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How to Setup ReCaptcha on Your PrestaShop Store?

Published on: June 20, 2020

How to Setup ReCaptcha on Your PrestaShop Store?

CAPTCHA is an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Having a CAPTCHA on your website checks all bot triggered attacks that can brute-force your PrestaShop store’s login page. If you are hosting a registration form or any other open forms on your store, CAPTCHAs also check that no automated spam insertion takes place. CAPTCHA adds hugely to the security of an e-commerce store and ensures account safety for customers and administrators alike. Thus it is important to know how to setup captcha on PrestaShop.

In this article, you will learn the security value of having a CAPTCHA on your PrestaShop store and the step-by-step process to install CAPTCHA by the Store-fixer security plugin by Astra.

Here we start.

Why CAPTCHA’s are important for your PrestaShop store?

Anti-spam protection is one of the priorities for website owners nowadays. With the help of anti-spam protection, website owners can secure their site from viral links and thousands of spam emails.

It is worth mentioning here that spambots are the primary transmitters of spam. Their main goal is to plant spam links in as many vulnerable websites they can find.

Further, the visual data processing skills of human beings are much more sophisticated than bots and that is exactly the idea behind deploying a CAPTCHA on your e-commerce store. Tests that require you to differentiate between a string of jumbled and twisted letters, picture recognition, or just a simple checkbox saying ‘I am not a robot’ make a huge difference when it comes to the security of your PrestaShop store.

We already know CAPTCHAs discourage any automated invasion of security, but that’s not all that a CAPTCHA does. Here are other benefits of having a CAPTCHA on your e-commerce store:

  • Eliminate fake orders: By implementing CAPTCHA, you can also eliminate fake orders placed by spambots. In other words, by setting up a Captcha on PrestaShop, you can protect the interests of your buyers.
  • Stops DoS & DDoS attacks: CAPTCHAS when implemented in PrestaShop stores fends off DOS attacks effectively. DOS is the acronym for Denial of Service designed to render your products and services completely unavailable. With CAPTCHA, you can block the large number of fake requests sent to the server from bots thereby restoring normalcy and saving bandwidth.
  • Blocks spam registration: Installing CAPTCHA in PrestaShop ensures that the first time registration is performed only by humans and not by bots.
  • Checks negative marketing by competitors: With a PrestaShop Captcha module, you can prevent spam and negative reviews on specific products that can seriously affect your online popularity. Moreover, spam comments can invite the wrath of search engines like Google and Bing who would assume that your online store is receiving a lot of spam reviews on a single product. This can be detrimental to the overall ranking of your PrestaShop store.

How to setup CAPTCHA on PrestaShop?

Moving on. Now coming to the part on how to setup CAPTCHA on your PrestaShop, we have recently launched our own PrestaShop Captcha module within our multi-purpose security module – Store Fixer.

Store Fixer by Astra is a comprehensive PrestaShop security module that facilitates essential security tools to block spammers and also prevents content stealing. Interestingly, it fortifies your PrestaShop store by adding features such as ReCaptcha, content protection, spam IP blocking, etc.

how to setup CAPTCHA on PrestaShop
Store Fixer module by Astra

Quite phenomenally, this advanced security module also secures your site against admin login brute-forcing and content scraping. On the other hand, the security header feature of this module protects your site from Clickjacking and XSS attacks.

ReCaptcha by Store Fixer Module

To install the Store Fixer module on your PrestaShop store, follow these steps:

  • Download the compressed file and upload it to PrestaShop admin
  • Subsequently, click on the “Store Security” menu
  • If you want to use geolocation, download the file from the notification panel by going to the IP blocking page. After downloading, place it to the modules/storefixer/vendor/geoip2/directory   

There are bots and crawlers lurking around in the online arena. A slight carelessness can result in a bad reputation for your e-commerce store. Opt for Astra’s latest security module and complete security suite with WAF, malware scanner, and VAPT services to ensure maximum protection for your PrestaShop store.

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