WooCommerce Security Basics: 7 Tips to Protect your eCommerce Site

Updated on: April 14, 2020

WooCommerce Security Basics: 7 Tips to Protect your eCommerce Site

Statistics from the Small Business Trends website show that 43 percent of cyber attacks target small businesses. As expected, the risks go up when businesses are banking on ecommerce solutions such as WooCommerce. This plugin is manageable, works seamlessly with WordPress, and is compatible with basic website optimization functions. It’s also free! The basic themes are, anyway. With all these up its sleeve, it’s little wonder why WooCommerce is a leading ecommerce solution for many businesses. Unfortunately, it is also susceptible to hacking and security breech. These WooCommerce security tips will help you get a head start on ecommerce site protection:

  1. Think of a good password: To keep your ecommerce site secure, cover the basics first. Take a little more time to come up with a strong password. When you think of a password, scrap those that easily come to mind. Try combining unique letter combinations with special characters to make it impossible for hackers to guess your secret code.
  2. What’s in a name?: Now let’s move forward with usernames. Basically, you just need to be more creative when creating a username – you’ll never go wrong with a unique username and a strong password. The rule of thumb is to make it difficult for hackers to crack your password.
  3. Limit user access: Be selfish about all-out access. This means you should weigh the pros and cons of giving out admin privileges before actually doing it. Aside from your trusted web developer, few people in your team need to have admin access.
  4. Have a website backup in place: Website backups are non-negotiables as these come in handy when bugs or hacking incidents come your way. They also allow you to restore your entire website (if you need to!) without unnecessarily turning everything upside down.
  5. Give technical support a go: When you’re using an ecommerce solution, you cannot afford to be lax on the upkeep of your chosen platform. Here’s a pro tip: maintain your ecommerce site with as few glitches as possible by choosing themes with technical support. This gives you the upper hand when issues on bugs or hacking come up.
  6. Keep away from public Wi-Fi: The WooCommerce community itself warns against the possible threats of accessing your site through public Wi-Fi. Sometimes, in your haste to check your ecommerce site, you end up completely forgetting about SSL. This easily becomes a problem when you’re accessing your site using a public Wi-Fi. When this happens, other people using that network can become privy to your username and password. You can only imagine how damaging this is for your small business.
  7. Security plugins: Security plugins play a major role in keeping your ecommerce site safe and secure. To keep your site in check, look up recommended security plugins and choose one that best suits your website’s needs. You might want to check iThemes Security or WordFence.

Astra Security lets you secure your site through default settings. Astra boasts of real-time threat defense feed, advanced manual blocking and web application firewall.

It pays to be proactive about cyber security. Once you’ve exhausted the items listed in this article, go full blast on unleashing the potentials of your ecommerce platform through ecommerce retargeting.

With cyber security concerns out of the way, the next thing to tick off your list is to increase your sales.  WordPress ecommerce SEO, more advanced website functionalities and a good digital marketing strategy can definitely do wonders for your business. Learn more about SearcherMagnet’s web development services today!

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