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The Penetration Testing Company You’ve Been Looking For – Astra Security

Updated on: November 20, 2021

The Penetration Testing Company You’ve Been Looking For – Astra Security

A penetration testing on an application or network detects all security flaws, hidden vulnerabilities, and misconfiguration errors present in the system. This gives organizations an opportunity to fix these vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them.

Organizations hire ethical hackers, professional pentesters, or a penetration testing company to probe into their networks using real-life hacking techniques and pen-testing tools.

If you are one of those security-conscious organizations looking to pentest your websites, web apps, mobile apps, cloud infrastructure, network devices, etc, then you have landed in the right place 🙂

In today’s post, we are taking you on a tour of Astra Security’s Pentest Suite, which recently got updated with new features.

A little about Astra…

Astra Security is a cybersecurity company committed to making security simpler for online businesses.

We offer a complete suite of security tools including a firewall, a malware Scanner, an IP & a Country blocker, to fight off coming attacks & malicious requests on a website or app.

Image: Astra Pentest Vulnerability Scanner

As a leading penetration testing company, we also provide a complete pentest suite that helps companies find potential security flaws, vulnerabilities & loopholes in their system.

Image: Astra’s Pentest dashboard (Risk Grading)

Our team of expert security professionals has helped thousands of businesses like Signalement, OOONA, Kotak Mahindra, and Indian Finance, identify & fix underlying security issues in their internet-facing software.

We’ll talk more about Astra’s Pentest Suite later on in the post.

Let’s understand what is penetration testing with this next segment.

What is Penetration Testing?

A penetration testing or a pen-test is the process of simulating an attack on the targeted network or application to identify and exploit its weaknesses.

There are different approaches to these attacks, about which you can read in this guide – What, Why, and How of Penetration Testing.

After the testing, the pen-tester provides a detailed report of the vulnerabilities present in the target system along with recommendations for fixes.

There are four key steps involved in penetration testing. These are:

  • Gathering information about the target website and scanning for vulnerabilities
  • Exploiting discovered vulnerabilities
  • Making a comprehensive report of the test
  • Patching vulnerabilities and conducting a re-scan

In nutshell, a pen-test looks into your system and network from an attacker’s point of view and tries to break in via simulating near real-life hack scenarios. It also provides insights into the amount of damage your company can face if the security controls are breached.

Stay Secure With Astra Security’s Pentest Suite

As we discussed above, Astra pen-testing company simplifies network and application protection for online organizations. We offer thorough VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing) with an efficient and time-saving reporting and fixing process.

Our security suite is easy to set up, and quite intuitive to use, which saves you time in little ways. You will not have to spend your valuable time scrolling, navigating & comprehending yet another jargon-clad software.

You can, instead, immerse yourself in taking important business decisions and leave the security of your organization in good and trusted hands.

Let experts find security gaps in your web application

Pen-testing results that comes without a 100 emails, 250 google searches and painstaking PDFs.

Whether you’re looking to pentest your web app, mobile app, APIs, network, or cloud, Astra Security is one place for you. Our offerings include but are not limited to:

Our collaborative cloud dashboard can be used to receive reports about any discovered vulnerabilities. These reports include an assessment of the vulnerability’s impact along with a proposal for a technical solution.

Astra's VAPT process listing steps
Astra’s pentesting process

Best Penetration Testing Company – Why Choose Astra?

1. Standardized Security Testing by Experts

Astra security provides you with a security solution tailored to your needs. Each penetration testing follows OWASP, CREST, and NIST testing methodologies, tests for SANS 25 vulnerabilities, tests for PCI, GDPR & ISO compliance, business logic errors, and much more.

With over 1250+ tests you can rest assured that no vulnerabilities will remain hidden in your system.

2. Transparent Process With Intuitive Dashboard

Stay in the loop with detailed vulnerability reports, and video proof of concept (POCs) through the dashboard. You can also add developers to collaborate with our security team. With live reporting of issues and easy communication, your developers will be able to fix the issues in no time.

Penetration Testing Company
Image: Astra Security’s new and improved dashboard

The new dashboard provides additional options:

  • Managing subscriptions is easier with the improved subscription page.
  • A new “Issues Types” graphical representation.
  • Easier to add new team members with the option in the main dashboard.
  • Industry-standard PDF reports.
  • More secure payment gateway – Paddle.
  • A new “Help” option to talk directly to your assigned security engineer.
  • One-click actions providing easier collaboration with the security team.
  • Send vulnerability details directly by email to your team.

