TED is a nonprofit organization spreading great ideas. TED works with the tagline, ” Ideas worth spreading”. Since its start, TED has been renowned with the inclusion of subject expert speakers with groundbreaking and Eye-opening ideas revolutionalising our thought process. Astra brings you the collection of 5 best TED Talks on the topic of Cyber Security.

  1. Why I teach people how to hack?

    Ýmir is an assistant professor at Reykjavík University, Ph.D. in computer science, entrepreneur and hacker. Being shocked by seeing the state of cyber security he decides to start teaching the people how to hack. This video is an apt explanation to the question that why people need to secure system and how they can do so.

  2. Hacking 101

    Frank Heidt is Chief Executive officer of Leviathan Security. He explains how someone gets hacked. This is straight, to the point talk where harsh realities have been brought to light. This talk exposes how the terms like privacy and online safety is a myth and why people must be concerned about it.


  3. Cybersecurity: It’s All About the Coders.

    This is a very important topic covered by Mr. Dan Cornell. Dan is a renowned security expert with Denim Group. The talk focuses on developing secure applications and explains how developers are the necessary key to make applications secure. This talk explores the forgotten fact about security, “Security is a necessity, not a by-product”.   

  4. The Dark Net isn’t what you think. It’s actually the key to our privacy:

    Everyone talks about privacy issues, but we lag in identifying the solution to the problem of privacy. Mr. Alex Winter is a documentary filmmaker, he made an award-winning documentary on the Dark Web and this Ted talk is a reflection of the documentary.


  5. Evolving Computer Defenses

    Mr. ErinFulp is a professor of computer science at Wake Forest University. He brings the light to the process of what best methodology can be selected to resist any particular attack. This is one of most important task that we need to do “Evaluation of Computer Defences” and more importantly Co-evolution.

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