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5 Top Penetration Testing Companies in India [Reviewed]

Updated on: August 16, 2023

5 Top Penetration Testing Companies in India [Reviewed]

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This article talks about the penetration testing services India, the factors that are involved in choosing the right tool, and the top methodologies opted by them. Most importantly the article discusses the top 5 penetration testing tools and their features, so keep reading folks!

Penetration testing services are largely preferred by most companies nowadays owing to their comprehensive and exploitive nature in finding vulnerabilities and the damage it inflicts. 

India with its exponentially growing number of companies within any given industry is largely in need of such services to keep their organizations as secure as possible. Penetration testing services in India is a necessity for all data-driven companies in the country. 

This article is a comprehensive tell-all for all things penetration testing services India-related. From the factors in choosing the right company to the top 5 tools and their details, this article talks about all you need to know and more. 

Comparison table of Penetration testing companies in India

S. No. Penetration Testing Company in IndiaServices Offered
1.Astra SecurityPenetration Testing (Cloud, Networks, API, Mobile), Continuous Vulnerability Scanning, CI/CD Integrations, Astra Pentest Certificate, Zero False Positives, Compliance-Specific Scans
3.IntruderAutomated Scanning and Prioritization of Results, Integrations possible.
4.IndusfaceZero-day Protection, Compliance Checks, Vulnerability Detection.
5.eSec ForteExpert Security Guidance, Helps achieve Compliance

Factors In Choosing The Right Penetration Testing Service In India

A plethora of thoughts and requirements go into a decision when it comes to choosing the right penetration testing services in India. 

1. Services Offered

What kind of pentesting services does the company usually offer? Can they meet the requirements needed by your organization? Do you require pentesting services to achieve or check your organization’s compliance status? 

Different companies specialize in different kinds of pentesting services which include mobile, network, cloud, and web application penetration testing among others. Which of these services do you require? 

Not every company provides an exhaustive list of compliance scans like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, SOC 2, and more. So when choosing it is vital to make sure that the compliances you require can be scanned for by the right penetration testing service. 

2. Company Experience

Ensure that the list of companies you have narrowed down are those with a considerable amount of experience in the type of penetration you require. Companies that have years of experience nearing 5-10 years will be more knowledgeable on how to meet the client’s requirements. 

Experience generally goes hand in hand with reputation. However, some newer companies may offer better-updated services than those offered by older companies that may not have the current level of services required and thus have a better reputation. 

A company’s reputation can be discerned through the reviews it has online or for a more reliable recommendation, by enquiring with some of its customers directly. 

3. Customer support

The hallmark of good penetration testing service lies in the customer care provided to them. Timely clarification of any doubts and queries by the customers, and provision of 24*7 assistance on any security matter are some of the qualities of good customer care. 

Do the expert pentesters provide POC videos once the vulnerabilities are identified? Do they help provide easy-to-follow steps for remediation of the vulnerabilities? Understanding these services ensures that your organization will have the right guidance throughout the service. 

4. Pricing

What are the pricing options put forth by the penetration testing providers? Are the prices economical and budget-friendly? Can the packages be customized according to the needs of the customers or are they set packages?

Comparison of prices and features is extremely important before coming to a decision according to the resource your organization has set aside for the penetration testing service. 

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5. Firm Size 

What is the size and number of employees within your organization? Is it a small, medium, or large-sized company? Can the penetration testing service provider cater to an organization of this size?

Ensure that the providers your organization has narrowed have the scalability option based on your organization’s size and current requirement. In addition to this, if the penetration testing services need to cover a much larger area than previously decided, make sure the pentesting service provider is capable of doing so.  

Top Methodologies Opted In Penetration Testing Services

Here are some of the top methodologies opted for by most of the penetration testing services India currently. 

1. Black-box

Black-box penetration testing which is also known as closed-box testing is a true hack-style penetration testing where the pentesting team is not aware of anything regarding the target they are trying to penetrate and exploit. 

Generally, this type of testing is employed by professional pentesters and developers. Standard testing techniques in black-box testing are graph-based testing and boundary value analysis. 

