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Astra Pentest Certificate- How It Helps Your Organization 

Updated on: December 11, 2023

Astra Pentest Certificate- How It Helps Your Organization 

Article Summary

This article aims to enlighten you on what an Astra Pentest Certificate is and the benefits of having it in your organization’s arsenal. We also mention the steps you need to take to achieve this verifiable certificate from Astra’s Pentest Suite. Intrigued? Keep reading!

With cybercrimes seeing an unprecedented rise, it is no surprise that every budding business and established enterprise sees safety as an utmost priority. This is even more important seeing how every company is now aware of the stringent rules and regulations like HIPAA and PCI-DSS that are being placed to ensure data security. 

If you belong to this category, then you may be wondering how to go about ensuring the safety and compliance of your organization. Well, the simple solution is pentesting. Pentest refers to conducting hacker-style exploits on your organization’s security system to find any and every vulnerability lurking within it. Reports from such pentests can help your organization implement and improve your security game resulting in a high level of protection.

Now, what if as an added bonus to staying current on your security, you get a verifiable certificate stating the same? Score on two counts isn’t it. Well, this is exactly what you get with Astra Pentest Certificate. This article will tell you all about why the Astra pentest certificate is valuable to your organization and how to go about getting one for yourself. 

Importance Of A Pentest And Who Needs It

Regardless of which sector your company belongs to, be it healthcare, information technology,  finance, or telecommunications a common factor that pops up is the copious amounts of data your organization stores and transfers. This could be client data or application related information or something that is equally important.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that you would want to protect the relevant information from any harm like data breaches, theft, or deletion by hackers. Here pentests become important as they can give you a clear hacker-like point of view of your organization’s security system. This helps you find vulnerabilities and fix them as soon as possible thereby mitigating any harmful exploits. 

Another reason why pentesting is vital is due to the fact that it allows organizations to stay compliant with their industry standards like HIPAA, SOC2, PCI-DSS, and ISO 27001 to name a few. Regular pentests ensure that mitigative measures are always up-to-date and that there are no hidden vulnerabilities compromising your security and threatening your organization’s data safety. 

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What Is An Astra Pentest Certificate?

Astra Pentest Certificate is a publicly verifiable safe-to-host certificate that is provided by Astra Security upon the successful remediation of all the vulnerabilities found during your organization’s security pentest.   

Astra's Pentest Procedure
Astra’s Pentest Procedure

How To Achieve An Astra Pentest Certificate?

Astra pentest certificate can be obtained by your organization by following the below steps: 

  1. Pentest: Get an in-depth security pentest done with Astra’s Pentest Suite to find any vulnerabilities and loopholes within your company’s security system. The pentest packages at Astra come at various prices and the pentest certificate is provided for the Expert and Elite plans. 
  2. Fixing Vulnerabilities: Once you receive your comprehensive pentest report, the next step is to fix the vulnerabilities mentioned within the report as soon as possible. Make sure to focus on the vulnerabilities that have a high, critical, or medium CVSS severity risk score as they pose the biggest threats to your security. 
  3. Re-Scan: Get another pentest done to ensure that the fixes placed for the initial vulnerabilities are secure and haven’t given rise to other loopholes in the process. Such scans can be done freely based on the package you have opted for and should ideally be done right after vulnerability fixing.
  4. Continuous Vulnerability Scans: Periodically undergo vulnerability scans to ensure that your company’s security system is vulnerability free and compliant. Such vulnerability scans should also include behind-the-login scans and CI/CD integrations.

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How Does The Astra Pentest Certificate Help?

Astra Pentest certificate helps all the verticals of a business:

  • By helping assess and strengthen the company’s security posture
  • By helping establish authenticity and credibility in your business.
  • Through public verifiability of the certificate which can then be displayed on your website. 
  • By building trust among your business partners and customers, as it is only received after fixing all vulnerabilities found during a pentest. 
  • By helping your customers by letting them know that your business is maintaining its compliance. 
  • Proves to be an excellent point to pitch during sales as most enterprises often ask for proof of regular pentesting. 
  • Your organization comes to be known for its security-conscious posture, a highly desirable trait for any business as clients often look for security-aware organizations nowadays. 
  • By helping other companies start thinking about security, its implementation, and testing more proactively.

