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Fix Magento Blacklist by Google, Norton, McAfee, AVG, Kaspersky, MalwareBytes & Other Engines

Updated on: June 20, 2023

Fix Magento Blacklist by Google, Norton, McAfee, AVG, Kaspersky, MalwareBytes & Other Engines

Do you own an e-commerce website? Chances are that it is built on Magento. Being one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce, there are instances that Magento based websites are targets for hacking attacks. This leads to blacklisting by search engines. Apart from hacking attacks, multiple reasons can lead to blacklisting by search engines. Blacklisting by search engines means that your website will not show up in search results or warning will be displayed while entering the site. Read on to find out more about the types of blacklisting and Magento blacklist removal.

What does a Magento Blacklist mean?

A Magento blacklist by search engine means when a user searches for your website or any related keyword, your website will either not show up or show up with a warning page. Search engines continuously look for any malicious or harmful content on websites. Once they detect anything unusual or potentially harmful, the website will be added to a blacklist.

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This is done to protect users from accessing such websites. There are various criteria based on the search engine being used, for blacklisting a website. Blacklisting of a website can be done in various ways. Different search engines and services have different ways to punish a website for not confirming to set guidelines. However, you can follow this Magento blacklist removal guide to fix it and make your site available to all.

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Different Kinds of Magento Blacklist, Magento suspicious sites and Their Removal Techniques

1. Google phishing Warning for Magento store

Phishing means having a fake webpage similar to a legit one that captures user details when users try to log in. This can be done by attackers who might have modified your site and thus controls your website as well as servers. To protect user data, Google keeps looking out for webpages that are phishing pages. If Google finds any indication that your webpage has been modified to resemble a fake site, it will blacklist your website.

How to Remove the Google phishing Warning for Magento store

In case you face such issues, you can do the following steps in the Magento blacklist removal guide to clear it up.

  1. Set up a Google search console and verify your ownership.
  2. If you see any unknown or unauthorized owners, remove them.
  3. Also, if you have a backup of your website, restoring it will clear all unwanted changes that might have been done to your website.
magento blacklist removal error

2. Magento Red Google screen

This happens when Google crawls through a site and finds anything that it considers harmful. Things that can trigger Google to blacklist your site include if malware is found in your site, if any outgoing links lead to an infected site or plugins or themes that are outdated and vulnerable, to name a few. Visitors avoid such sites which welcome them with a red warning screen. This will lead to lower traffic and loss of trust in your visitors.

How to Remove the Red Google screen

You can find the reason in Google Search console. The console will provide a detailed list of issues found on your site. Once you know the reason, you can take steps in the Magento blacklist removal guide to fix it. You can find the potentially infected locations from the console and manually clean them up. However, to be sure you can use a malware scanner to scan your entire website and fix everything. You also need to check your outgoing links and make sure that none lands on an infected site. Once you clean up your site, you can request a security issues report from Google. Once the report comes clean, the warning page will disappear.

3. Magento deceptive site ahead

This happens if either your website is infected with malware or more commonly due to some misconfiguration. Misconfigurations can mean a self-signed SSL certificate or an SSL certificate not properly installed, your site is not using HTTPS, to name a few. Websites should have a proper SSL certificate and use HTTPS since these features inspire confidence in your visitors.

How to Fix Magento deceptive site ahead

For Magento blacklist removal, check if your SSL certificate is properly signed and installed. Also, make sure that your site is using HTTPS everywhere. Also, check for any other security settings that are not properly configured and fix them. Also, since this warning can be caused due to a potential malware infection, scan your entire website and find and remove any malware that can be present.

4. Magento Norton blacklisted

You can get a rating of your website from Norton based on your site’s security status. Norton offers a form where site owners can register their website and request an evaluation. Once it is done, Norton will crawl through your website and test parameter such as malware, drive-by downloads, presence of any anomaly, malicious codes, redirections to suspicious websites, to name a few. In case your site fails any of these criteria, then Norton will blacklist your website.

How to Fix Magento Norton blacklisted

If this happens, you need to check the reason for getting blacklisted. You need to clean your website of any malware if required. Also, check if any of the outgoing links redirect to a malicious site. If a potential infection is detected, install a fresh version of the site. Once Magento blacklist removal steps are done, apply for a review.

5. Magento AVG blacklisted

AVG uses their tools to scan through websites and if required can blacklist your website. If your site is found violating any of the guidelines of AVG, then it will add the site to its blacklist. AVG checks mostly if your site has any malware or infections, or if your website is compromised.

How to Fix Magento AVG blacklisted

If you get blacklisted by AVG, then you need to clean up your website and make sure that your website is free of any malware or harmful programs that can pose a threat to your visitors. Once Magento blacklist removal is done you need to request a review. Once the site is reviewed and AVG considers it safe, your site will be removed from the blacklist.

6. Magento Malwarebytes blacklisted

Your site can be blacklisted by Malwarebytes if it finds that the site is originating from any malicious server or IP. Also, if Malwarebytes finds any traces of malware in your site, it will blacklist your site.