This is a highly challenging type of testing and would require the level of access and equipment that is available to a hacker.  However, it is also the best way to extensively analyze a company’s security. 

2. White-box

White-box penetration testing is also known as clear-box testing. This type of testing is when the target has divulged all the necessary information required by the pentesting company meaning the pentesting team is entirely aware of the information required. 

This type of testing however requires a thorough understanding of programming. This type of testing can be done by the internal team of a company since they already know the details.  

White-box testing is also the easiest type of testing to perform since all details are readily available to the pentesting or internal testing team. 

3. Gray-box

Gray-box pentesting is also known as translucent testing. With this type of testing the penetration testing team is partially aware of details regarding the company they are exploiting. 

It requires a medium-level understanding of programming languages and can be performed by third-party pentesters and developers alike. Regression and pattern testing are some of the techniques employed in gray-box testing. 

In this case, the testing team has critical knowledge and information about the systems and networks that are to be tested. This type of testing is more difficult than white-box penetration testing but easier than black-box. 

4. Red Teaming

Red-teaming refers to the act of utilizing the same tactics and methods that are opted by actual hackers but in this case, a team plays the role of the hacker while another acts as the defense team. 

With Red teaming tactics one can find how prepared their organizations are against an actual attack, the response period of the internal security team, and uncover vulnerabilities missed by other types of testing. 

Reasons To Invest In Good Penetration Testing Services

Some of the essential reasons that make an investment in good penetration testing services worthwhile are mentioned and explained below:

1. Strengthen Security

Carrying out regular penetration tests can help companies stay vigilant and up to date on the vulnerabilities that could potentially threaten the security of their company. Using the different types of penetration testing can help identify vulnerabilities. 

It can also help organizations plan out a better well optimized strategy to keep their assets and applications secure. The vulnerabilities found can also be remediation to prevent any further exploits. 

2. Quick Vulnerability Detection

Enlisting the services of a good penetration testing company ensures that any vulnerability present in one’s security system is detected in a timely and quick manner. This also means that they can be resolved much faster thus providing more security to the organization. 

3. Increased Trustworthiness

Carrying out periodic penetration tests only helps in the quick detection and easy remediation of vulnerabilities. But rather it also helps with increasing the reputation and trustworthiness of the company employing these services since they are more security conscious than other counterparts in the industry. 

This not only boosts trustworthiness but can also positively affect and help bring in further customers through good word of mouth. 

4. Cost Effective

Carrying out penetration tests at least twice a year or within regular intervals is more cost-effective than having to spend more money on vulnerabilities that were exploited because they were not patched on time. 

This is because once they are exploited it is not only about fixing the vulnerabilities but also about the damage it caused which can range from data theft to deletion.  

5. Stay Compliant

Timely penetration testing services can help analyze your company’s compliance status and also find areas of non-compliance. Such areas of non-compliance should be found quickly as if left unsolved it can lead to hefty fines, penalties, and even criminal charges in extreme cases. 

Many penetration testing services can test for standards like SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and ISO 27001.   

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Top 4 Penetration Testing Services In India

1. Astra Pentest

Astra Pentest

Astra Pentest is the best and leading provider of penetration testing services India. This automated pentesting tool provides more than 3000 tests to detect vulnerabilities. Other features include

Pentest Options 

Astra Pentest is available in both automated and manual options for networks, cloud, web, and mobile applications, as well as to find vulnerabilities in APIs too. 

Specific Features

Astra Pentest offers highly specific and intuitive pentesting and scanning features like the scan-behind-logins, business logic error detection, and even gap analysis to find gaps in security for organizations so they can decide the further steps. 

Intuitive Dashboard

Astra’s easy-to-use CXO-friendly dashboard features all the vulnerabilities found, those fixed with their details and CVSS scores. Along with this, members from the development team of the target organization can be added in for collaboration between them and Astra’s pentesters for quick fixing of vulnerabilities. 

Customer Care

Astra provides 24*7 customer support as well as POC videos to ensure that their customers can make the fixes required easily. Customer support is provided through mail or calls if necessary with the help of the expert pentesters at Astra. 


