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Looking for Security Testing Companies? All You Should Know

Updated on: December 11, 2023

Looking for Security Testing Companies? All You Should Know

Data breaches are happening on a day to day basis – exposing multi-million records of sensitive user data. These breaks are happening to organizations of all sizes. And it’s not just the large enterprises that are affected. For small organizations, it might be challenging to invest in high-end security software, so there are other things that business owners can do to protect their data. One of the most important things is to ensure that all of your users are protected by having a security testing company performing regular security assessments for your entire website or network infrastructure.

Data breaches are affecting companies all over the world due to lack of security measures taken by companies. Hackers are actively targeting the sensitive data of companies. Some of the hackers are stealing data for fun, while some are doing it for money.

Security testing is one of the best practices in the field of Information Security and has been adopted by most organizations and businesses to prevent data breaches. It is a process which involves analyzing and verifying the security of your information systems and networks. In this blog, we will discuss how you should choose a security testing company to keep your organization safe from hackers.

Security Testing: Definition

Security testing is a process of systematically checking software or applications for security vulnerabilities. It is a part of a more comprehensive set of testing activities done in software testing.

Security testing is used to find defects in the application and to ensure the security of the application or software. Security testing is also known as “Penetration testing” or “ethical hacking.” It is conducted by security testing companies that have expertise in the area of security.

Why is Security testing necessary?

Security testing plays a vital role in the software development lifecycle. It is the process of identifying vulnerabilities in software applications. The goal of security testing is to ensure that the application is secure against any kind of hacking attempt. 

Security testing is done to ensure that the application is developed following the security standards. Security testing is essential in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) because it can help development teams build secure programs with fewer security flaws. It is conducted in all phases of SDLC to identify security weaknesses in a software.  

Some benefits of performing security testing are:

  • Uncovers security vulnerabilities
  • Saves the cost of a data breach
  • Secure infrastructure from hacking
  • Ensures business continuity
  • Helps in achieving compliance

Security testing is conducted according to the set business objective of the testing and can either be conducted by an internal team or external security testing providers. Internal testing of the application can be conducted by either the security team or by application developers. External security testing is conducted by security testing companies such as Astra.

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What are Internal and External security testing?

Internal Security Testing

Internal security testing is an activity in which an organization assesses its security procedures, policies, and effectiveness in protecting its assets. The organization’s security experts conduct internal security testing.

A successful internal security test would identify the hole before the application is deployed. Internal security testing is commonly performed by the security team but can also be performed by the project manager or software developers.

Internal Security testing is a kind of White box testing performed by the developers and other IT personnel. The purpose of performing internal security testing is to ensure that the application meets all the application security requirements.

External Security Testing

External Security Testing is performed by third-party security professionals known as security testing companies. Companies hire security testing companies to improve their security practices and minimize their risk exposure. The security testing companies perform penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, social engineering testing, and more. 

Security testing performed by external security testing companies is typically more in-depth than in-house security tests. Security testing companies use advanced tools and techniques to hack into the system as they have little or no knowledge of infrastructure. This is because they are trying to mimic the behavior of a malicious attacker. 

External security testing is often called third-party security testing or external pen-testing. This is because third parties perform it.

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Internal VS External Security Testing
Image: Internal VS External Security Testing

Why do companies prefer external security testing?

Companies often leave themselves vulnerable because they don’t have the resources, expertise, or time to identify and fix their security problems when it comes to IT security. That’s why many organizations hire external security testing companies to test the security of their systems. 

Whether you want to test a single application or a whole network, a third-party security tester can tell you whether you’re vulnerable to external attacks and how to fix them.

To achieve the highest level of security, many companies choose to outsource their security testing to third-party security testing companies. There are many reasons for this, but the most common belief is that third-party security testing is more thorough and objective than in-house testers. 

When a company chooses an external security testing service, they agree to have a third-party security testing team test their products, systems, and code for vulnerabilities and issues that could jeopardize their company or its customers. 

The third-party security testing company will likely have a wide range of tools and methodologies at its disposal, including more in-depth knowledge of security testing and tools, making the tests more effective.

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3 things to check before deciding on security testing companies

Security testing is a crucial part of any software development process, which developers or business owners often ignore. No matter how perfect your application is, it can be easily hacked with just a single line of code.

In today’s world, the market is flooded with hundreds of security testing companies. You can find a long list of those companies on the Internet, but it’s essential to check a few things before choosing the right one. We will help you to find the right security testing company for your needs. There are a few things to check before buying a tool or a service.

1. Market Reputation

The first thing you should check is the credibility of the security testing company. Their reputation should be known in the market if you want to hire them. You can ask for their recommendations or check their social media presence to see their importance.

