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Adwords Account Suspended. How to Get Back Disapproved Ads?

Updated on: March 9, 2022

Adwords Account Suspended. How to Get Back Disapproved Ads?

AdWords account suspended by Google?

Ads are the major source of revenue for a lot of businesses. Using services like Google AdWords help in publishing the ads. However, to maintain the set standards in the world of ads and to empower legit ones, Google AdWords uses policies. Deviation from these policies throws up errors and AdWords account gets suspended. Sometimes it is due to malicious script injected in website code that redirects visitors to malicious pages. The reasons may be different and in some cases, the suspension can be lifted too. Understanding the reason for AdWords account suspension is the first step in solving it. With a few steps and clarification, you can get back your account as well as your disapproved ads.

Google Ads disapproved

Reasons you got your AdWords account suspended

There are various reasons for your Google AdWords suspended account. The following are some of the reasons:

Deviating from AdWords policies

One of the most important factors in Google AdWords is the policies. Most of the ads banned from Google AdWords either go against the policies or do not strictly stick to them. Google AdWord’s policies are extensive, and any deviation from the results in disapproval of ads. Repeated violations of the policies of Google AdWords might be another reason. If you are repeatedly going against their policies, then Google will suspend your Adwords account.

Account with infection or malicious content

If your account has infected or malicious ads, then Google will ban them. This is to protect visitors and prevent any spread of malware through malvertisements. Check our detailed blog on Is your website hacked?

Quality of your ads

Google strives to provide the best user experience to all. Thus, if your ads are programmed to simply generate traffic and does not provide a good user experience, then Google will suspend your ads.

Misleading Ads

If your ads are misleading and they advertise wrong information about your business or establishment, then Google will disapprove your AdWords. Learn more about social engineering content.

Cloaking activities

Cloaking is a method which means that you show the Google Editorial team something and display a different matter to the users. Google takes heavy offense in this case and thus might be a reason that they banned your ads from Google AdWords.

Other reasons

If you have multiple Google AdWords account for the same business. If you your business has trademark issues then AdWords will block your account. Google AdWords is strictly against any illegal activities and if your business deals in such matters then AdWords will suspend your account.

Here is a list of Adware website that Google bans.

How to Fix Suspended Google Ads Account?

Getting your ads back online must be the priority. There are a few AdWords account suspended solutions and steps to do if you want to fix your ad and account. The steps are:

Fix the suspended site

If you have your Google AdWords account suspended, then they must have mentioned a strategy to use and unsuspend the site. After you have followed the steps, you can resubmit it for review with the AdWords team. For your convenience, our security experts have created a Request a review template that you can use. If everything is in order, you will get your account back.

Fixing the disapproved ads

If AdWords has disapproved your ads, then you can do the following to fix it.

  1. Go to your Ads and extensions page and find your ad.
  2. Under the “Status” column of the ad, you will find the reason for the suspension. Hovering over the “Disapproved” status will get you a link to the policy explanation.
  3. In the ad, you will find a pencil icon. Click on it.
  4. Edit the ad so that it follows the policies set by AdWords.
  5. Finally, click on “Save.”

You can find more detail on this page.

Further policy questions to Google

If you still have doubts regarding the policies of AdWords you can go to this page and fill the form. Google will get back to you with all the clarifications.

For other reasons than this, you need to contact Google directly to solve the problem. Unless you are sure that you have solved the problem in the ads it is better to not submit it for review.

Contacting the Google team

If you are unable to find the violations in your ads, then the next step is to contact the Google AdWords team directly. You can contact them in two ways. The first is to file an appeal with them regarding your Google AdWords suspended account. The other way is to call them up.

Once you get hold of a representative of the team, you must make it evident that you are serious about business and ads. Then inform them of all the violations in your ad and what you tried to do to solve them. Make sure that you present all the details since it will let them understand your problem in a better way. After these steps, you need to wait since it takes a few days to process and rectify the problem. Be persistent, and you will surely see the result.

The reason that your Google AdWords account got suspended, might be due to malware and hackers forcing your website to look suspicious to Google. They inject malicious content into ads and contents which alerts the AdWords team, and they suspend your account. To protect against them, you need the service of website security such as Astra who can protect your website and accounts from external attacks and hackers. With Astra, you get the best all-around protection from malware and phishing attacks. This way you get to keep your account secure and continue with your ads.

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4 years ago

Fine way of explaining, and pleasant post to get data on the topic of my presentation subject matter, which i am going to convey in university.|

Naman Rastogi
4 years ago
Reply to  KirstieBull

Thanks for your kind words.

Jaya Pant
Jaya Pant
4 years ago

My client advertisement is getting disapproved as well as my account get disapproved. Please help me out. First 2 months advertisement Rinna up very well but suddenly suspension happened.

Naman Rastogi
4 years ago
Reply to  Jaya Pant

Hi Jaya,

It is really important to know the reason for account suspension. You can talk to the Google team to know more why they are suspending your account (could be malware, ads content, payment, etc.). We help people whose accounts are suspended because of some malware or malicious URLs. Feel free to contact us via chat option or by filling the contact form.

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