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Website Security Audit Cost in India: All You Need To Know

Updated on: July 1, 2020

Website Security Audit Cost in India: All You Need To Know

India’s largest government-backed bank -The State Bank of India (SBI) suffered a major Phishing attack last week. This attack affected customers living in major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangaluru, and so on.

If you think this is shocking, let me tell you about the infamous 2016 Bank data breach which targeted several public & private banks (including SBI, ICICI, AXIS, YES, etc.) in India. The attack compromised over 3.2 million debit cards of Indian customers. What’s even funnier is that the attack remained hidden for months and once detected, it took a complete website security audit to know the cause of the breach – which, by the way, was due to a vulnerability in the bank’s common payment gateway system.

Cyberattacks on the Indian financial system are not new and the security of Indian banks has been a hot debate for quite some time now. BBC Business insider, reasons out why Indian banks are so vulnerable in this post.

Sadly, the picture is not very different for Indian e-commerce and other businesses. Not long ago, Cognizant, a giant multi-national IT service provider, suffered two major cyberattacks in two months in a row. This came as a shocker to many, but the hard truth is that more than half Indian companies are vulnerable to security threats.

What’s even horrifying is that cybersecurity attacks and breaches have jumped by as much as 500% since the lockdown was first announced in March, as reported by Economic Times. Since the COVID-19 outbreak,

If you own a business today, it is your topmost responsibility to find and patch all vulnerabilities in your system to protect users and customers. Interestingly, a thorough website security audit can make this incredibly simple for you. Hence, in this article, we are talking about the Website Security Audit cost in India and where you can get one.

If you wish to learn more about Website Security Audit, we recommend you check out our detailed article – Website Security Audit: Your Topmost Concern.

What is a Website Security Audit?

Website Security Audit is another name for the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). VAPT, as you might already know, is a way to assesses the possible threats and vulnerabilities on your website. It verifies the security controls, configurations, and/or policies of your website. It is used to find out the flaws in your security system.

Why do you need a website security audit?

Your website is not as secure as you might think. As we saw in the examples above, missing security systems, unplugged security gaps, overlooked security protocols, became catastrophic for the business.

These are changing times, today, literally everything is just a click away. Further, according to the World Trade Centre’s report,

The enforcement of social distancing, lockdowns and other measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has led consumers to ramp up online shopping

World Trade Centre (WTO)

The sudden and half-prepared shift to the digital medium by several non-conventional industries & institutions further aggravated risks for these organizations being attacked.

Thus, a full-fledged website security audit is called for to assess your web system for hidden vulnerabilities and patch them.

Website Security Audit Cost In India

Importance of Security assessments for your business:

  • A functional test and verification of security configuration.
  • An inspection and analysis of security configuration.
  • A simulation to verify security functionality.
  • Security assessment control for compliance.
  • It verifies the current security policy.
  • It lessens the attack surface.
&lt Website security audit
(Source: Security Audit Systems)

What is the Website Security Audit Cost in India?

The average cost of a professional website security audit in India ranges anywhere from $120 to $100,000. The huge window is because, a website security audit cost in Indian depends on various factors like the scope of the audit, requirements of the auditee, the systems under speculation, service providers, etc. Moreover, it is quite difficult to find a VAPT provider that provides holistic scanning and assessment. The service provided by most VAPT providers is pretty limited.

However, the emerging VAPT services by Astra have already become a favorite amongst various Indian banks and companies such as – Kotak Securities, Muthoot Finance, Tata Power, LIC, Hotstar, HOOQ, Girnar Group, PTC Financial, and several others.

VAPT by Astra comes in two different plans and an add-on:

(Source: Trustpilot)

Astra’s VAPT services include – Static and Dynamic code analysis, network, configuration testing, server infrastructure testing, business logic error testing, price manipulation testing, and 1250+ more tests.

Website Security Audit by ASTRA Security

Although most of the VAPT providers work in a similar way, Astra provides a wide range of benefits that you will find nowhere. When you are dealing with eCommerce, Astra security is a must-have. Website Security Audit by Astra comes in-built with the Advanced and Business Plan and can also be purchased independently as an add-on. Learn more about Astra VAPT plans here.

These plans differ in the number of tests done, POC video, security consultation and support.

Astra’s VAPT Process

Above all, Astra provides a collaborative dashboard where you can see vulnerabilities reported in your system, in real-time. Astra security experts also go an extra mile when it comes to assisting your developers fix the reported vulnerabilities. We also do a prompt re-scan to ensure that all the vulnerabilities have been fixed in your website.

Astra’s VAPT Dashboard

To Conclude…

A website security audit is required and necessary for your business. A complete evaluation of your website will let you know about all the security loopholes and unpatched vulnerabilities in your web system before an unfortunate & ugly cyberattack strikes you. Website security audit cost in India ranges anywhere from $120 to $10,000 depending on the scope, methodology, and various other factors.

At Astra, we have helped various Indian and global organizations patch their vulnerabilities with our reliable yet affordable VAPT plans. If you have any questions regarding this, talk to an Astra expert with the chat widget.

We rarely miss chats 🙂

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