How Long Is The Astra Pentest Certificate Valid?

Astra Pentest certificate is valid for 180 days from when it is received. However, this period can be extended if regular vulnerability scans, pentests, and vulnerability fixing are planned and done at a higher frequency.

Here is a sample of what an Astra Pentest Certificate looks like. 

Astra Pentest Certificate Verification

How Is It Different From A Pentest Report?

While a pentest report state all the vulnerabilities found during a vulnerability scan or pentest, it doesn’t check whether your organization has taken the steps to mitigate them. Pentest reports are also highly comprehensive documents that are never put up on a website as such. This is because they’re only one part of the solution. The other part is the remediation of the vulnerabilities found. 

Only upon fixing the initial set of vulnerabilities found during a pentest and verifying it with further vulnerability scans and pentest will you be eligible to receive the Astra Pentest Certificate. This certificate is concise, website-worthy, and states that your company’s security has been thoroughly scanned and cleared of vulnerabilities. 

What Are The Features Of Astra’s Pentest?

Astra’s Pentest Suite provides a host of features that makes it an essential choice for your organization’s security assessment. Let us check them out in further detail down below: 

  1. Expert Security Testing

Astra provides security testing that is uniquely tailored to the requirements of your company’s security. The testing follows NIST, OWASP, and CREST methodologies and tests for all vulnerabilities under SANS 25. 

Astra’s pentest also tests for compliance with PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, and GDPR regulatory standards. With over 8000+ tests that are done, Astra’s pentesting also guarantees the finding of any business logic errors and also has a zero false-positive assurance.  

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  1. User-Friendly Dashboard

Astra has a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows users to get detailed information on the vulnerabilities found within their security system. 

They can also add collaborators like developers to fix the issues found through Astra’s pentesting thus providing the ultimate ground for easy communication and management of vulnerabilities reported in real-time. 

  1. Fixing Recommendations

Astra’s pentest reports not only include a detailed list of the vulnerabilities found but also provide you with mitigative strategies to help patch them too. 

They also provide video proof of concepts (POCs) to keep you updated on discovered flaws. You can also re-scan once the vulnerabilities are fixed to ensure that there are no further vulnerabilities. 

  1. Astra’s Pentest Certificate

As mentioned earlier, upon completion of the pentest and the remediation of the vulnerabilities found during it, companies are eligible for a publicly verifiable certificate. This shall be provided once a re-scan is done to ensure the soundness of the fixes done to correct flaws in the security system. 

  1. Full-Time Support

The team at Astra is comprised of well-qualified experts with diverse educational backgrounds and years of experience with security testing. With great communicative and collaborative skills, Astra’s pentesters can guide you every step of the way. 

Thus ensuring that from pentest to vulnerability fix, your organization’s security remains secure. You can reach through the dashboard by commenting under a vulnerability or get on one-one call if the need arises. 

  1. Affordable Prices

Astra’s Pentest comes in various price packages for you to choose from with monthly and yearly subscription options. The price ranges from $199 monthly or $1,999 for the scanner plan, $5,999 for the pentest plan scan, and $7,999 for the enterprise plan. All the prices are customizable according to your needs.

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Testimonials From Companies That Received Astra Pentest Certificate

1. ServerGuy

Founded by Arun Bansal, ServerGuy is a global cloud hosting provider offering hosting solutions for WordPress and Magento to over 5000 businesses all over the world. Having founded the company in 2009, Arun was always security conscious, and over the years this benchmark set them as the top choice for hosting solutions. 

To make the platform even more secure and meet compliance requirements, Arun chose Astra to conduct a security audit for his platform to ensure its impenetrability and safety from any possible data breaches and loss, account hijacking, insufficient due diligence, and infections.  

