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Top 9 Email Spam Filters Available in the Market

Updated on: April 17, 2024

Top 9 Email Spam Filters Available in the Market

Spam, in a nutshell, is an unsolicited message to one or more recipients, usually with the intent to sell something. In itself, spam is only an annoyance the threat comes when senders send recipients spam mail containing links with viruses or attempt to scam their victim.

Thus, spam filters become necessary and unavoidable. Here is the list of the 9 best spam filters for you to stay secure.

List of Best Spam Filters

  1. SpamTitan
  3. Spambrella
  4. MailChannels
  5. Xeams
  6. Topsec Email Security
  7. Symantec Email Security.Cloud
  8. MailWasher
  9. Spameo

Why You Need an Effective Spam Filter?

Research shows that 14.5 billion spam emails are sent every single day, earning their senders a daily average of $7,000. According to the same research, 46% of emails are spam. That’s a lot of potentially-dangerous messages!

An effective spam filter will protect email recipients from potential threats that come from spam emails. They have the potential to block the likes of viruses, and phishing attacks, and segregate safe emails from spammy ones.

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How do Spam Filters Work?

Spam filters are available in the form of software, hosted, or an on-premise appliance. They work by analyzing your emails before they reach your inbox to determine if they are spam or not. They analyze the content, email address, header, attachments, and language of your emails, and scan them for anything “suspicious”.

A Snap of Spam filter
A Snap of Spam filter

For example, if the language in the email does not match your own, they have the capability of marking that as spam.

Emails sent from known spammers will be black-listed, and so spam filters will check emails against this too.

Free Spam Filters VS Paid Spam Filters

Your email host will usually have a spam filter built in whether you’ve opted for a low-cost VPS provider for your business, or you have a more expensive and complex package. Most email hosts provide the same “free” degree of spam filtration and security.

This is why some of your emails get sent straight to your spam folder. It’s a very basic filter and often times you will get spam in your inbox and vice versa. This results in regular trips to your spam folder to see whether you’ve missed any important emails or promotions via email marketing.

Downloading free anti-spam software will have a similar effect, but it will be slightly more advanced. And, you may have more features and options available to you.

These may be ideal for personal use, however, for businesses, particularly those with multiple employees, computers, and email accounts, they won’t hold their own.

A paid-for spam filter will give your company computers and email accounts for the best protection. They will be more thorough in their scanning and analyzing processes.

Your employees, while at work, are your responsibility. If they fall victim to a scam while under your care because you didn’t put the proper precautions in place, the fault could fall on you. Equally, it can prove costly to rid computers of viruses obtained from spam emails.

The 9 Best Spam Filters in the Market

There are loads of spam filters out there and the options can be confusing. We’ve put together a list of the best spam filters available on the market so that you can make an informed choice about which one is right for you.

1) SpamTitan (TitanHQ)

SpamTitan is suitable for all types of businesses. It scans your emails, including links and attachments, and blocks any threats it finds. Founded in 1995, TitanHQ offers an affordable spam filter from just $0.80 per user per month. As a bonus, it offers a one-month free trial that enables you to try it out, no strings attached.

SpamTitan Features:

– 24/7 support

– Encryption

– Email recovery

– Allow/block list

– Fraud detection

– Quarantine

– Reporting and statistics

– Can be installed on Windows and Mac

SpamTitan also has some very happy customers, with reviews saying:

“Anti-spam that is affordable, flexible and powerful”

“Setup was very straightforward”


ZEROSPAM uses a reseller channel to reach its customers and provides services for large and medium-sized organisations. It is a cloud-based service, so there’s no need to install anything on your computer. It’s completely compatible with Office365 and claims to offer the “best spearfishing protection in the industry”, along with “superior ransomware and phishing protection”!

ZEROSPAM works with a range of big tech companies like TechData, CPU, Cybersquad, and Microcomp, who resell and distribute their services. They also offer a free trial for those companies wanting to try them out.

ZEROSPAM Features:

– 24/ live support

– Training in the form of webinars and documentation

– Fraud detection

– Spam filter

– Encryption

– Quarantine

– Allow/block list

– Email recovery

ZEROSPAM has some glowing reviews, with customers saying:

” Simple to implement, simple to use, no maintenance to do”

“Solid solution with easy to use tools”

3) Spambrella

Spambrella serves customers of all forms, both resellers and end-user customers. It offers a versatile spam filtering solution across all sectors. It is an SaaS company, so everything is hosted in the cloud.

Spambrella offers a comprehensive range of spam filtering solutions along with plenty of training opportunities and support. They also provide a free trial.

Spambrella Features:

– Encryption

– Quarantine

– Email recovery

– Spam filter

– Reports and statistics

– 24/7 support

– Fraud detection

Here’s what their customers say:

“Robust, versatile and reliable”
“Great product at a good price”

4) MailChannels

MailChannels is another cloud-based spam filter. The filter heavily emphasizes behaviour analytics and response analytics. The service enables its users to diminish any spam-based problems they may have when sending emails, as well as receiving them. It ensures their emails actually get to the recipient’s inbox, not their spam folder.

