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PrestaShop Issued a Warning Against "XsamXadoo" Malware

PrestaShop has released an advisory to inform about a potential threat in the shape of a malware named XsamXadoo on its stores. Hackers are, allegedly, using this malware to gain access to your PrestaShop Store. Several PrestaShop store owners have already been comprised by this malware. From what we came to know of, this malware exploits known vulnerabilities in PHP tool - PHPUnit, which is present in several of the PrestaShop modules.

Block Countries in Wordpress

Majority of these websites are being run on WordPress in order to maximize their outreach. However, website may not want traction in certain areas of the world due to cases like treaty issue, potential cyber threat, etc. That’s when the feature of Country Blocking in WordPress comes handy. This article is dedicated to explain how to do Country Blocking in WordPress.

Drupal CMS is being used by various important organizations. In certain countries, it is used by governments also. This admiration can be attributed to its open-source framework and the spectrum of modules on Drupal. The modules enable site administrators to organize, customize and manage content easily on Drupal. But, despite the plus points, it is not to be denied that…

How to Find and Remove Website Backdoors

When a site gets hacked, it seldom happens that the hacker has not left behind a malware to get access of the website again, in the future. This deliberate plantation of malicious codes in a website with an intention of further exploitation is known as "website backdoor". Backdoors basically serve as an entry gate for an attacker to exploit it again and again.

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