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Stay one step ahead of hackers with our intelligent vulnerability scanner

Astra’s vulnerability scanner has been built on years of security intelligence and data. Scan your assets with 8000+ tests and ensure you are covering every loophole. Trustcloud customers get 40% off across all plans!

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8000+ tests
Astra’s comprehensive scanner perform 8000+ tests, which include checking for known CVEs, OWASP Top 10, SANS 25.
Compliance checks
Our security engine covers all the essential tests required for you to achieve  ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC2 or GDPR compliance.
Scan logged-in pages
Astra’s scanner also analyzes pages behind the login screen to ensure every possible area of your application is secure. Use our browser extension to record your login seamlessly and don’t miss a single vulnerability.
Scan PWA/SPAs apps
We scan for progressive web apps (PWA) and Single Page Apps (SPAs) ensuring that you’re 100% secure, no matter what your tech stack is.

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SMART reporting

Track your team’s progress with our smart reporting and CXO friendly dashboard

Get full visibility into your pentest, understand key metrics about each vulnerability and prioritize issues to maximize your ROI.

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Security Grade
Understand how secure your website is with a security grade that’s visible right from your main dashboard. Fin and fix vulnerabilities and work towards the top grade.
Potential Loss
See exactly how much each vulnerability could cost you and prioritize issues to maximise your ROI- preventing potential losses.
Vetted Report
Receive a comprehensive report that’s vetted by our security experts, to ensure there’s zero false positives.
PDF Report
Get a detailed report of all the vulnerabilities and tests that were performed by Astra’s analysts and automated scanner, straight in your inbox.
Steps to Reproduce
Fix vulnerabilities faster with details on the exact steps you need to follow to reproduce any vulnerability.
Suggested Fixes
Get detailed recommendations and suggestions for the best method to fix every vulnerability, based on our years of security experience.
Risk Score
See a risk score for every vulnerability based on its severity, CVSS score and the potential loss, so you can prioritize fixes with the most impact.

Collaborate with your team and fix vulnerabilities smoothly.

Assigning Vulnerabilities
Assign vulnerabilities to team members and know who’s accountable to fix which issue, at every step of the process.
Comment section
Get a space to discuss and ask questions under each vulnerability- with your team members or our security analysts.
Resolution Section
Manage the status of each vulnerability and ensure you don’t miss a signle issue with statuses like: ‘Ask for review’, ‘Ask for help’ or ‘Won’t fix’.

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Manual Pentest

Find vulnerabilities that other pentests often miss with our manual pentesting

Beat hackers at their own game with Astra's comprehensive pentesting, powered by years of security experience.

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Manual VAPT by security experts
Our security analysts manually scan your asset to find vulnerabilities that automated scanners miss, with robust, step-by-step ethical hacking techniques.
Business Logic Testing
Your website is susceptible to price manipulation and privilege escalation. With business logic testing, we probe into all this and more.
Payment Flow Testing
Our analysts will test your payment gateway and payment flow for vulnerabilities and ensure hackers aren’t able to access sensitive financial information.
Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities
If your asset allows users with multiple roles, hackers could be bypassing security restrictions and accessing unauthorized information. Our analysts ensure there’s no such loopholes.

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Win customer’s trust with a unique, publicly verifiable security certificate.

A secure application calls for some bragging. Let our engineers verify your fixes, and get a safe-to-host certificate that's unique to your product.

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Publicly Verifiable
Get a certificate after all high priority vulnerabilities found in your pentest have been fixed and verified by our team. You can also make the certificate publicly verifiable which will enable anyone to view and verify its authenticity.
Share with Clients
Easily share the URL of your certificate with your clients to verify its authenticity and remove friction and security concerns from your sales process.
Establish Trust
Alleviate any security concerns and show your customers that you care, with Astra’s pentest and verifiable certificate. Build trust with prospects and create a strong brand.

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Connect Astra with your existing tech stack and collaborate seamlessly

Astra helps your team work together by enabling developers to integrate security in CI/CD. We also make it easy for CXOs to track progress via Slack and from product managers to collaborate and flag vulnerabilities through Jira.

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Connect your Jira account and add vulnerabilities to a project in a few clicks. Let Astra automatically pull the important details and make your workflow more efficient.
Get Slack Updates
Get updates about your pentest and collaborate smoothly within Slack. Let new comments, or new vulnerabilities directly show up in your selected Slack channel.
CI/CD Integration
Move from DevOps to DevSecOps by integrating Astra’s Pentest within your CI/CD. Run scans before every build and ensure you’re always shipping secure code.

…and many more integrations coming soon..

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Astra is trusted by leading security-conscious companies across the world

"I am very satisfied with the result and the recommendations of the audit report. It was an eye opener. We were able to optimize the security of the app to meet the expectations of our customers."

Olivier Trupiano Founder & CEO (Signalement)
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“I can’t thank Astra enough for making security so easy. There’s so much that can happen when it comes to security - malware, hackers, bots & what not.

But I’m glad I don’t have to worry about any of it!”

— Richard Butler Founder, WP Quick Promote
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Find and fix every single security loophole with Astra’s Pentest.