Launching Astra’s Affiliate Program (With Lifetime Commissions!)

Updated on: June 27, 2023

Launching Astra’s Affiliate Program (With Lifetime Commissions!)

Over the years, many people with the same vision as ours came along in our journey of making the web more secure. For we cherish working together, we also believe in making collaborations a win-win for all. And, sharing the rewards that follow perfectly aligns with our beliefs here. With that thought in mind, it gives me immense pleasure to announce the launch of Astra’s very own & unique Affiliate program. All affiliate marketers, bloggers, and security researchers out there, this is for you. And, I cannot wait to take you along on this super exciting & rewarding journey of security.

With this article, I am meaning to let you in on the ins & outs of Astra’s affiliate program. Let’s dive right into then.

Now and Forever

Let me get this straight, Astra’s affiliate program is no windfall. It’s an ever drizzling rain. Become an Astra affiliate and keep earning forever. Astra offers 25% recurring & undiminished commission to you on each new signup. You get the commission for as long as your referee stays with Astra. And given our low churn rates (<3%), you can be assured of high returns from each conversion. Unlike other Affiliate programs where your incentives are paid either once or diminish, Astra maintains a clear policy of the same revenue for the rest of your life. And you thought earning eternally is not a thing? Well, now it is. You can use this calculator to estimate your earnings.

Astra Security Affiliate Program
Open a new revenue stream with Astra, check you estimated earnings here

60-day cookie policy

Among other challenges an affiliate marketer faces, one is that the users may not make a purchase right away. To make sure that the credit is disbursed where it is due, Astra Affiliate Program has a 60-day tracking cookie. This ensures that your commissions will not get lost even if the user doesn’t sign up right away.

Check Also: Astra Affiliate Program FAQs

Incentivize customers

We all know that some customers are wary of signing up through an affiliate link. Instead, they prefer signing up on their own. No worries, we have thought this through. And to your favor, we also announce a 5% lifetime discount for customers signing up with your affiliate link on Astra. Yes, Astra affiliate program benefits your customers too, thus resulting in more earnings for you. Now you have one more thing to tell your customers to get them to click on that link of yours!

Marketing Material

To sell anything, you need to market it well. We have got you covered here too. We have prepared for you all the marketing materials that you might need to pitch Astra. The readymade marketing materials will be available to you in your affiliate dashboard under the ‘Assets’ section. Just take these pictures/videos/GIFs and embed in any of your blog, landing pages, etc. And you are good to go. In addition to that, you can also share these assets with your affiliate link embedded directly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & mail. Get your marketing package today

Assets on Astra Affiliate Dashboard
Assets on Astra Affiliate Dashboard


Tracking your progress was never this simple. With our user-friendly dashboard know all the stats such as the total link impression, link clicks, conversion, total monthly payouts, etc in real-time. Plus the reporting is super customizable too. It has many filters to make your tracking easy and a moment’s affair. Apart from reporting & payouts, Astra’s affiliate dashboard has ‘Assets’ to make your marketing game strong. From our logo to reviews, everything is at your disposal to use. Start your journey now.

Astra's affiliate dashboard
Astra’s affiliate dashboard

Dedicated channel

Astra’s affiliate program has its own dedicated support & success channel to help you succeed. You can reach out to us at [email protected].

So, ready to get started on this rewarding journey? Start earning now.

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Ujwal Ratra

Ujwal handles operations & partnerships at Astra Security. He loves talking security with agencies around the world. Other than working with agencies to secure their clients, Ujwal loves to stay outdoors.
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