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The Magento 2 Security Extension You Need For Your Store

Updated on: November 20, 2023

The Magento 2 Security Extension You Need For Your Store

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Astra’s all round security has acquired a loyal customer base because of its unique features and quality service. 99 % Astra users have reviewed Astra as the most cost-effective and efficient web security service.

Security is the need of the hour for the e-commerce industry. Cyber threats are at an all-time high. While every e-commerce platform provides a basic security framework, none guarantee 100% security.

Magento 2 is not an exception. Thats why Astra bring you their Magento 2 Security Extension.

In such a scenario, the responsibility to provide customers a secure shopping experience lies with e-commerce companies. To help them, experts have developed security solutions against all sorts of vulnerabilities. One such solution is the Magento 2 security extension developed by Astra.

In this post, we will look into the Astra Security Extension in detail. If you already have this extension, you will know ways to make the most of this security tool. If you still haven’t got this multitudinous security tool for your store, I am sure you will give it a shot after reading this post.

We will get into Magento 2 Security Extension by Astra in a minute. But first, let’s take a brief look at all the threats that Magento CMS is battling against.

Threats that plague Magento 2

A recent hacking campaign found more than 6000 Magento stores had been targeted by payment information thieves. Even though Magento developers pay special attention to security, there is no dearth of security vulnerabilities in Magento 2. Astra’s Magento 2 security extension provides fixes for major Magento vulnerabilities like:

  • Credit Card Hack
  • Ransomware
  • Cacheleak vulnerability
  • SQL injection
  • Remote code execution
  • GuruInc Javascript Hack
  • Unprotected development files
  • Admin disclosure (Security patch 5994)
  • Admin takeover (Security patch 7405)
  • Unprotected Magmi
  • Unprotected version control
  • Outdated server software
  • Shoplift (Security patch 5344)

However, the key to the strength of the security of your Magento store is conducting a Magento Store Health Checkup at regular intervals.

How Does Astra solve the problem?

Astra’s all-round security has acquired a loyal customer base because of its unique features and quality service. 99 % of Astra users have reviewed Astra as the most cost-effective and efficient web security service. Astra has been appreciated for its quick service by customers on Trustpilot.

Astra security review
Trust pilot review for Astra Security

The software reviewer, Capterra has rated 5 stars to Astra Security. After a comparative study of Astra web security solutions with other website security solutions. It has defined Astra Security as:

“… perfect web firewall for small and medium businesses…”


” I’m a fan! This software is well designed, comprehensive, and flexible. “ – Phil H.

” Super easy & fast – great REAL support and great service to boot. “ – Andrew

” Amazing product and probably the best customer service I have ever experienced. Highly recommended! “ – James B.

” Awesome team. We can focus on our work and know that they are with us when needed. “  – Sefa S

” Excellent service, I am sleeping like a baby since I got it. “ – Alon K

” Really great product to protect you from requests you didn’t even know about! “ – Alec G

Salient features of Astra’s Magento 2 security extension

Each website requires a unique security solution for its unique needs. These needs are understood by security experts at Astra so, they have tailor-made security solutions for your business. Here is how Astra takes care of all your security woes.

Deep Scan

When you install the Magento 2 security extension by Astra on your website, the extension runs a deep preliminary scan. It scans for 140+ different types of threats and vulnerabilities. Experts assess all the vulnerable points on your website and prepare a detailed security report. This report is used to formulate a security plan for your website.

Astra’s Malware Scanner
Malware Scanner flagging malicious files

Web Application Firewall

Astra’s Magento 2 security extension comes with a rock-solid firewall. The firewall protects your website from bad traffic and allows organic traffic to pass through. This helps protect your e-commerce website in the following ways:

  • The firewall provides real-time protection against XSS, SQL injection, LFI and 100+ other threats.
  • Blocks automated vulnerability scanners. Such scanners are used by hackers to penetrate your website.
  • Monitor admin login activity
  • Black list monitoring and IP blocking.
  • Automatic spam blocking
  • DDOS protection
  • Protection against code injection
  • Admin brute-force protection
  • Htaccess security
  • Webshell protection and many other features.
How does the Astra Firewall work

