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How to set secure File Permissions in Magento 1.x & 2.x?

Even though open source CMS(s) are the current go-to software in the cyber world, it opens doors to threat as well. To keep your files secure, you need to have the most secured file permissions handy. Not having enough strict file & folder permissions will elevate the risk of it getting compromised. So, with this article I will let you through the ins and outs of Magento File Permissions.

Magento Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

Magento has simplified the way how e-commerce is done and its open source nature has made it accessible to all. Though e-commerce is convenient, it also is a big responsibility to secure each and every transaction from cyber attack. Magento has been repeatedly targeted through attacks dubbed as 'Magecart Attacks' to steal credit card info. In such a scenario, the Magento security audit becomes necessary to fix the loopholes. Whereas to discover such loopholes Magento penetration testing is important.

Best Practices for Magento Opecart Prestashop Moodle

How to Protect your Website against Cyber Attacks? When you have a brand, most of your efforts are geared at marketing and raising brand awareness and not the cyber attacks. According to the statistics and case studies, website owners often neglect their website security in favor of other things - like brand website security. While the brand website is a great…

Magento website redirection to another URL

What is Magento Hacked Redirect? Magento hacked redirect in simple terms is a small code added to a Magento website in order to redirect the users to one or more target websites. This is usually done for the purpose of generating advertising impressions. But, it can also result in losing financial details, personal information and so on. You might find…

Magento security

How to Prevent Magento Malware Injection? Magento, while being one of the most favored e-commerce platforms, has also witnessed a steep rise in malware attacks. E-commerce platforms are a goldmine for malicious actors to harvest lucrative credit card and personal information from online transactions. While Magento owes to its popularity to strict security practices, a timely update of system core and immediate…


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