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Top 5 Security-as-a-Service Providers In Different Categories

Updated on: December 22, 2023

Top 5 Security-as-a-Service Providers In Different  Categories

There are two significant drivers of the growing popularity of SecaaS or Security-as-a-Service Providers. One is, of course, the all-pervading emergence of cloud computing and the other is the adoption of DevOps environments.

Small teams, fast software development life cycles, and bootstrapping tech start-ups, find it extremely difficult to incorporate solid security practices in their regular functionality. Security becomes a looming concern as they grow. Security-as-a-service providers present a solution. 

Who are Security-as-a-Service Providers

Security-as-a-Service providers are firms that take care of your organization’s security health in its entirety or a specific aspect of it for a subscription fee. SecaaS is similar to SaaS, except it is specifically designed for security. Here we will talk about five different aspects of software security and describe the top tools for each of those aspects.

Security-as-a-Service providers covered in this post


The average cost of a data breach was $4.24 million in 2021. 60% of small and mid-size businesses that fall prey to a data breach, never recover. 

While the number of data breaches has decreased over the last year, the risk of being hacked is omnipresent considering the dependency of businesses on the cloud, fast-paced development cycles, and the growing BYOD culture.

In view of all of these things, SecaaS providers bring a lot of value to the equation.

 If you find a security company that can monitor your systems and make you alert of the risks, flag vulnerabilities, and show you the fastest and the best ways to mitigate the risks, the battle against cyber threats is half won. 

This post will focus on critical security risks, different categories of security requirements based on your systems and processes, and the best tool in each of those categories.

7 major security risks SecaaS providers can help you mitigate

The following list is not exhaustive, nevertheless, it gives you a decent idea of the scope of cyber security threats in the modern world.

  • Data loss: When an attacker uses unauthorized access to steal or delete data.
  • Regulatory compliance violations: Every technology-based company has to abide by certain security regulations. Violating them can incur heavy penalties. 
  • Compromised credentials: Compromised credentials contribute to a major part of all data breaches. It is when an attacker steals the credentials of a privileged user of an app and uses the privileged access to launch an attack.
  • Hacked APIs: APIs are a key for communication between software. Hacked APIs can compromise multiple software at the same time.
  • Advanced persistent threats (APTs): An APT is an undetected presence maintained by an attacker within a network to steal data over a prolonged period.
  • Hijacked accounts or traffic: This attack is conducted by rerouting the network traffic maliciously.
  • DoS and DDoS attacks: A denial of service attack is when the attacker successfully makes an application or website inaccessible to its legitimate users.

It is one small security loophole v/s your entire website or web application

Get your web app audited with Astra’s Continuous Pentest Solution

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5 Security-as-a-Service providers in different categories 

In this section, we will go over different types of security requirements and the best tools that can help you cover those. Some tools mentioned here have overlapping capabilities, so, it’s not like you have to get separate tools for each category. The goal here is to identify the best in each category so that you can choose a security-as-a-service provider based on your need.

1. Web application security testing

Security testing is one of the most important processes when it comes to strengthening the security health of an organization. Not only is security testing a major part of the security regulations in every industry, but it is also imperative for the sustainable functioning and growth of a web application.

Web application security testing can take many forms continuous vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment. The goals are simple – find the vulnerabilities in a web application’s security, assess the risk associated with each vulnerability, prioritize them according to the level of threat, and fix them.

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It is difficult to track every new vulnerability that emerges, every software that needs an update, every third-party vendor that might pose a risk, or every API that behaves oddly. The answer is a security testing company that can come in, analyze your security posture, create a detailed report, and help you fix the issues as fast as possible. What’s the best security provider that can help?

Astra Security

Astra Security has two world-class products to help you with your web application security concerns. One is Astra website protection which combines a firewall and a malware scanner and can give you just the security perimeter you need. The other is Astra’spentest platform which covers all things security testing. We will talk about the pentest platform in some detail here.

Astra pentest dashboard

Astra’s pentest platform combines a high-functioning automated vulnerability scanner with manual pentest capabilities to give you the deepest and the widest range of security testing.

Here are some things the Astra Pentest platform can do for you.

It integrates with your CI/CD pipeline 

This means you can automate the vulnerability scanner to scan your app for vulnerabilities whenever you push new code.

vulnerability assessment cost continuous penetration testing Integrations security-as-a-service providers

It gives you vetted scans to ensure zero false positives

False positives are great deterrents to effective and efficient remediation. With Astra, you don’t get any.

It comes with a cloud configuration review feature

Cloud security works differently for each cloud provider. Astra’s pentest has customizable features to meet your cloud configuration review needs.

