Leverage the power of the community to strengthen your website's security.

Be the first to know about your website's vulnerabilities. Join Astra's free community security program to allow ethical hackers to report security flaws before they're exploited.

What is the community security program?

Your website is vulnerable. There's always a new malware or hack floating around that you are not protected against.

With community security, ethical hackers guard your website, report vulnerabilities and earn rewards. You allow people to report any security weaknesses they find through a dedicated channel and strengthen your website before it's attacked—at no cost to your business.

Why do I need community security when I have a firewall?

There's over 350,000 new malware registered every single day. Your firewall's updates cannot catch up, no matter how efficient or effective it is.

Once a vulnerability is made public, your business can go down in the matter of a few minutes. Community security allows people to report vulnerabilities when they see one—you have the chance to patch up your website before malicious users learn of it.

The best part? It costs you nothing.

Prevent hackers from revealing your security flaws publicly

Keep your systems safe and learn about bugs before they’re shared on Twitter or Medium by hackers. With Astra’s community security program, you prevent hackers from disclosing vulnerabilities publicly and save your business from a reputation hit.

Our security experts will validate the report for you and help patch up holes in your system whenever needed.

For Hackers

Gain rewards and recognition for doing what you do best

Help companies be more secure and get free products, merchandise, vouchers, cash prizes and acknowledgement for your efforts.

Make the internet safer and get rewarded for it!

Get started as a Hacker

Astra carried out a security audit on our digital application which is a solution that allows companies to manage their whistleblower system. Due to the sensitive nature of the information that is processed in the application, we wanted to identify all possible security loopholes.
I am very satisfied with the result and the recommendations of the audit report. It was an eye opener. We were able to optimize the security of the app to meet the expectations of our customers.

— Olivier Trupiano
CEO, Signalment.net
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Sign-up in 2 mins
Sign up for Astra’s website firewall and go to the 'Community Security' tab in your dashboard.
Tweak your program
Select the scope of your security program, customise your page and hit publish!
Define the rewards
It could be something as simple as a mention in your hall of fame, a cash prize or merch!
Sit back and enjoy
Now hackers can report vulnerabities directly to you. Your website is safer than ever.

Double your security, with half the effort

Never let your vulnerabilities go public

Astra's community security adds a non-disclosure clause to the program policy so that your vulnerabilities are not aired out and exploited.

Crowdsource your security for free

Crowdsource your security and learn about gaps in your armour without spending a single penny on it. Sign up to our program for free!

Get validated reports with real flaws

Our security engineers will make sure every bug reported to you is valid and no false positives are reported to you. We'll also help you fix all flaws!

Leverage the community to boost your security