With Astra’s security audit, 8 potential vulnerabilities were found within the ServerGuy platform. These vulnerability issues were patched as a collaborative effort between the in-house development team at ServerGuy and Astra’s Security team. 

Arun, CEO, and Founder of ServerGuy found Astra Security’s dashboard to be easy to use and highly collaborative with regard to asking questions and receiving direct responses from the security engineer. All vulnerabilities were found and fixed seamlessly, with the aid of POC videos provided by Astra. 

ServerGuy was provided with Astra Pentest Certificate for completing the security audit and taking the necessary steps to patch the vulnerabilities found. This helped them win additional clients and increase trust for their security within their existing clientele. It also helped him achieve peace of mind knowing that all potential loopholes have been discovered and patched successfully with the help of Astra’s security experts. 

“Folks at Astra uncovered multiple critical vulnerabilities on my client’s website. They are super professional and the communication is crystal clear. I couldn’t be happier”

– Arun

2. Signalement

Signalement is a Paris-based software firm providing a multifunctional SaaS platform for managing personalized ethical alerts. Founder and CEO Olivier Trupiano, an expert in the field of compliance and auditing with more than 10 years of experience, created Signalement.Net in 2016. It is a tailor-made, fully secure solution for companies to manage their internal alert systems with ease. 

As a part of maintaining compliance in terms of full security, confidentiality, and integrity for his customers, Olivier opted for Astra Security’s security audits based on its scope, pricing, and depth. For three years now Signalement.Net has been working with Astra Security to find vulnerabilities. 

Over the three-year span, a total of 4 audits have been conducted from which 55 potential vulnerabilities were identified. Out of these 49 vulnerabilities were patched in mutual collaboration with the Signalement’s development team and the security team at Astra. 

Oliver Trupiano Reviews Astra Security

For Olivier, such an audit was crucial since his platform regularly deals with sensitive client and whistleblower information, and ethical alerts, and therefore also needs to be compliant with stricter European compliances like Sapin 2 Law and GDPR. Any repercussions would have been disastrous not only to him but to his clients as well.  

With continuous audits from Astra Security, Olivier was reassured that Signalement was more secure from having fixed all the vulnerabilities found through the security audits. Additionally, a successful Astra Pentest Certificate was provided to Olivier for conducting regular audits and fixing the vulnerabilities found. This helped them stay compliant and also gain more clients due to the platform’s security-conscious stand. 

“I am very satisfied with the result and the recommendations of the audit report. It was an eye-opener. We were able to optimize the security of the app to meet the expectations of our customers.”

– Olivier

Final Thoughts

We have covered all the aspects of how you can get yourself an Astra Pentest Certificate here in this article. From who can get it, how you can obtain it to its plethora of uses and validity period, this article mentions it all for the benefit of your organization. It is an easy feat that is highly recommended and rewarding in every way for your business to flourish even further. 

1. What is the validity period of the Astra Pentest Certificate?

An Astra Pentest Certificate is valid for 180 days from the date it’s issued for the client.

2. Is a pentest certificate equivalent to a compliance certificate?

Pentest certificates are an assurance that a successful pentest has been conducted and that all the vulnerabilities have been fixed. Whereas a compliance certificate is only given if a system meets all the criteria put forth by regulatory standards, like ISO 27001 or PCI-DSS. While a pentest certificate helps in meeting compliance, it is not the same as a compliance certificate.

3. Which pentest packages provide an Astra Pentest Certificate upon completion of pentest and re-scan?

Astra Pentest Certificate is provided with the Pentest and Elite packages for a web application, network, mobile app, API, and cloud infrastructure penetration testing.

Nivedita James Palatty

Nivedita is a technical writer with Astra who has a deep love for knowledge and all things curious in nature. An avid reader at heart she found her calling writing about SEO, robotics, and currently cybersecurity.
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