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Comprehensive Penetration Testing Report – Astra Security

Updated on: November 11, 2020

Comprehensive Penetration Testing Report – Astra Security

From sensitive financial data to your most trivial of the databases, everything is a click away. But, when we talk about the internet, threats to your data and business come with it. Penetration Testing report gives you a complete overview of your website vulnerabilities with a POC (Proof of Concept)

In this scenario, it becomes crucial to identify and close the vulnerabilities before a hacker gets to exploit them. Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and Penetration Testing (PT) come in as your savior in such a situation because it can test your network or website to detect any security flaws.

VA helps you to identify a weakness in your system and PT is the testing technique that tells you how a particular vulnerability can be exploited to impact your system. So, VA gives you a list of what is wrong with your system and the Penetration Testing report tells you how severe it is.

From software vulnerabilities to risky third party integrations, there are numerous ways in which your website and systems can get hacked. This impending hack can have a wide range of consequences, from stolen data to unauthorized access.

In order to safeguard your business, it becomes very important to check the security level of your network and publish a penetration testing report to gauge your next steps.

Importance of Penetration Testing Report for Business

A cyber attack can not only pose a serious security issue, but it also has a severe impact on your business and its reputation.

The worst part is, the possibility of attracting bad guys on the internet does not depend upon the size of your organization. While the smaller organizations are perceived to be easier to hack, the large enterprises have data as their gold mine, making them an attractive prey. So, irrespective of the nature of organization, VAPT is the must have security measure that you should adopt to.

But, what is the business implication of a Penetration Testing Report along with security aspects?

There are a plenty. But, we will discuss our top three.

Adherence to Security Benchmarks

Depending upon the country of your operation, there are a number of security benchmarks that your organisation needs to adhere to. In order to comply with those benchmarks, you need a penetration testing report handy, as and when required.

Building trust

Every brand is a story that customers and clients connect to. There is a deep rooted trust that binds your brand to the clients and customers. However, according to a research, about 59% of the customers live under a fear of their personal data being vulnerable. Also, over 54% of them believe that the companies don’t work for their best interest.VAPT exercise, when conducted frequently can help you build that trust among your most important stakeholders so that feel comfortable, when doing business with you. These stakeholders can be anyone from investors to your end customer.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Penetration Testing Report can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation profile of your network, applications or website. For the higher management, this acts like a single piece of document that they need to act upon and tackle the business risks.

Penetration Testing Report by Astra

Since one security loophole can bring your entire business down, you should get your website checked to strengthen your defenses. The team of experts at Astra can help your business uncover every existing security issue and make your network flawless.

Key Highlights of Astra’s Penetration Testing Report

Astra’s Penetration Testing Report has the following key features:

  1. Payment Manipulation Testing This testing will scan your website for the vulnerabilities pertaining to credit card hacks, price manipulation and more
  2. Patch up Vulnerabilities For every flaw, there is a solution and that is exactly what we will do for you.
  3. Static and Dynamic Code analysis OWASP testing methodologies are used to perform over 1250+ tests that will reveal each and everything that is wrong with your code
  4. Server Infrastructure Testing DevOps processes are optimized to ensure that the data never gets breached.
  5. Network Devices Configuration Each of your network devices, from firewalls to switches and servers are tested against known CVEs to see any point of security failure.

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These features can be categorized into the type of issue that has been identified, as shown in the sample from one of Astra’s penetration testing reports.

Penetration Testing Report
Categorization of issues in Astra’s VAPT report

In Conclusion

The COVID era has drastically changed how businesses work. It has also seen more mature and advanced hackers. In order to protect your business against any threat, it is of extreme importance to perform VAPT regularly.

There are experts who can help you with it and Astra takes pride in being the perfect partner who can stop the crime. Give your organization the Astra to fight cybercriminals and get a quote for Penetration Testing Report, today.

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