What is GoDaddy Site Suspension and How to Remove it?

GoDaddy is a great service to avail domains at a reasonable price. Apart from providing domain names, GoDaddy also provides hosting services to its users. It seems to be a fairly good deal while starting a new internet venture. However, while using the hosting services of GoDaddy often, the users may face the issue of GoDaddy site suspended. The reasons behind this may not be easy for an average user to comprehend. This article aims to tackle this issue and explain in simple terms how to deal with the GoDaddy site suspended message? Moreover, this article also explains what causes it and how to avoid this message.

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Godaddy Site Suspended Examples

Having to deal with the GoDaddy site suspended message can be a frustrating experience but you are not alone. A large number of sites every year get suspended by GoDaddy due to various violations. When the users visit the website from the internet, a message like the one given below is displayed.

godaddy site suspended
GoDaddy Account Suspended Message

Thereafter, when you try to login to your GoDaddy account using your credentials. You will see a message like the one given in the image below.

godaddy site suspended

To confirm it further, you can check your email for any messages from GoDaddy which would further highlight the causes for your GoDaddy site suspended message.

godaddy site suspended

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Causes of Godaddy Site Suspended message

Payment Pending

It is quite possible that while you may be worrying that GoDaddy site suspended message has occurred because of a compromised site but in reality, it could be a reason as small as your payment is pending. Before considering all other serious scenarios, make sure to check this one first.

Although GoDaddy sends email reminders before due dates to remind you of payment it is possible that you might not have checked your mail. Or worse, they could be ending in your spam folder. Or it could be some other reasons like changing your email address.

To avoid such issues, it is recommended to use the option of automatic billing. However, non-payments issues can still arise if the credit card info is outdated.

Violation of Terms of Service

GoDaddy site suspended due to violation of Terms of Service covers a large number of situations. GoDaddy has a universal TOS agreement which can be read here. This universal agreement contains a large no of violations ranging from hosting copyrighted material to hosting fake pharma pages, sending bulk spam, etc. If your site is found to be an offender of any such offense, GoDaddy is most likely to suspend your site and in some serious offenses, legal action may be taken. However, the reasons for your GoDaddy site suspended message will be conveyed to via email. So, it is advised to get in touch and start towards the removal of suspension.

Abuse of Allocated Resources

When you use the shared hosting plan of GoDaddy, your site is allocated a specific amount of resources i.e. web space, processing power, etc. At times, due to reasons known or unknown, your site may exceed the quota of resources. This can create a burden on the shared server and hence lead to a GoDaddy site suspended message. However, when your site exceeds the resource limit, GoDaddy may send a warning email before suspending your account. However, if such issues are frequent with your site, it is now time to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated GoDaddy hosting program.

Website Compromised

Is your payment for GoDaddy account up to date and still your site is suspended? Did you use the server resources within your share and still the site is suspended?

Well in such cases when everything seems to run smoothly, the malicious actor is often hidden behind the scenes. In the above-given cases, it is highly likely that your site has been hacked. The hacked sites are often used to:

  • Link Farming
  • Distribution of Spam
  • DDoS
  • Cryptocurrency mining
  • Malware Distribution
  • and much worse things!

The worrying part is that all this would have been going on behind the scenes. You may be unaware of the malicious scripts running in the background as they are designed to be stealthy. However, the scanners of GoDaddy pick up such illicit activities and then block your account for TOS violations. In some serious scenarios, no prior notification about GoDaddy site suspended may be provided!!

Fixing Godaddy Site Suspended message

Pay Your Dues

In case your GoDaddy site has been suspended due to no payment of dues, firstly login to your GoDaddy account. Thereafter, visit the payment section and pay your dues. In case you use automatic payment, make sure to update your payment info. Once the payment is done, contact the customer service to restore your site.

Limit Your Resource Usage

In order to minimize the usage of resources, look out for the defaulters using heavy resources. They could be:

  • A new upgrade to the site.
  • New plugin installed on the site.
  • Background job running on the server.

In case, you still need more resources for your expanding site, upgrade to a different plan.

Malware Removal

Malware removal is a meticulous process and requires expert supervision. Firstly you need to identify the infected scripts. Thereafter, those infected scripts need to be manually removed. In case the infection is in core files, they need to be replaced by fresh ones. And worse, the infection may still reoccur!

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To make the process of malware removal smooth, it is recommended to use a malware scanner and remover. Astra can do this job for you very easily. Its interface is designed to be used by an average user. Moreover, it can automatically identify the infected files and repair them. Once Astra is done with its cleanup process, contact the GoDaddy customer support. Explain them in detail (through mail or otherwise) the steps taken by you for malware removal. This would restore your site in some time.

Use A Firewall

To make the security of your site rock solid and to avoid messages like GoDaddy site suspended, it is recommended to use a security solution of some sort or a firewall. This would protect the site from such messages in the future. To make your GoDaddy hosted site secure, use a resource and user-friendly firewall like Astra.

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