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Certificates You Need to Become a Cyber Security Expert

Updated on: March 29, 2020

Certificates You Need to Become a Cyber Security Expert

Security has always been the topmost concern. Most people guard their homes with locks, while others install alarm systems for extra security.

Since we shifted our whole lives to the digital world a while ago the need for security online has been louder. Consequently, cybersecurity emerged as a booming business and security experts as highly paid professionals.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average salary for an information security analyst is $90,120 per year.

That’s huge!

Even in other demographics, cybersecurity jobs rank as one of the highest-paying jobs in the current scenario.

The need to secure data online is global now. Small & big corporations online need cybersecurity experts to help them protect their software or network security systems.

You can either get a dedicated security solution for your help or become a security expert yourself. So, if you have a thing for malware and hacks, the following list will give you a headstart in making a career in cybersecurity.

The 5 certificates mentioned in this article will add to your security proficiency and can escalate your career to the next level.

Below are the essential certifications:

1. Get a Network+ Certificate

A certificate in Network+ is key in enabling you to take your few first steps if you wish to become a cybersecurity expert.

You can earn the Network + certification through CompTIA. Although most people don’t think that it’s necessary, it’s an essential certificate and will give you a great foundation on the way computers and networks communicate. It also equips you with the crucial cybersecurity best practices.

2. Obtain a Comp TIA Security+ Certificate

This better suits you if you have over two years of experience and is presumably the most vital cybersecurity certification. It furnishes you with the foundational understanding of risk management, vulnerabilities, and cryptography.

The certification shows that you understand how to fix and configure systems, secure devices, applications, and networks. To excel in the Security + exam, you require a proper understanding of threats, attacks, risk management, vulnerabilities, network architecture, and many more.

However, if you lack the understanding or have a busy schedule, this should not stop you. Some experts can help you with your online classes. Maybe at this juncture your wondering can I pay someone to take my online class? The answer is yes. Online Class helpers specialists can help you get a straight A! They can assist you with your online lessons, homework, and even your exams. And what’s more? The certificate is one of the ways on how to become a cybersecurity analyst, a security engineer, or a security consultant.

3. Enroll for Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certificate

Also referred to as Certified Network Defense Architect (CNDA) for government employees, you can acquire the certification through the EC-Council. However, you need to have two years of experience in the field of information technology before you can sit the exams. With this certificate, you can work as an advanced threat analyst, information security assessor, or a penetration tester.

4. Acquire a CISSP certificate

The CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certification is one of the qualifications for a cybersecurity specialist. You can get it through the international information system security certification consortium course, but to take exams, you must have at least five years of experience in the industry.

If you’re already working as a cybersecurity specialist, then you have the option to earn the CISSP certification with a focus on your current role. With this certificate, your job options are; information security analyst, information security manager, or chief information security officer (CISO).

5. Have a Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) certificate

You can only obtain the LPT certification once you master cybersecurity techniques since this is arguably the highest level of cybersecurity certifications. To meet the eligibility criteria for the LPT exam, you must have at least two years of experience working as a penetration tester; hold the EC-council security analyst certification.

You must also possess another industry equivalent certification like; GIAC penetration tester or offensive Security certified professional. The LPT certificate is a great way to solidify your cybersecurity career, and the cybersecurity job options are endless; you can work as a cybersecurity engineer, senior security consultant, or a licensed penetration tester.

Take away

Cybersecurity is the future. Getting necessary certificates is a great way to commence your career in cybersecurity. It is a profession of high gravitas as you’ll be liable for the overall safety of a lot of people.

Even though the above list of certifications is significant it is not exhaustive. Additionally, there are other qualifications that can help you become a solicited cybersecurity specialist.

While you prepare yourself on becoming the greatest cybersecurity specialist, let Astra take care of your security. Astra security experts have been giving web owners peace of mind with their proactive security all round the world. You can take an Astra demo from here.

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