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Your Guide to Add Recommended Security Headers For WordPress

Configuring recommended security headers for WordPress adds to your site's security. Today we are going to discuss everything about security headers for WordPress. And why you should be concerned with it. Typically, an HTTP security header renders additional information (such as content type, content meta, cache status, etc.) attached with a web page, whenever a browser requests the page from the server.

API Security Testing: Importance, Rules & Checklist

API stands for - Application programming interface. It is a means for communication between your application and other applications based on a set of rules. In layman's terms, it is a language used among various applications. For example, you are able to put a twitter handle on the sidebar of your WordPress blog because WordPress uses the Twitter API.

.Bt WordPress Malware Redirects Visitors to Malicious Pharma Sites - Detection & Cleanup

Different WordPress malware campaigns are used to carry out different malicious activities. One such malware campaign has started with the .Bt WordPress hack. It is named so because this kind of infection creates files with .bt extension on your WordPress site under the root directory or the "wp-admin" or "wp-admin/css" directory. Here you will find the causes, symptoms, detection, and removal of the hack.

Businesses have learned the hard way that vulnerabilities & loopholes can cost them money and more. Stats show that as many as 99.7% of businesses have at least one undiscovered vulnerability. These vulnerabilities are nothing but a ticking bomb waiting to blow off. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to cybersecurity. You got to identify and patch these vulnerabilities…

One of the most common attacks on WordPress is brute-forcing. In this type of attack, hackers use bots to try hundreds of combinations of usernames and passwords to barge into your WordPress site. However, brute-forcing isn't limited to bots only. There are certain known methods attackers use to find the username, which we'll discuss in this article. Also, you must…

WordPress relies heavily on PHP. Most of the core files and almost all themes in WordPress are PHP based. PHP is so widely used over the internet today that even the blog you are reading is powered by PHP. Having the latest version of PHP on your website can give you a significant edge over the people who run outdated…

Symfony is a popular PHP framework that makes it easy for users to create PHP websites and web applications. In the past, there have been instances when Drupal was affected due to a flaw in the Symfony framework. Ultimately, this lead to the Symfony website hacked. Though this was a flaw of the Symfony framework at times, unsafe development practices…

How To Repair a Hacked Website?

Website security plays a vital role in the expansion of any online business. In recent years, cyberattacks have been on the rise with new variants of ransomware and crypto miners being discovered in the wild every month. This means that smaller businesses need to shell out more money to keep their online business secure and for hacked website repair.

What is a PHP Web Shell Backdoor & How To Remove It?

Sites using PHP are widely targeted by hackers as one exploit can work across all of them. Often clever techniques are deployed to work maliciously behind the scenes. PHP web shell backdoor is one such malicious script or program designed to infect your website secretly.

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