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Crypto Malware Website Infection on a Rise: Redirects Website Users to Malicious Sites & Infects Their Computers

Cryptocurrencies have been the fad of 2017. This year further witnessed the massive rise of Bitcoins and a rampant emergence of various other cryptocurrencies worldwide. What's more, even online attacks worldwide demanded ransom in the form of bitcoins. Lately, in another rampant online attack, more than 2000 Wordpress websites have been compromised of user credentials by crypto malware to mine cryptocurrency. The hackers…

Drupal Vulnerability: Highly Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Found

Occupying a significant market share in Content Management Systems (CMS) used to develop websites, after Wordpress and Joomla, Drupal is a highly sought after CMS by major businesses and government organizations including the White House. Drupal is arguably the most secure CMS as it strictly adheres to online software standards (OWASP). While Drupal has gained prominence with the developers, it embodies an active…