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Website Penetration Pricing – How Much Does a Website VAPT Cost?

Updated on: October 12, 2020

Website Penetration Pricing – How Much Does a Website VAPT Cost?

The context of conducting website vulnerability assessment & penetration testing (VAPT) assumes importance from the growing trend of hackers to exploit and extract sensitive information from websites. You cannot find any security guide that tends to downplay the significance of VAPT services. It is a popular notion that to beat a hacker, you have to think like a hacker. Penetration test experts assess the network environments, identify probable security breaches, and try to exploit these breaches. In other words, their activities resemble a lot like hackers. The only difference is that they try to break-in to your site to assess its strength against such attacks. Website Penetration Testing pricing (VAPT Pricing) is a widely asked aspect when the context is about running a pentest.

One TimeBi-Annual Quarterly

(Includes 300 tests)

(Includes 300 tests)

(Includes 300 tests)

(Includes 500+ tests)

(Includes 300 tests)

(Includes 300 tests)

(Includes 1250+ tests)

(Includes 500+ tests)

(Includes 500+ tests)
The above table shows the pricing of website VAPT based on the number of tests performed & frequency of testing

Importance of VAPT services

If you like to keep yourself updated on the latest IT news, you should have a great understanding of the significance of security audits. Regular security audits can play a decisive role in unearthing what lies beneath your security protocol. In some industries, VAPT services are needed by the law to comply with the latest standards. For instance, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard also known as PCI DSS requires both an internal and external penetration test. Let’s take you through the importance of VAPT services in a detailed manner.

  • VAPT can uncover the new security breaches introduced by new technology or procedures
  • VAPT services can verify whether your current security is capable or not
  • Ensures that your organization’s  IT infrastructure is compliant with the latest regulations
  • Assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the present security measures
  • VAPT pricing analysis would depict the intricate details of the security audit
Website VAPT Process
Astra’s VAPT Process

Types of VAPT services you can opt for

Note that the VAPT pricing depends on the type of security audit being executed by the organization. Some of the common types of VAPT services executed by the modern-day organizations are as follows.

  • VAPT services based on approach

Approach based VAPT services can be further divided into black box audits, white box audits and grey box audits.

  • VAPT services based on methodology

In this type of pentest, there are several types of assessments and tests being carried out. The VAPT experts usually try to ascertain the security breaches and loopholes present in the IT security of the company. Based on the vulnerabilities, the company executes proper strategies to plug the loopholes.

How much can one expect to pay for availing VAPT services?

The VAPT pricing varies as per the range of the audit and a few other metrics. That said, most VAPT quotes lie between $400 to $2000. This price quote is also susceptible to a variation of specific systems. The cost of the scanning tools used by the testing provider also influences the final quote of the VAPT services.

We offer 3 website security audit pricing based on the number of tests performed & the frequency.

One of the foremost factors to consider determining the VAPT cost is the complex nature of the client organization. For those organizations that have a complex and distributed computing network with several network devices along with compartmentalized network segments. Determining the cost of VAPT will need the service provider to factor in the potential attack vectors for a specific organization.

Another determinant of the final fee for VAPT is the scope of the pentest. The VAPT scope would largely influence the final quote to be provided as the testing provider. The testing provider may also charge extra fee to repair any security flaws that were discovered during the process of carrying out pentest.     

Average VAPT & pen-testing pricing

The VAPT pricing largely depends on the factors that have been enumerated earlier. However, one might expect a fee within the range of $4500 to $6500 for simple and sophisticated networks. For organizations that have complicated IR structure, the VAPT pricing may be from $10,000 to $15,000. But for larger organizations with complex IT infrastructure, the pricing may spring up to $30,000.

Professional VAPT services from Astra

Professional VAPT services from Astra ensure your IT infrastructure is always safe. VAPT services from Astra consist of two separate plans. They are advance and business plans. Interestingly, both of these plans vary on the basis of total number of tests executed and security sessions. What’s more, you can also buy this plan as an add-on over any VAPT plan.

All these VAPT services assist your IT network to identify and neutralize potential security breaches. From assessing patch up susceptibilities to probing static and dynamic codes, Astra ensures that your IT infrastructure is impermeable to malware attacks.

Availing VAPT services are quite essential for your business. A complete assessment of the website would let you know about the several varieties of loopholes and unpatched vulnerabilities. So rely on Astra’s reliable VAPT services and secure your website from potential malicious attacks. Get your website tested today!

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