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How to set secure File Permissions in Magento 1.x & 2.x?

Even though open source CMS(s) are the current go-to software in the cyber world, it opens doors to threat as well. To keep your files secure, you need to have the most secured file permissions handy. Not having enough strict file & folder permissions will elevate the risk of it getting compromised. So, with this article I will let you through the ins and outs of Magento File Permissions.

Fake Payment Method Added in Magento Store - Credit Card Info Getting Leaked

In this attack, the hacker either adds a new payment method or plants a fake payment form. These tricks let him fish valuable credit card info. This particular hack was disclosed when one of Magento users reported to us that something fishy was going on with his website's payment gateway. When our engineers, scanned the website, they found that it indeed was hacked.

Magento Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

Magento has simplified the way how e-commerce is done and its open source nature has made it accessible to all. Though e-commerce is convenient, it also is a big responsibility to secure each and every transaction from cyber attack. Magento has been repeatedly targeted through attacks dubbed as 'Magecart Attacks' to steal credit card info. In such a scenario, the Magento security audit becomes necessary to fix the loopholes. Whereas to discover such loopholes Magento penetration testing is important.

Magento Admin Panel Hacked

Magento has contributed to the growth of e-commerce over the internet. Available as both free (community edition) and paid (enterprise edition) version, Magento is spearheading the open source e-commerce software market. Magento 2 has been rolled out for quite some time and features some drastic security and performance updates. However, most sites are unlikely to update to the new version…

Magento Hacked: Symptoms, Causes & Fixes

Magento is an open source e-commerce software that was designed to make it easier for everyday sellers to conduct online operations. Magento has a big presence in countries like Australia where it powers a large portion of e-commerce space. However, some severe vulnerabilities were reported in the software for which the company had to roll out a bundle of new…

Magneto vulnerabilities

Magento is quite popular among the business community. This can be traced back to its open source origins. Magento was aimed towards easing the process of managing and creating a store. Being open source it uses MySql or MariaDB for data storage and management. On daily basis hear news of Credit card theft scam, Cryptojacking and SEO spam. Magento security audit…