3. Patching Recommendations

In order to make your networks and applications fully secure, Astra as a reliable penetration testing company helps developers with the detailed steps for patching vulnerabilities.

Additionally, Astra Security gives round-the-clock technical assistance, best practices for the development stages of your application, and selenium scripts & video POCs of discovered security vulnerabilities.

We want to ensure that no single issue goes unchecked. Thus, after the patching of vulnerabilities, you can request a re-scan.

After a successful pentest, a certificate will be issued that will assure and acknowledge that your apps & networks are completely secured against any kind of vulnerability exploitation.

Additionally, our expert security engineers implement proactive security measures by anticipating attacks and recommending countermeasures.

4. Publicly Verifiable Certificates

You can download your security certificate from within the dashboard and make them publicly verifiable for your customers & clients to see.

gif of downloading a VAPT certificate through Astra security dashboard
Easy to download VAPT certificate

A VAPT certificate helps showcase to your clients and partners that your business is up to date with security compliances. Your customers will be at ease knowing that their data is secure. It boosts trust.

5. Friendly Team and 24×7 Human Support

Astra’s team is composed of highly skilled and qualified individuals. They have a wide educational background and hold the experience of conducting thousands of security audits over the years.

Moreover, the auditors are equipped with communication skills that aid them in collaborating with your team and help them patch issues.

Communication is made easy within the dashboard. The developers from your team can comment under each vulnerability if they have any questions. Our engineers can also talk over chat if any issue demands so.

Our security auditors also hold industry-specific certifications such as:

  • Bachelors in Information Security from Northumbria University, Singapore
  • CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Advanced Diploma in Information Security, MDI, Singapore
  • Cyber Security Fundamentals from Kaspersky
  • Policy Compliance Certification, Qualys

As you may see, not only is the Astra team developer-friendly but also provides the best professional security experience you could imagine.

Let experts find security gaps in your web application

Pen-testing results that comes without a 100 emails, 250 google searches and painstaking PDFs.

Customer Testimonials

“I am very satisfied with the result and the recommendations of the audit report. It was an eye-opener. We were able to optimize the security of the app to meet the expectations of our customers.”

Olivier Trupiano, Founder, and CEO of Signalement.

Signalement is a Paris-based whistleblowing platform that offers a multifunctional reporting platform. Olivier, Founder of Signalement, has been working with Astra security’s platform for over three years to keep his platform free from vulnerabilities.

Our other customers share their stories as well:

There was a 100% reduction of hacked client sites since Astra has been integrated with Themecloud. Actually, the only hacked sites that we are facing now are because they were already hacked before we migrated to Astra or because they did not have Astra installed 🙂

Laurent Vergnaud Founder,

“We have felt so much safer since Astra has been integrated with Envent Technologies.”

Siddharth Sharma Co-Founder, Envent Tech.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a vulnerability scan different from a pen test?

Yes. A vulnerability scan searches for vulnerabilities in a network and builds the foundation of a pen test. After a vulnerability scan discovers an issue, a pen test can exploit it to discover how much damage can be done. Although they are a part of a single security process, they are two different tests.

How is a pen test conducted?

A pen tester emulates a real-life hacker and attempts to attack the target network. The process involves gathering information about the target and then attempting to exploit insecurities through several methods. These may include phishing, brute force, use of malware, etc.

How much time does a pen test take?

The security audit starts within 24 hours of your signing up on a working day. You will see vulnerabilities on your dashboard once it begins and the final report within 4-7 days. This may change depending upon the scale of the test.

How often should a pen test be conducted?

At the very least once a year, however, some regulations may demand more tests per year. You should also schedule a pen test after any changes in the network to ensure everything stays secure.

What is the cost of a pen test?

One annual scan costs between $499 to $1499 depending upon the plan. Astra also provides custom-made plans to suit your requirement. You can take a look at the pricing of the website VAPT here.

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Ankit Pahuja

Ankit Pahuja is the Marketing Lead & Evangelist at Astra Security. Ever since his adulthood (literally, he was 20 years old), he began finding vulnerabilities in websites & network infrastructures. Starting his professional career as a software engineer at one of the unicorns enables him in bringing "engineering in marketing" to reality. Working actively in the cybersecurity space for more than 2 years makes him the perfect T-shaped marketing professional. Ankit is an avid speaker in the security space and has delivered various talks in top companies, early-age startups, and online events.

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