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What Is Your Name?
What is your Email?

What permissions would you give to wp-content folder?

What will happen if your secret keys are leaked?

What symbol is used for a file in WordPress file permissions?

Which plugin is used to filter spam comments?

What is the character length for a file permission?

Which is the least previliged role in WordPress by default?

What permissions would you give to wp-config.php file?

In -rwxrw-r– What does x represent for?

Which chrome extension is used for scanning vulnerabilities on WordPress?

Which plugin in WordPress protects a site from Brute force attacks?

Which one is NOT used to protect a brute force attack?

Which one is used to protect your site from DDOS attack?

What tool can help you do IP/country blocking?

How can you ensure stricter database security?

What permissions will you give to files in a WordPress site?

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