2. Experienced and Skilled Security Engineers

The security industry is a competitive one, and there are a lot of companies that believe that they can do a better job than the companies you have already chosen. That is why it is so important to choose a company with a team of security engineers with experience in security testing and industry-recognized certifications.

3. Working Methodology

The third thing to check is how the security testing company works and what methodology they will use. You should ask if the company has any certifications. If you are dealing with sensitive data, you should contact its customers and ask them how the company handles their data.

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How to choose security testing companies?
Image: How to choose security testing companies?

Why Choose Astra as your Security Testing Company?

At Astra, we believe that security is not just about technology. It’s about the business too. We integrate seamlessly with your business processes and we’re always working to ensure that we meet your security needs at each stage. 

Astra’s cyber security solutions including Security Testing are designed to protect you against all kinds of cyber-attacks. We utilize the best of our knowledge in both offensive and defensive cyber-security. 

Astra also provides technical support to all kinds of cyber-attacks. Astra’s services are flexible enough to offer it to all organizations in all types of industries.

Why trust us?

With so many vulnerabilities and so many hackers out there, having a website that isn’t secure is not an option. That’s why so many companies trust Astra to secure their websites.

As the leader in website security services, Astra works with thousands of companies to help protect their websites from hackers. We employ proprietary technology to help prevent all web attacks, take down entire botnets, and remove malicious code from your sites. Our technology is constantly being updated to keep your website safe from the most advanced security threats.

The best way to learn about our services is to hear them from the customers. Here is what some of them have to say.

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Why Trust Astra?
Image: Why Trust Astra?

Astra: The security testing company you’ve been looking for

1. Pocket-Friendly Pricing

We at Astra Security offer 3 website security audit pricing as follows:

Scanner Plan$199/monthly or $1,999 yearly1. Unlimited vulnerability scans
2. Expert vetted scans
3. Compliance reporting
Pentest Plan$5,999 per year1. All Scanner Plan features
2. Manual penetration test
3. Cloud security review
Enterprise Plan$ 7,999 per year1. All features of Pentest Plan
2. Verifiable pentest certificate
3. Multiple targets across assets.

2. Manual + Automated Scanning

Astra’s scanning services are designed to provide you with a complete overview of your web application security. This involves running over 8000+ tests, all designed to test a different aspect of your web application

It doesn’t stop there, though. We know that a scan can’t do everything, so we have a team of security experts who manually test the application to ensure no part is left untested. This ensures you have a complete security audit of your application, helping you fix any vulnerabilities that may exist.

3. 8000+ tests

The Astra Security Scanner offers more than 8000+ tests that can test your application thoroughly. The test cases are based on OWASP Top 10, CWE Top 25, CERT Top 25, CIS Top 25, NIST Top 25, SANS Top 25, SANS 25 Risks, NIST 800-53, PCI DSS, HIPAA Security Rule, FISMA, GLBA, ISO 27001 etc. 

4. Compliance Friendly Pentest

It is compulsory to follow the rules and regulations set by the government and the law in today’s world. As per the government’s regulations and standards and regulations and the law, you need to comply with the standards and rules and regulations. 

At Astra, we understand how essential compliances are. Astra Pentest services are designed in such a way that they will help you in achieving compliance.

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5. Comprehensive Scan Report

Astra has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, professional and user-friendly software to the masses. One of the areas we excel in is providing a detailed report of your website after each scan. 

Checkout Astra’s Sample Penetration Testing Report


It’s not uncommon for companies to be unaware that they’re vulnerable to security threats. If you’re looking for a security testing company that can help you uncover vulnerabilities and patch them before it’s too late, we’d like to welcome you to contact us today! We’ll be happy to help you with any security-related questions or concerns you might have.

It is one small security loophole v/s your entire website or web application

Get your web app audited with Astra’s Continuous Pentest Solution


1. What is Security Testing?

Security testing is a process of systematically checking software or applications for security vulnerabilities. It is a part of a more comprehensive set of testing activities done in software testing.

2. How can external security testing add value to my company’s security?

As mentioned before, security testing is a tough job. A security professional will try to be on top of every new threat, every new vulnerability. Despite all that, there is always a chance that they will miss something, something really important. That’s where external security testing comes in. By paying a specialist to do the security testing for you, you know that you are receiving a thorough security testing and comprehensive report, complete with actionable recommendations.

3. Why organizations trust Astra Security?

Astra is a security company that provides simple and affordable security services, including security testing. It makes the most common security issues, like malware protection, security audits, etc., easy to understand and use for companies of all sizes.

4. Does Astra provides any help in fixing security vulnerabilities after security testing?

The answer is yes, we do. After testing is complete, Astra provides a detailed report of vulnerabilities along with a consultation call to help you understand risks and remediations of the vulnerabilities.

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