How to Fix Magento Malwarebytes blacklist

In case your site gets blacklisted by Malwarebytes, look for the cause of it. Scan your site for any malware and if found clean it using services such as Astra. This will ensure that your site is clean and does not infect any visitor. Also, check your server and make sure it is a trusted one with proper security protocols in place. Check all your outgoing links and make sure that none of them lead to a malicious website.

7. Magento McAfee SiteAdvisor

McAfee is one of the top reviewing services for the website. Being blacklisted by them means a huge decrease in traffic. Your website can get blacklisted by McAfee due to several reasons including infection and malware, reinfection through cross-site connections, unauthorized accounts, suspicious content, to name a few.

How to Fix Magento McAfee SiteAdvisor blacklist

If McAfee blacklists your website then you can be sure of lower traffic on your website. In case this happens to your website, you need to do a few things mentioned in the Magento blacklist removal guide to fix this issue. Check for any presence of malware or infection in your site, since SiteAdvisor can detect any malware on a site. Remove any malicious code on your website and also any suspicious content that may be on your site. Also, make sure that all accounts are legit and also enable 2 factor-authentications.

8. Magento McAfee Blacklist

You can submit your site for a review with McAfee and it will be serviced in a few days. You can do it by creating an account in McAfee and submit the link to your site. If there is something wrong with your site, it will be blacklisted. Reasons may include malware infection, compromised accounts, and weak security protocols, to name a few.

How to remove Magento McAfee blacklist

For Magento blacklist removal you can do a security audit of your site and find out the issue. Once all gaps are fixed, you can request another review along with comments stating the steps you have taken to improve your site’s security.

9. Magento Quick Heal blacklisted

Quick Heal is a security service provider, blacklists website that is not safe for visitors. If you want to be sure that your site is safe and also to give confidence in your visitors, you can get your site evaluated by Quick Heal. Quick Heal maintains a strict standard in terms of website content and security.

How to remove Magento Quick Heal blacklist

Your website may be blocked if it contains content that is not suitable, or if it is infected and may cause harm to those who visit your website. If your website is blacklisted, you can do a Magento blacklist removal by cleaning your website and plugging all security gaps. Once Quick Heal verifies that your website is safe, it will remove it from its blacklist.

10. Magento Kaspersky blacklisted

Kaspersky is one of the leading security service providers. A blacklist by Kaspersky means lower traffic on your website. If Kaspersky finds any suspicious content on your websites such as harmful codes, malware, compromised login methods or weak security protocols, your site will be blacklisted.

How to remove Magento Kaspersky blacklist

To fix that you need to completely clean your website and make sure that you have strengthened your security protocols. Also, enable more security features such as multiple level logins and remove any unauthorized accounts for complete Magento blacklist removal. Once it is done, Kaspersky will review your website and remove it from their blacklist.

11. Red screen in Bing

Microsoft monitors Bing and that means if a site is blacklisted, it is done based on rules and criteria defined by Microsoft. If you see a red screen while visiting your website, then chances are that your site contains several deep links or it contains links that redirect to malicious websites. Bing is one of the most popular search engines and a warning screen on your site will have a negative effect on the amount of traffic.

How to remove Bing’s red screen

For a quick Magento blacklist removal, you need to check all your links and make sure that none of them are redirecting to harmful websites. Also, scan your entire website for any other potential threats or gaps in security. Once all is fixed, ask for a review of your website and if everything checks out then your site will be removed from the blacklist.

12. Firefox warning

Firefox is another popular search engine. Being open-source, developers around the world try to strengthen the security checks and that means your website needs to pass several factors to not get blacklisted. Your website can get blocked if your site has mixed content. Mixed content means that the site’s main page is served over HTTPS connection, but the page contains some parts that are using HTTP connections.

When visitors are browsing your site on an HTTP connection they are vulnerable to man in the middle attack and snooping. To protect visitors from such threats, Firefox will warn everyone about this. Apart from this, Firefox will also check for any other threats or any other malicious programs or codes.

magento blacklist removal

How to remove Firefox warning for Magento

Once detected, you need to fix all the issues and request for another review after the Magento blacklist removal.

Follow the steps given in this Magento hack removal guide to remove all the malicious content on your website.


In this age of competition among websites, any downtime or blacklisting will hamper your traffic. Moreover, as the owner of a website, you need to take care of a lot of factors that are necessary for the safety of your website visitors. You may ask what are they? As an answer to this, we have compiled them in a checklist. Security measures listed in this checklist are some of the tested steps that security experts around the world recommend. These are easy to implement and fill those explicit security gaps in your website. I am attaching the checklist below for you. You can download it from here:

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If your website is down and you don’t care about anything but making it up and running again, we can help you here. Astra’s immediate malware removal program covers all malware removal, backdoor removal, malicious links removal that your site may be hosting. If you have other queries, drop us a message and we will get back soon with a reply.

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4 years ago

Great guide on Magento blacklist removal. My store was flagged by malwarebytes, luckily I was able to resolve it.

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