Regular Malware Scanning and Removal

Astra’s intelligent malware scanner detects a malware, tracks file modification, analyzes suspicious malware behavior and removes malware with just one click. All subsequent scans after the preliminary scan take hardly 5 minutes to complete. With its advanced Machine Learning algorithm, the Magento 2 security extension optimizes the process with every subsequent scan

You can schedule regular scans for your website (recommended) or scan manually as and when required with just one-click. The scans generate real-time, detailed reports and also include security suggestions to handle detected vulnerabilities. The heuristics approach of the Magento 2 security extension provides protection against malware like:

  • Server malware
  • Malware that causes website defacement
  • Ransomware
  • Credit card skimmers
  • Botnets
  • Malware entry backdoor

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

Astra Security is empanelled by CERT-In for providing information security auditing service. Astra’s Magento 2 Security extension uncovers loopholes in your Magento website with automated and manual penetration testing. The VAPT procedure tests your website for:

  • Payment gateway vulnerability- price manipulation and privilege escalation
  • Credit card hack, formjacking
  • Strength of administrative and authenticating services
  • Encryption & Data Storage
  • Optimized DevOps Processes etc
  • Protocol analysis. The VAPT covers all major security standards around the globe including OWASP, SANS, PCI, ISO27001, GDPR, etc.
  • Common vulnerabilities and exposure (CVE) in core, themes, and plugins
A peek into Astra’s VAPT dashboard

In essence, with your permission, we try to hack into your website as the real hackers would. This exposes the security loopholes so that we can patch them before they can be exploited by fraudsters.

What is Astra’s VAPT process?

Astra Security Seal

Astra knows the importance of customer’s trust. Hence, they strive to provide you optimum services. With the Magento 2 security extension, you receive Astra’s Trust Seal to show your customers that you are a security-conscious company. It has been found that the presence of a Trust Seal improves lead conversion by 9.7%

Astra’s Trust Seal

GDPR compliance

GDPR is the General Data Protection Bill that came into effect in May 2018. It was enacted by the European Union to protect the data privacy of the citizens in the European Economic Area (EEA) This directive is not only relevant for European businesses but also for any business that has a presence in the European market.

Slack integration

With Astra’s Slack integration you bring security to where your team is. Get access to all important security updates from your Astra dashboard within your Slack. To activate the Slack, go through the following steps:

  1. Log into your Astra dashboard & head to ‘Settings’ page
  2. Find the option ‘Enable Slack Notifications’ option on the settings page
Slack integration on Astra
Slack integration on Astra
Enabling slack communication on Astra
  1. Switch on the Toggle button and make the required changes
  2. Click ‘Save

Intuitive dashboard

Astra’s Magento 2 security extension is popular for its features that make security a simple process. The intuitive dashboard shows a visual representation of the threats and vulnerabilities. The dashboard is easy-to-use and all data is stored on a highly secure cloud platform. It is a particularly useful feature for companies moving from Magento 1 platform to Magento 2 because it makes security simpler.

astra dashboard
Magento 2 Security extension dashboard

Installation and Pricing

To manage your website’s security you need to have an Astra account. You can create an Astra account from within your Magento dashboard after installing the extension or from the Sign-up Page. Follow these steps:

  1. Add Your Website on our dashboard.
  2. Select Your Technology
  3. Simply Install the Extension
  4. You’re Done! It only took 2 minutes
astra plugin installation
astra security plugin installation
astra security plugin installation

For any business, the cost of any service is a major concern. There is an omnipresent trade-off between cost and security. Astra Security has a solution for that. Astra offers great features at very low prices.

Having trouble picking the right plan? Compare Plans or get a Quick Recommendation

Conclusion – Magento 2 security extension

We have seen the top threats that pose a maximum risk to Magento stores. We also saw how to use Astra’s Magento 2 security extension in countering them. I hope this post gave you a better look at the popular Magento security extension – Astra and its workings.

If you found this post helpful, do give it a thumbs up and leave a comment below. We would like to hear your thoughts on this 🙂

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