The price begins at $59.99 per month and they offer a free trial.

MailChannel’s Features:

– 24/7 support

– Fraud detection

– Encryption

– Rectifies problems with email delivery

– Spam filter

– Quarantine

– Reports and analytics

Take a look at what their customers say:

“Blacklist problem solved”
“Works great… barely have to even think about it”

5) Xeams

Xeams is ideal for small, medium and large organisations and claims to eliminate 99% of junk mail from your inbox. Founded it 2002, it’s available for Windows and Mac users, and is a very user-friendly option and a good all-rounder.

Xeams cost $20 per user per year and offers discounts for multiple users, as well as a free trial. It provides webinar training as well documents to read to make sure you get the most out of their service.

Xeams’ Features:

– Email routing

– Fraud detection

– Encryption

– Quarantine

– Spam filter

– Reports and statistics

– Mass email manager

Additionally, Xeams’ customers have given it some very positive reviews. Take a look:

” Happy Xeams customer for almost 7 years”

“Spam buster”

6) Topsec Email Security

Topsec email security is another versatile spam filtering solution, being fully-scalable for small, medium and large businesses, as well as government agencies! It works to meet customer requirements by eliminating threats as an when they’re needed. It scans emails, along with their links and attachments, before they enter your network so it can act fast and before they reach you.

Topsec offers a free trial for their email security services and they are hosted on the cloud. They provide support in the form of 24/7 customer service and online training.

Topsec Features:

– Allow/blocklist

– Quarantine

– Spam filter

– Operates at internet level

– Email archiving

– Reports and statistics

– Fraud detection

– Email recovery

– Audit log

Topsec Email Security boasts many impressive customer reviews, including:

“Achieving peace of mind with top email security that you need”

“Topsec secures our clients”

7) Symantec Email Security.Cloud

As the name suggests, Email Security.Cloud provided by Symantec, is a cloud-based service. It is able to provide robust email security regardless of the user’s system. It provides an integrated solution to keep all of your email accounts safe and secure, including protecting against data leakage.

Email Security.Cloud uses advanced security methods and offers a speedy response to potential threats.

Email Security.Cloud Features:

– Prevents data leaks

– Stops advanced email attacks

– Quarantine

– Promotes security awareness

– Fraud detection

– Reports and statistics

As a high-powered and diverse service, Email Security.Cloud has been praised by their customers, saying:

“High-end email security”
“A great security tool for corporate emails”

8) MailWasher

MailWasher is a little different from the others in our list, in that it is an on-premise solution. It protects its users’ emails and their servers from threats. It costs $24.95 per year and is ideal for those who want to preview emails before they get to their inbox.

MailWasher Features:

– On-premise solution

– Spam filter

– Works with unlimited email accounts

– Check emails before you receive them

As with all the spam filters on our list, MailWasher has some very positive reviews:

“Absolutely indispensable”
“Fantastic tool to filter your junk before reaching your client”

9) Spameo

Last in our list of the best 10 spam filters on the market is Spameo. Spameo is a simple-to-use extension for Chrome, designed especially for Gmail-users. It allows its users to filter and block emails and senders.

The cloud-based extension has a one-time fee of $37.00 per user and offers documents to help you get to grips with using it.

Spameo Features:

– Low, one-time cost

– Spam filter

– Whitelist/blacklist capabilities

– Spam blocker

Read some of Spameo’s customer reviews:

“Great way to stay on top of spam issues”

“This is a must if you receive large email quantities”

Choosing Your Spam Filter

Choosing your spam filter will depend on a lot of factors, including what system you’re working with and what you want it to achieve.

The costs of spam filters vary greatly from service to service. The price usually reflects the number of features each service offers, and more importantly, the amount of protection. Be sure to choose a spam filter that meets all of your needs, as skimping could prove a costly mistake.

Complete Security With Astra

While we totally agree that spam filters add a great way to guard yourself against coming threats via emails, email is not the only way to get hacked online. The other and more dangerous kind of spam is the bad bots. Bad bots can choke your servers, brute-force your website, and steal content from your website among other malicious things.

Astra provides a range of spam filtering to businesses of all sizes but it isn’t restricted to that only. It is a complete suite where you will find everything you need to secure your website from the firewall to security audits at one place. It protects your website against over 100 threats. For websites already hacked, it provides a fast and efficient solution for malware removal.

As well as their large and diverse range of features, Astra offers real human support as and when it’s needed. It has a powerful, intuitive, and robust system that’s easy to use, both for individuals and agencies.

Astra’s Features:

– Ever-evolving web application firewall

– On-demand malware scanner

– Immediate malware removal

– Real-time reporting & Intuitive dashboard

– IP/Country blocking/Whitelisting

– In-depth Security Audits and Pentesting

Quick Guides

Astra is well-established on TrustPilot & Capterra.

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