Astra ensures safety for Olivier Trupiano, while he does business

Vulnerabilities Found
4 Audits Done
Olivier Trupiano,
Founder & CEO (Signalement)

About Olivier

Olivier Trupiano is the CEO & Founder of Signalement, a Paris based software firm that offers a multifunctional SaaS platform for managing personalized ethical alerts - compliant with Sapin 2 Law and GDPR.

Being an expert in the compliance & auditing field for more than ten years, Olivier created Signalement.Net back in 2016 to offer a fully secure and tailor-made operational solution for the companies and organizations to manage their internal alert system with ease.

To make his platform fully secure and to maintain confidentiality & integrity for his customers from different industries, Olivier had benchmarked Astra Security and few other security audit providers to report and share potential security issues within his platform. After the detailed evaluation of an audit’s depth, breadth, scope, and pricing, he decided to go with Astra Security.

It's been over three years since Olivier has been working with Astra security’s platform to find security vulnerabilities in his system. And, to guide his team of developers to fix those vulnerabilities based on the recommendations provided in the audit report.

The Challenge

Owing to the nature of his business that regularly deals with sensitive client information, ethical alerts, whistleblower's information, and other data, Olivier needed Signalement to be secure at all times. Any vulnerability would have been a disaster not only for his own business but the repercussions could have extended to his clients as well. Signalement is also tied to legal compliances to keep all such data secure and confidential for its clients.

On top of this, Olivier’s business is based out of Europe which means there are several other stricter data privacy and compliance laws he needed to oblige. To thwart all possibilities of a data breach, he wanted a company that could do a regular security audit and report existing vulnerabilities in his system. That's how he chanced upon Astra Security three years back and there has been no looking back.

According to Olivier:" I am very satisfied with the result and the recommendations of the audit report. It was an eye opener. We were able to optimize the security of the app to meet the expectations of our customers."

Results & Benefits

Number of vulnerabilities helped patch - 49

For Olivier, Astra Security has become his go-to security service provider. Security engineers at Astra Security ensure that his platform is secured from any vulnerabilities while he focuses on other aspects of his business.

Till today, Astra Security team has conducted 4 security audits for Signalement.Net and found 55 potential vulnerabilities. The team also collaborated with his development team to help patch 49 of these vulnerabilities.

Olivier's main concern was the security of his website and data. Periodic and timely security audits done by Astra on Signalement has maintained its security quite remarkably so far. Time after time, with each security audit that Astra engineers conducted for his platform, Olivier got to know about security flaws on his platform and his development team would fix it soon after it was reported.


  • Olivier’s whistleblowing and compliance platform became more secure after regular conducting security audits.
  • A successful security audit certificate provided to him by Astra Security helped Oliver in winning new clients and establishing more trust among his existing ones.
  • Better peace of mind is achieved knowing that all the gaps in his platform have been identified and fixed with the help of security experts.
  • Maintaining whistleblowing anonymity for his clients as well as ensuring GDPR & Sapin 2 compliance at the same time is attained.

According to Laurent:
"As Astra is included in all Themecloud plans It has become a reason for potential customers to choose Themecloud over it's competitors as Themecloud offers security protection out of the box."
Key Highlights
Tailored security audit
Expert outsider assessment
Olivier's Rating of Astra: 5 stars
Customers felt secure with Astra
Favorite Features
Interactive video reports
Hacker style security testing
Intuitive dashboard to manage vulnerabilities
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