Astra Security is Now Partners with Sprinto

Published on: May 18, 2022

Astra Security is Now Partners with Sprinto

Penetration testing covers a significant but small part of the compliance journey of our customers. We introduced the pentest compliance feature on Astra’s pentest dashboard to help our users run compliance-specific vulnerability scans. But we were well aware that there’s quite a distance to be covered before a business gains compliance even after scans, remediation, and rescan. So, here we are trying to make things a little easier for you.

Joining Hands with Sprinto

We’re absolutely stoked to announce that Astra Security is now Partners with Sprinto and we can’t wait to share what it means for our users and for us.

astra-sprinto partnership
Astra partners with Sprinto

What Excites us about Sprinto?

We are all in favor of making the compliance process more efficient for businesses without compromising the integrity of the endeavor. Sprinto has done it with the full stack compliance automation approach. Sprinto helps you prepare for a SOC2 or ISO 27001 compliance audit in two weeks or less. They ensure that businesses do everything right to prepare for a compliance audit without breaking a sweat.

Sprinto’s compliance platform takes everything into account, from annual security training for employees to keeping security policies accessible for everyone to maintaining a simple yet effective audit dashboard.

  • Sprinto makes a central repository of all the information related to the people in the company including their roles and responsibilities.
  • It offers policy templates to help you frame security policies and manage workflows around them.
  • Sprinto ensures that security policies are reviewed periodically and that new hires sign the policy documents.
  • The Infra Monitoring feature helps you encrypt databases, and monitor your servers.
  • Sprinto connects with infrastructure providers like AWS and maintains an inventory of all the entities inside the system.

Sprinto takes care of the major concerns around SOC2 compliance as well as the little things and leaves very little room for manual intervention. Sprinto currently performs a million compliance report evaluations per month and you can’t help but be impressed by such speed of operations.

8 out of 10 companies that work with Sprinto, complete their SOC2 prep
within 14 days

Here’s what one of Sprinto’s customers has to say about the platform.

Our partnership saves you $2750

Owing to their partnership with us, Sprinto has offered to waive the $2000 implementation fee for anyone who comes with a referral from Astra Security. On top of that, there’s a flat $750 discount on the product price. So, you can make your organization SOC2 compliance ready in under 14 days and save $2750.

How you can avail of the benefits

All you need to do is write an email to [email protected] and we will refer you to Sprinto entitling you to the discount and the implementation fee waiver.

Or, you can write an email to [email protected] referring to Astra Security, and you will receive the same benefits.

Yes, it’s just that simple!

Why should you choose Sprinto for compliance?

Usually, when a company claims that they can get you compliance ready in two weeks, it’s a mad overestimation of their capabilities. But Sprinto has really figured it out and there are testaments to that – a significant number of successful use cases. Here are some numbers that speak for them.

Area of ExpenditureWithout SprintoWith Sprinto
Consulting/Gap assessment cost~$10k to $30k0
Additional cost of software~$30k p.a.~$3k p.a.
Auditor~$15k to $50kStarting at $5k per audit
People bandwidth 3-6 months~14 sessions (60-90 minutes each)
Total$50k to $100k + 3 months + uncertainty of audit~$8k + Sprinto cost + 14 sessions + zero touch audit

Without Sprinto you spend a total of around $50k to $100k over 3 to 6 months engaging knowledge workers for more than 500 hours to apply for a compliance audit. With Sprinto you can have the whole thing done and dusted in 14 sessions of 60-90 minutes in duration and a fifth of the cost.

We are positive that this partnership is going to result in massive gains for our users and it will nourish our knowledge base as we interact with the compliance experts at Sprinto.

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