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How To Block IPs & Countries in PrestaShop Store Using an Addon – Store Fixer

Updated on: July 13, 2020

How To Block IPs & Countries in PrestaShop Store Using an Addon – Store Fixer

Most major attacks & data breaches could be traced back to certain known hacker IPs. Hence, blocking these IPs beforehand defends your PrestaShop store from all malicious visits that could have transpired into a targeted attack. IP blocking also comes in handy to block a rogue user or a troubling visitor. Whether it is blocking a specific IP or an IP range or the whole country, you can do this easily with our IP blocker module for PrestaShop – Store Fixer by Astra. In this article, you will learn how.

But before we get to that, here’s why you must have an IP blocker.

Reasons for installing PrestaShop IP/Country blocker Addon

1. To fend off hackers

The potential threats of the malicious IP can be either hacking of the website’s database or even insertion of the malicious JS on your website. This could lead to a data breach of your users that can eventually lead to your reputation being compromised.

2. To define customer boundaries

There are various rules and regulations as per different countries. With no blocking of the IP, it might lead to a potential customer from a prohibited country. Though it might sound great to have a more user base, but often such consumers cannot be addressed. Due to the legal issues, selling to them becomes difficult, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

3. To check rogue/troubling customers

There might be fraudulent orders from customers, that can lead to your store being under the threat. This is one of the major reasons, why IP blocking should be a penny for your thought. Thus, it becomes essential to have a PrestaShop IP block on your website.

The working mechanism of Blocking IP Range/Country in PrestaShop

Most IP blocking plug-ins have a similar principle of operation. It can be described as follows:

  • Regulating the areas in which your website is shown to the users.
  • Preventing any access from users who are blocked as per region or IP
  • Keeping a check on the abusive visitors on the website, keeping your store safe.

Why is PrestaShop Store Fixer unique?

Store Fixer module can be installed in a few clicks, is super time-saving, requires zero coding skills, obviates the need for editing any core file, and works smoothly with your store. Further, you can block a single IP or strings of IPs with this module effortlessly.

It also facilitates blocking the IP range altogether if you wish to render your website inaccessible to a whole region or country.

On top of all this, you also get extra security functionalities (such as – ReCAPTCHA, Content Security, Security Headers) with the Store Fixer module.

How To Block IPs in PrestaShop With the Store Fixer Module

Installing the Store Fixer module and start blocking IPs with it requires just a couple of steps, which are:

  • Download the zip folder in your system. Open the admin section of Presta Shop and upload it here.
  • Now, to block IP, navigate to the Store Security menu on the left side of your store’s admin panel. Then go to IP Blocking option.
  • Enter the IP/IP range/Country you wish to block or trust and accordingly hit the button Block and Trust. Now SAVE the changes.

And that’s it.

Final thoughts

Store fixer is a smart tool to block malicious IPs and protect your e-commerce store from brutal cyberattacks. Having the most comprehensive security tool in your store can ensure that you are way ahead of your competitors.

However, IP blocking is just one security feature to block identified hackers and can’t protect you from unanticipated attacks from non-blacklisted IPs. To secure your PrestaShop store 360 degree having a dedicated security solution is the wisest choice. Learn how Astra’s Security Suite tailored for PrestaShop caters to all security needs for an e-commerce store.

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