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Symfony is a popular PHP framework that makes it easy for users to create PHP websites and web applications. In the past, there have been instances when Drupal was affected due to a flaw in the Symfony framework. Ultimately, this lead to the Symfony website hacked. Though this was a flaw of the Symfony framework at times, unsafe development practices…

How To Repair a Hacked Website?

Website security plays a vital role in the expansion of any online business. In recent years, cyberattacks have been on the rise with new variants of ransomware and crypto miners being discovered in the wild every month. This means that smaller businesses need to shell out more money to keep their online business secure and for hacked website repair.

What is a PHP Web Shell Backdoor & How To Remove It?

Sites using PHP are widely targeted by hackers as one exploit can work across all of them. Often clever techniques are deployed to work maliciously behind the scenes. PHP web shell backdoor is one such malicious script or program designed to infect your website secretly.

Joomla Security Issues: Top 5 Deadly Attacks on Joomla Site

Joomla is a popular CMS which outdoes its rivals in adaptability and flexibility. Joomla is a fine balance when it comes to choosing between the two extreme ends WordPress and Drupal. However, just like every other CMS, Joomla has had a fair share of security vulnerabilities. Hackers have exploited multiple Joomla sites worldwide from time to time due to one or the other Joomla security issue.

Index.php is the landing page of your PrestaShop store. Hence, no doubt, this is one of the most visited pages of your website. However, this also implies that index.php is actively targeted by attackers. If the attackers are successful in compromising index.php of your Prestashop site, the results can be disastrous. The attackers can use it to serve malware, deface your site or steal credit card info of the customers of your PrestaShop store.

What is Korean SEO Spam and How to Remove it?

Recently, a large scale Korean SEO spam was uncovered. The alarming thing about this spam campaign was the tricks it was using to pollute the search results of legitimate websites. Spammers are getting smarter day by day.

What is GoDaddy Site Suspension and How to Remove it?

GoDaddy is a great service to avail domains at a reasonable price. Apart from providing domain names, GoDaddy also provides hosting services to its users. It seems to be a fairly good deal while starting a new internet venture. However, while using the hosting services of GoDaddy often, the users may face the issue of GoDaddy site suspended.

How To Remove "The Site Ahead Contains Harmful Programs" Warning

This warning can be disastrous for your site rankings on Google. Further, google also blacklists your site with messages like the site ahead contains harmful programs which cause the traffic to plummet. Is your website the latest victim of the site ahead contains harmful programs message by google? And it might be the reason that led you to this article.

WordPress Website Hacked & Sending Spam: Symptoms, Causes & Cleanup

WordPress is probably the cheapest and easiest solution for online content management. WordPress has been around for a long time and powers a major section of the web now. However, this popularity comes with a heavy cost as it is also one of the most commonly targeted CMS in the world. As a result, users often complain of issues like WordPress hacked sending spam to their customers. And dealing with WordPress spam can prove to be more frustrating for you for it can sabotage the reputation of your site in the long run.