WP Hardening

The Correct WordPress File and Folder Permissions

Wrong file permissions can cause errors in accessing and executing files on your WordPress website. There are services and servers that need certain sets of permissions to work efficiently. Further, it can also be a security risk.

I have listed below the recommended file permissions you should set at once on your website:

  1. For wp-config.php = 400/440

  2. For all .php files = 644

  3. For index.php = 644/444

  4. For wp-content folder = 755

  5. For wp-includes folder = 755

  6. For wp-content/uploads folder = 755

  7. For all the files in general = 644

  8. For all folders in general = 755

Check out this blog to learn the step-by-step process of setting WordPress file permissions.

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