Once the initial steps of a pentest are completed and the found flaws are fixed, Astra Pentest provides an additional scan to ensure that the patches made have no vulnerabilities and the security system is safe as possible. 

Detailed Reports

Astra provides detailed reports that explain the tactics and methodologies followed while carrying out the penetration tests as well as the rules of engagements, details of scoping, and finally the results of the penetration test. This essentially refers to the vulnerabilities found, their risk severity scores, and the possible remediation measures. 

Verifiable Certificates

Once the target organization has fixed all vulnerabilities and carried out a rescan, they are eligible for the Astra Pentest Certificate which is a publicly verifiable certification provided only to those who have completed all the steps of pentest including the rescan. This certificate increases the reliability and trustworthiness of your organization while helping boost the sales pitch. 

Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanning

It provides a detailed comprehensive scanner that conducts more than 3000 tests to find known vulnerabilities based on CVEs, intel, OWASP Top 10, and SANs 25.  

CI/CD Integration

Astra Pentest’s penetration testing service can be integrated into the CI/CD pipeline of an organization which means any projects in development can be scanned for vulnerabilities at every stage. Integrations with Jira, Slack, GitHub, and more are possible. 


Astra Pentest allows you to choose the compliances you want your organization’s security system to be checked against. It also provides a compliance-specific dashboard that provides alerts for all areas of non-compliances found along with measures for fixing them.  


  • CI/CD Integration helping change from DevOps to DevSecOps.
  • Detection of business logic errors and zero false positive assurances.
  • Provides gap analysis for customers.
  • Provides rescanning and a publicly verifiably Pentest Certificate.


  • More integration capacity
  • No free trial

It is one small security loophole v/s your entire website or web application

Get your web app audited with Astra’s Continuous Pentest Solution

2. Intruder


Intruder is a comprehensive security scanner that is capable of detecting flaws across a whole large infrastructure. Lots of tests are available to check for even historic vulnerabilities and new ones.


  • Its interface is easy-to-use with a powerful scanner.
  • Focuses on the cloud, web applications, and networks. 
  • Provides integration opportunities with Jira, Slack, and more. 


  • Does not provide a zero false positive assurance.
  • Reports are difficult to understand.

3. Indusface

Indusface WAS

Indusface is a security company that is trusted by clients worldwide. 


  • Assured zero false positives through zero-day protection. 
  • Helps achieve compliance with regulations like PCI-DSS and ISO 27001. 
  • Vulnerability detection is not limited to OWASP Top 10. 
  • It has an executive dashboard that provides necessary information.


  • Not available for mobile applications.
  • Reports are difficult to understand.

4. eSec Forte

eSec Forte

eSec Forte is a VAPT service provider that serves emerging companies. 


  • Provision of security consulting services that give out security advice from experts. 
  • Helps achieve compliances for business-level creation and management. 
  • Has security assessment services to help identify any vulnerabilities so that appropriate action can be taken. 


  • Difficult to navigate.


This article discusses in detail the top penetration testing services in India like Astra Pentest. Besides this, the factors to consider while making the right choice for one’s pentesting needs such as considering your personal requirements, the tool’s features like zero false positive assurance, business logic error detection, and integration options offered by it as well as the different methodologies in penetration testing have also been explained in detail. 

Secure your organization today by making use of these services so that you may not fret over data breaches or harmful vulnerabilities tomorrow. 

It is one small security loophole v/s your entire website or web application

Get your web app audited with Astra’s Continuous Pentest Solution


1. What is a penetration testing service?

A penetration testing service refers to a feature of hacker-style exploit offered by cyber security companies for clients to understand how their security systems would hold under an invasive security attack designed to exploit any and every vulnerability found based on a fixed set of rules.

2. Who is the best penetration testing service provider?

Astra Pentest with its myriad of features and budget-friendly packages is definitely the best option available for penetration testing. It ensures zero false positives during vulnerability detection through vetted scans.

3. How can one become a professional pentester?

An individual can become a professional pentester by attaining the qualifications required like a relevant degree related to the cyber field and by doing diploma courses that boost one’s CV. 

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