistic view of misconfigured integrations - -implemented within a site.
- Penetration testing emulates real-life attack scenarios and helps in mitigating risks.
- It can help you in achieving certain compliance requirements such as GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and more.
- It enables you to uncover potential vulnerabilities in your site.
- It can save you from legal consequences and hefty penalties under data security policies.
- It helps in preparing your security team to cope up with a real-life cyber attack

Do I need to make an upfront payment?

Yes, a security audit is an in-depth exercise that requires hours of effort of human & technology resources. That’s why an upfront payment is expected.

Till what time I can ask for assistance for fixing?

You start seeing vulnerabilities reported by us from the day testing is started. You can ask for support in fixing the vulnerabilities for 30-days, starting from the day our engineers finish testing. During these 30 days, our engineers will be available to work with you or your developers and assist them in fixing bugs via the comment system of our dashboard. At any point, if the engineers feel that there is a need for a chat, they’ll be happy to talk to you over a chat too.

Will there be any downtime or anything that I should be prepared for the website testing?

Yes, a security audit is an in-depth exercise that requires hours of effort of human & technology resources. That’s why an upfront payment is expected.

Can I request a re-scan to check if the vulnerability is patched?

Definitely, once you’ve fixed the vulnerabilities you can request a scan simply by clicking a button on your dashboard. Following which, our engineers are notified and they plan a re-scan. If you are a business plan customer, you get a re-scan every month. If you’ve opted for a security audit separately then one re-scan is available to you.

Does the security audit/VAPT work only on certain technology?

Not at all, the security audit and VAPT are agnostic of the technology stack and work well on all websites.

Do you work with our developer in patching the vulnerabilities?

Yes, for sure. We assist your developers in fixing the vulnerabilities reported. Your developer can comment under each vulnerability if they have any questions regarding the fixation process.

How to choose a VAPT company?

The main role of a VAPT service provider is to reveal all the underlying security vulnerabilities in your website. Always check for:
- # of tests
- VAPT methodology
- Depth of Penetration testing Report
- Video POCs
- Qualification of security engineers
- Certifications