It scans behind login pages without requiring you to reauthenticate

Reauthenticating the scanner every time a session runs out is a pain. Astra’s login recorder extension treats that problem and ensures a smooth experience for you.

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Reports with video PoCs

The quality of pentest reports determines the speed of remediation. Astra hits a homerun with its video PoCs where the experts show how a vulnerability can be reproduced. It saves your developers a ton of time.

Contextual collaboration with security experts

It means your developers can interact with Astra’s security experts and reach a quick resolution to any roadblocks they may encounter while fixing or reproducing vulnerabilities.

Helps you with compliance

The pentest compliance feature integrated with Astra’s pentest dashboard helps you detect vulnerabilities that block your desired compliance so that you can prioritize it and fix it.

What Makes Astra the Best VAPT Solution?

  • We’re the only company that combines automated & manual pentest to create a one-of-a-kind pentest platform
  • The Astra Vulnerability Scanner Runs 8000+ tests to uncover every single vulnerability
  • Vetted scans to ensure zero false positives
  • Integrates with your CI/CD tools to help you establish DevSecOps
  • A dynamic vulnerability management dashboard to manage, monitor, assign, and update vulnerabilities
  • Astra pentest detects business logic errors and payment gateway hacks
  • Helps you stay compliant with SOC2, ISO27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc.
  • Trusted by the brands you trust like Agora, Spicejet, Muthoot, Dream11, etc.

2. Cloud Access Security Brokerage

Cloud access security brokerages (CASBs) are vendors that sit between cloud providers and cloud users to ensure that each side is holding its end of the shared responsibility model up. 

CASBs make sure that the infrastructure and operating systems are adequately protected by the cloud service provider and also help the cloud users secure their data in the cloud. CASBs also ensure that compliance with industry standards and government-enforced regulations are maintained by both parties. 

One of the top CASB providers is

Oracle CASB

Palerra was an identity cloud service provider that Oracle acquired in 2016 and turned into a fully-fledged cloud access security brokerage provider. 

security-as-a-service providers

They automated the entire cloud security lifecycle from building preventive security strategies to detecting vulnerabilities and remediating them. 

The Oracle CASB can help you with IT discovery and user behavior analytics. It also comes with a firewall, access management, and key management services.

3. Email Security

A lot of important data travels through your cloud-based email servers and it is really one of the sweetest spots for attackers to focus on. Email can be the primary medium for phishing attacks, social engineering attacks, clickjacking, and whatnot. Protecting your email servers is imperative.

Some security-as-a-Service providers provide you with email security as a standalone service while with some it comes as part of a larger platform. You can pick the one that suits you best. Here’s our pick.


Proofpoint has a dedicated email security service that works in a wide range of environments. It protects an organization from inbound and outbound security threats. It uses a signature-based detection system to protect the employees of an organization from emerging threats from any risky IP addresses.   

4. Network security

Network security differs quite a bit from web app security since it has to focus on the entire network including all the software and services running on a network instead of one web application. It requires a different suite of services. 

Network security as a service provider helps you monitor the traffic in and out of your network and detects open ports, outdated software, or vulnerable services running on the network.

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One of the top network security vendors is


Qualys is a comprehensive suite of security solutions with dedicated services for cloud security, web app pentest, and security compliance. Network security is one of its strong suits. 

qualys vulnerability scanner review

The network security tool by Qualys discovers all your assets and monitors the services and assets present on your network. You can keep an eye on devices active in your cloud environment, detect security vulnerabilities introduced by any of them, and make sure every application is updated.

Qualys has a well-optimized alert system for suspicious activities on your network along with comprehensive visual assistance. 

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5. Single Sign-on

Single sign-on or SSO gives the members of your organization the ability to access any cloud app owned by the organization with a single set of credentials. It allows IT administrators to control and manage access with ease, set policies and exceptions quickly, and build a more secure environment for all.

One of the top vendors is


Okta uses Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML) and Secure Web Authentication (SWA) to allow users to access any app with a single set of credentials securely.

security-as-a-service providers

It provides solid central administration features that allow the IT admins to set clear policies and control access while making it easier for everyone to access the applications.  

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The bottom line

SecaaS providers have quickly become a vital apparatus for cloud-based apps and technology-based companies across industries. They make it easier and cheaper to manage and monitor the security of organizations of all shapes and sizes.

It is imperative, however, that you choose the right security as a service provider for your needs. Get a service that integrates easily with your processes and secures your organization without reducing functionality in any way.

Saumick Basu

Saumick is a Technical Writer at Astra Security. He loves to write about technology and has deep interest in its evolution. Having written about spearheading disruptive technology like AI, and Machine Learning, and code reviews for a while, Information Security is his newfound love. He's ready to bring you along as he dives deeper.
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