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Beginners Guide To WordPress Website Maintenance [Infographic]

Updated on: March 29, 2020

51 Must-Do Checks on WordPress Website Maintenance

One of the best Content Management Systems powering millions of websites on the internet, WordPress is an user-friendly CMS that allows you to build any kind of website you want. However, owing to its huge popularity, hackers are always on the lookout for loopholes and vulnerabilities on the WordPress website. Thus, one of the best ways to protect your WordPress website from all malicious harms is to maintain it on a consistent basis.

A well-maintained website will ensure that your site is running optimally at all times. It will help keep your site safe and secure from all malware, viruses, spam and others. In addition, it will help enhance user experience, leading to improved traffic and better ranking on SERPs.

A WordPress website is easy, thanks to the numerous plugins that are available. However, if you are not sure where to begin then fret not, as here’s a detailed WordPress website maintenance checklist that has listed the important tasks you need to undertake in order to shore up your site’s defences. These tasks will improve your site’s speed and performance. It will ensure that your site is well-optimised. It will also ensure that your site is fortified against all harmful threats.

To give you a glimpse, here are a few tasks you need to undertake right away;

  • Get a Web application firewall installed on your website.
  • Update your site’s WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Take a daily backup of your entire site and database.
  • Monitor your WordPress’s security.
  • Delete spam comments and clear trash.
  • Check site’s speed and test browser & device compatibility.
  • Optimize images and clear junk media files.
  • Check for broken links and fix it.

Download the Ultimate WordPress Security Checklist that’ll help you keep your WordPress watertight secure!

These are just a few tasks that will help you to secure and optimize your website. There are few more that you need to accomplish, the details of which you can check out in the infographic below that comprise of 50+ website maintenance tips.

Take a look now!

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist (Infographic) – 50+ Essential Tips & Practices by the team at bigrockcoupon.in

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist

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5 years ago

Nice infographic…I love your idea!!!

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