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PHP SQL Injection: All You Need To Know

In the class of injection attacks, SQL injection attack has come out highly prominent. The majority of websites are vulnerable to it. According to Akamai, in 2017, more than 50 % attacks were done on web using SQL injection. In this article, we would discuss how SQL injection is carried out and how we can prevent the same in PHP applications.

PHP Website Hacked? These PHP Vulnerabilities Can Be the Cause

PHP is the backbone of almost every popular CMS today. Thanks to its simplicity and license-free nature, PHP is the preferred choice for dynamic website development. However, due to poor coding standards, compromising PHP sites has become relatively easy. The internet is full of help threads where users complain about custom PHP website hacked or PHP website redirects hack. This has led to a lot of negative publicity for PHP itself which is nowhere to be blamed for this. Shredding the myths on PHP security, Anthony Ferrara, a PHP core contributor, and a renowned security expert commented that,

Resolving XSS, CSRF, SQLi, Session Hijacking & Other Security Issues in PHP

PHP is dramatically the most criticized languages when we talk of security, yet the oldest in its usage. Despite being old it is far from being outdated. On the contrary, it is still in high demand. Thus, it is important that it remains as protected as possible for it is basic to many growing businesses. PHP coders, understand the fact…

WordPress Code Injection

Wordpress sites have always been targets for internet fraudsters owing to its large user base and a wide range of functionalities. Using vulnerable Plugins, not timely updating to the latest versions, not applying patches regularly, and carelessness in security measures are the major reasons for a large number of attacks on Wordpress Sites. Unfinished Wordpress installations have rendered the world's…

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