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Must have PrestaShop Addons for E-commerce Stores

Updated on: March 29, 2020

Must have PrestaShop Addons for E-commerce Stores

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PrestaShop, for sure, is one of the top CMS(s) available for e-commerce. Its versatility and flexibility adds to its excellency. Plus it is also budget friendly. If you already own a shop on prestashop, you might want to look further for different tools to take care of the varied aspects of an online e-commerce store. In this article, we will list all the Prestashop Plugins which could help you take care of the various requirements of your business.

PrestaShop, for sure, is one of the top CMS(s) available for e-commerce. Its versatility and flexibility add to its excellence. Plus it is also budget friendly. If you already own a shop on Prestashop, you might want to look further for different tools to take care of the varied aspects of an online e-commerce store. In this article, we will list all the Top PrestaShop Addons which could help you take care of the various requirements of your business.

It allows your customers to have access to an extension of the marketplace from their PrestaShop websites. For the business person, this makes your shop friendly to customers. You are therefore more likely to land more clients for the business. However, you need to know which PrestaShop Addons to add so you save money and boost your sales at the same time.

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Here is the list of Top PrestaShop Addons that will change the face of your company:

ALT Tags and Advanced Search 4

SEO might be old, but it still is gold for most website owners. One thing about having an SEO company is that you will not have to worry about driving traffic to your website since the work will be done for you. SEO experts know what keywords to use and where to use them so that your company gets noticed by internet users all over the globe. You may not have to invest much by you will reap the benefits in plenty. SEO, when done by an expert always pays. If you don’t know much about SEO, you can buy research papers to help you learn more about it.

With ALT Tags and Advanced Search 4, you will get SEO Experts and SEO boosters that will make it easier for you to optimize your site and get more customers to your website. Advanced Search 4 currently has more than 5000 installations and costs 199 Euros. And, ALT Tags has 1000+ downloads and costs 59 Euros.

Advanced search 4 on PrestaShop

SEO Images (ALT tags) on PrestaShop

Trigger Sales Module

A trend that has been consistent with online buyers is that they love personal approaches as they shop. These approaches make them feel that the company thinks about them as individuals and not as a group of buyers. They, therefore, expect that a great company will have additional favors for them. General discounts and incentives will not cut it because they are considered for all customers. They are looking for privileges that are given to a select few, a private group of customers. They, therefore, strive to be a part of that group of individuals as it gives them a certain level of pride. Trigger sales instantanely Module helps you personalize for each customer.

However, companies can only achieve this level of Personalization through private sales features. The main features here include:

● Create private sales from scratch

● Win more leads

● Increase customer loyalty

● Increased number of experienced sales

● You can create these private sales in a few minutes

● There is a private sales subscription

● Displays upcoming sales

Trigger Sales module

There are several private sales modules available from different developers like FME, Presto-Changeo, Etiendas, etc. You can select the right product for you depending on your budget and needs.

Boost Sales Flash sales module

There is a trigger in all human beings to buy items that are on a quick sale and that are seemingly less expensive. An e-commerce business that declares massive discounts on their products for a short period makes more sales. People will pay attention to the items and work hard to grab the opportunity before it expires. Boost Sales Flash sales module do exactly that. With this feature, creating these flash sales will be easy and fast. They have a countdown with the chance to include CTA, customer banners, and visual creations.

Flash Sales module on PrestaShop

On-page check out module

PrestaShop has a built-in on-page checkout where a customer can check out with only one click. Unlike other modules and other platforms, though, this one lags behind. It is advisable that you rely on premium modules that will comfort and create intuitiveness with the whole process. The features it includes:

● Mobile friendly because the feature is very responsive

● User satisfaction through inline validation

● Improves error reporting

● Supports multiple addresses

● Sticky cart summary and information

Social Login

Facebook is the perfect platform for you to market your products and services especially if you are targeting millennials. Today, Facebook has over 3 million users. With Social Login module, it will be easier for customers to find you and sign in. With this feature, your customers can sign up for your store’s services with their existing Facebook accounts. This makes it easier for you to track the conversion rates. It also helps you promote your store to their friends. It is also a great way to reach other social media platforms and customers outside Facebook with the share button.

PrestaShop Security Add-on

When you create a successful shop online, it is just like having the cozy brick and mortar shop. Further, security is an essential aspect of any business whether online or offline. In fact, today, online shops require security more than the normal shops given the increased number of cyber attacks.

Security add-ons like Astra are great because they provide a comprehensive & continuous online monitoring system. This add-on allows you to keep away scammers, hackers and any type of harmful malware from your shop. They also have an all in one solution for security problems. You can also read the security guides for all the information you need.

Some services offered by Astra Security includes Rock-solid firewall with immediate malware cleanup, On-demand Malware Scanner, protection against bad bots, SQLi, XSS, Spam exploit, content scraping, fake account creation & 100+ internet threats. You can set up Astra for your business and reap benefits from the following services:

  1. Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  2. Hack Removal & Malware Scanner
  3. Blacklist Monitoring
  4. Intuitive Dashboard & Reporting
  5. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  6. Community Security and Vulnerability Disclosure
  7. Astra’s Security Seal

Is your PrestaShop website hacked? Drop us a message in the chat widget, and we will be happy to help.

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All these categories will give you a great idea of what to expect and the features you should give priority to. Each individual and company will have different needs. By using these Top PrestaShop Addons, you can easily attain these features that will help improve your online business significantly.

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