Is Sitelock worth it? Here’s a Sitelock Top Competitor – Astra

Updated on: March 12, 2021

Is Sitelock worth it? Here’s a Sitelock Top Competitor – Astra

Is Sitelock security features worth your money? Looks like you tried Sitelock and didn’t quite like it. You are not alone!

It’s shocking just how many people are searching for a ‘Sitelock Competitors’ every single month on Google.

To find out the reason behind this churning of customers, we skimmed through almost all Sitelock reviews available on top reviewing websites, social media and other platforms. Every other Sitelock review had a sour story to tell.

For instance, a user writes, “Before signing up with Sitelock, the rep I spoke to was amazing and went out of his way to help me. After I signed the 12-month contract, the service and the representatives I spoke with went, for a lack of better words, downhill.”

Another Sitelock customer writes, “Poor customer service and broken promises.

Another user says, “Not clear with terms and conditions.

Another user says, “their customer service takes an hour of wait time.”

Honestly, we could go on and on with these bad reviews, but you get the gist. Right?

In most of these cases, it seems the main reason behind falling out customers is poor customer support and below average service. However, people have also stopped using Sitelock due to their sale-sy undertone, unclear policies and inability to deliver what is promised.

Where did Sitelock fail?

Although Sitelock brags of offering the best website security solution to businesses and having happy customers, the truth is far from it. In our analysis of Sitelock security, we found that most customers have a conflicting story to tell about Sitelock. Except for a couple of good reviews, it’s mud all the way. But, what is really wrong with Sitelock? We try to reason below:

1. Empty promises

Customers have complained of waiting over two months to get some solid malware findings from the Sitelock team. Even then, the customer ends up getting re-infected the following month. For most, the initial conversations with the Sitelock team promised moons and stars only to back out later on.

2. Shaggy customer support

Sitelock’s customer support is another aspect that gets the most flak from customers. People complain about the unavailability of a robust support team. At times, they have to wait long hours for their turn on the support call. As if that’s not exhausting enough, the turnaround time to solve problems is equally high. This becomes frustrating for customers looking for a quick and priority service.

3. Lack of upfront policies

Another failure of the Sitelock service is not having upfront policies. For instance, you can’t cancel a subscription on Sitelock unless your subscription period is over. Other vague policies that we interpreted from the reviews are not having clear policies on the usage of certain tools and their limits. Turns out, trapping Terms and Conditions is a big no-no for the Sitelock customers.

What are your options now?

Our guess is you have experienced one of these reasons as a Sitelock customer. Are we close? In that case, you have just one option — Switching to a better security service that actually delivers desired services and even exceeds expectations.

However, a random cybersecurity company is as good as having no security. You and your business are as vulnerable with them as you are without them.

But this shouldn’t discourage you from looking for an efficient security solution for your website. Remember, it still is a pretty risky world out there. Condoning security can cost you millions. But you are smarter than that, right?

So let’s get to viable Sitelock’s Competitors

To be honest, there aren’t many.

The one Sitelock alternative that has been picked the most is Astra Security.

Astra Security is everything Sitelock is except that it is much much better. It offers you 24×7 active protection with WAF, an on-demand malware scanner, quick malware removals, and in-depth security audits. Our customer support has been lauded singularly and frequently for being quick, friendly, and helpful. We have unhidden and unambiguous policies. The team maintains a professional decorum with their customers. Above all, it’s easy to reach out to us without being ghosted. More on Astra later.

Is Sitelock Worth It? Unsubscribing Sitelock is a twisted process

First, let’s help you get rid of the Sitelock plugin from your website. 

If you have already tried, you would know canceling the Sitelock subscription is not really a cakewalk. Most people who end up buying Sitelock without prior research or on a petty recommendation by their hosting companies (which by the way have their own axe to grind in this) are in for a shock when they realize they have been trapped by policies and a shady service.

Canceling the Sitelock subscription can happen only via a phone call to their customer service. Which we have already seen in the above reviews that how responsive it is! Users have complained of waiting long hours before their calls get through. For those who relied on the standard support tickets, say they never received a reply. A few who reached out to Sitelock’s employees on social media either got generic replies or a bunch of empty assurances. 

Even the Sitelock Help documentation and knowledge base have nothing on canceling subscriptions.

At this point, it is quite clear how strategically and unethically Sitelock has decided on keeping their customers. For customers, not being able to break free of an unwanted service is more upsetting than having paid for it. This is also the reason why we see loads of Sitelock reviewing groups emerge on Facebook and other social media channels, where customers mostly rant about their experiences with Sitelock.

Anyway, you can’t do much about this except calling Sitelock and asking them for the cancellation of your subscription. After getting through with the subscription cancellation, then you successfully uninstall Sitelock.

A safe switch from Sitelock to Astra Security

Now that you are out of a pretentious security service, it’s time to get secured truly. I have already introduced you to Astra Security. Let’s learn more about Astra. 

What is Astra?

Astra Security is a Techstars company. Over the years, Astra has won many awards and grants. Being the ‘’Most Innovative Security Company” in the year 2017 at the Global Conference on Cyber Security is one of them. Astra also won the French tech ticket grant from the French government. Since then, Astra has become the go-to security solution for businesses across the globe.

What does Astra offer?

Right from a web application firewall, malware scanner, malware cleanups, security audits, bug bounty program to several other complementing features like — IP blocking & whitelisting, country blocking & whitelisting, file upload rules, GDPR, and so on.

Astra dashboard

A brief look into the Astra reviews

Unlike Sitelock, Astra reviews are all in all positive. Customers have commended the service with adjectives like “easy-to-use, friendly support, fast and effective” on almost all platforms and social media.

Astra Security’s reviews on Trustpilot

We have lucid policies all the way. The billing is upfront, so is the cancellation. Cancelling Astra is as easy as it gets and can be done following a few self-served steps from the dashboard. No contacting the customer support, no emails, no calls, nothing. Just a few clicks.

To sum it up

Astra Security is a great switch from a solution that lacks active support and a viable solution. We provide holistic protection and various features that ensure your website is well-protected from malicious eyes. We have no hidden costs and policies and are available 24*7 at your disposal.

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